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Pregnant and Attractive


Pregnancy is great and pleasant to the eye. I miss being pregnant. By the way, I am a mum of two lovely kids. Being pregnant is like the best thing that happens to a woman who really wants it or needs it.

Caring about your appearance, the way you physically present yourself while pregnant is what this article is all about. Looking your best while expecting that little bundle of joy!

A few women lose it during pregnancy. They get agitated, depressed, aggressive and most completely discard the idea of making an effort to look beautiful or at least visually appealing especially for the sake of the surrounding people.

“Yes” I know about the morning sickness and the tiredness and the constant eating and vomiting etc We have all been there!!! Hence, the need for me to write this article as a wakeup call to all the pregnant sisters out there.

Now who says you can’t look attractive during pregnancy? Looking attractive while pregnant is attainable and good for your soul. Making that little effort to look attractive even when pregnant gives you some weird super strength to carry on with daily activities. Seriously, you would be amazed at the things you could accomplish during pregnancy just because you took that extra time to beautify yourself.

Pregnancy is another stage in a woman’s life, and not the end of the world for her. It is especially not a derogation in her femininity. When you make yourself attractive while pregnant and after delivery, you are not only doing your home good but you also become an inspiration to other “want to be” mums.

We sometimes hear some women say “they don’t want to have kids”. This could just be as a result of the number of unattractive or visually unappealing pregnant women they came across. They may have simply concluded that pregnancy or childbirth results in ugliness and sadism.

For pregnant women or those looking to be pregnant, below are a few tips that could help make you good role models to aspiring mothers. Also remember that the more effort you put into your physical appearance during pregnancy, the better secured your home will be. Most women lose their home, marriage, spouse, and sometimes relationship especially during pregnancy, in most cases it's because they were not able to get their acts together.

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Presenting a good front during pregnancy especially in your physical appearance helps save your home, keeps your man close to you, makes you the eye of every woman in your neighbourhood.

Now here are some key points to note during pregnancy:

1. Look for a smart maternity gown: - A lot of women wear anything during pregnancy not minding how hideous the outfit looks. When you go shopping for maternity gowns, ensure to buy the ones that are freely fitted, smart, easy to move around in.

2. Make ups and hair do: - Always make out time daily to cleanse your face with a cleanser (it unclogs the skin), and then apply your make up (even if lightly). Also, always do your hair and make sure there is no difference between you pregnant and you not pregnant.

3. Avoid things that irritate you: - Some food may irritate you or a location or 'persons'. Again, it's not your fault, it's your hormones playing tricks on you. So, the best advice would be to avoid foods, places or 'politely' people that irritate you as best as you possibly can.

4. You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables: - Eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables as these will help keep you and your baby fresh, strong and healthy. A healthy well-fed mum produces a healthy baby... so eat right!!!

5. As a pregnant woman, you would need to exercise lightly daily. The best form of exercise that I would recommend is walking. Walking is very good for you. It strengthens your cervical muscles and keeps the baby in good state. Take a walk around your home, office, street...just walk around!

Haven said all that, if all pregnant women put these simple tips to practice, we should have lovely looking pregnant women all over the world.

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