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"Prayers to Oshun"


Oshun Listens

This page is dedicated to Oshun. It's here for all those seeking guidance and support. I have found her to be a great help when ever life has gotten challenging. Take your time here. Meditate on what your looking for and ask her for help. You might be surprised at the out come. This is truly a place of love, inspiration and creativity. These are all the realm of Oshun. I invite you to be open and you will find direction.

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Oshun's Flight and her rise to Messenger of Olodumare

In the early days of the world, and of Ilé Ifé the orishas became tired of serving Olodumare. They began to resist the Lord of Heaven's edicts and to even plot the overthrow of Olodumare's kingdom in heaven and earth. They felt they didn't need Olodumare and that as the Lord of Heaven was so distant anyway, they could merely divide the aché or powers among themselves and that things would go much better that way When Olodumare caught wind of this attitude and their plots, the Lord of Heaven acted simply and decisively: Olodumare simply withheld the rain from the earth. Soon the world was encompassed by a staggering draught, the ground became parched and cracked, the plants withered and died without water. And it wasn't long before all on earth, orishas and their chidren alike began to starve.

After a short time, growling bellies and sallow faces began to speak louder than their pride and rebelliousness. They unanimously decided to go to Olodumare and beg for forgiveness in hopes that this would bring rain back to the world. But they had a problem: none of them could reach the distant home of Olodumare. They sent all the birds one by one to attempt the journey but each and every one of them failed, tiring long before reaching the palace of the Lord of Heaven. It began to appear that all hope was lost.

Then one day, the peacock, who was in reality Oshún herself, came to offer her services to save the world from this draught. Once again there was general upheaval and laughter as the orishas contemplated the idea of this vain and pampered bird undertaking such a journey. "You might break a nail", said one. But the little peacock persisted and as they had nothing to lose, they agreed to let her try. So the little peacock flew off towards the sun and the palace of Olodumare. She soon tired of the journey, but she kept flying ever higher, determined to reach the Lord of Heaven and to save the world. Going yet higher, her feathers began to become scraggly and black from the withering heat of the sun, and all the feathers were burned from her head, but she kept flying. Finally, through sheer will and determination she arrived at the gates of Olodumare's palace. When Olodumare came upon her she was a pathetic sight, she had lost much of her feathers and the ones that remained were black and scraggly. Her once beautiful form was hunchbacked and her head was bald and covered with burns from flying so close to the sun.

The Lord of Heaven took pity on her and brought her to the Palace where she was fed and given water, and her wounds were treated. He asked her why she had made such a perilous journey. She explained the state on earth and went on to tell Olodumare that she had come at risk of her own life so that her children (humanity) might live. When Olodumare looked to the world and to Oshún's plaintive look, it was obvious that everything she had said was true. The Lord of Heaven then turned to the peacock who was now what we call a vulture, saying that her children would be spared from this draught and ordered the rain to begin again. Then Olodumare looked deeply into Oshún's eyes and into her heart, then announced that for all eternity she would be the Messenger of the House of Olodumare and that all would have to respect her as such.

From that day forward in this path she became known as Ikolé, the messenger of the House of Olodumare. Ikolé also is the name for the vulture in Lacumí. And from that day the path of Oshún known as Ibú Ikolé was revered and became associated with her bird, the vulture. The vulture then returned to earth, bringing with her the rain, where she met with great rejoicing. As befits a queen or Iyalodde, she graciously refrained from reminding them of their jibes and abuses as she could see the shame on their faces. This is why, whenever a person is to become initiated as a priest in our religion, no matter which orisha they are having seated in their heads, they must first go to the river and give an account of what they are to do as Oshún is the Messenger of Olodumare. Maferefún Oshún

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Throne for Oshun

Barewa lele


Arele umawo

Alabe Oshun

Oshun mirere-o


Prayer for Oshun

Oshun, oyeyeni mo... Oshun who is full of understanding,

O wa yanrin wayanrin kowo si... Who digs sand and buries money there.

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Obinrin gbona, okunrin nsa...

The woman who seizes the road and causes men to run away.

Oshun abura-olu... Oshun the river which the king cannot exhaust...

One who does things without being questioned.

Ogbadagbada loyan... One who has large robust breasts.

Oye ni mo, eni ide kii su...

One who has fresh palm leaves, who is never tired of wearing brass.

Gbadamufbadamu obinrin ko See gbamu...

The huge, powerful woman who cannot be attacked.

Ore yeye o... Most gracious mother.

Onikii, amo-awo maro...

Onikii, who knows the secret of cults but does not disclose them.

Yeye onikii, obalodo... The gracious mother, the queen of the river.

Otutu nitee... One who has a cool, fresh throne.

Iya ti ko leegun, ti ko leje... The mother who has neither bone nor blood. Legends abound about this female force, but she is to be respected on all levels. She is Olodumare's representative to remind of the love that should exist in the universe. Ashe-O

Oriki Oshun

"Mbe, Mbe ma Yeye" Exist, exist always mother...

"Mbe, Mbe L'Oro" Exist, exist always in our tradition.

Oshun awuraolu...The spirit of the river, turtle drummer

.Serge si elewe roju oniki...Open the path of attraction, mother of salutations.

Latojoku awede we mo...Cleansing spirit clean the inside and out.

Eni ide ki su omi a san rere...The maker of brass does not pollute the water.

Alose k'oju ewuji o san rere...

We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.

Alode k'oju emuji o san rere...

We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.

O male odale o san rere...The spirit of the earth that wanders freely.


Iba oshun sekese...Praise to the goddess of mystery

Latojoku awde we 'mo...Spirit that cleans me inside out.

Iba oshun olodi... Praise to the goddess of the river,

Latojoku awede we 'mo...Spirit that cleans me inside out.

Iba oshun ibu kole...Praise to the goddess of seduction,

Latojoku awede we 'mo...Spirit that cleans me inside out.

Yeye kari...Mother of the mirror,

Yeye 'jo...Mother of dance,

Yeye opo...Mother of abundance,

O san rere o...We sing your praise,


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Altar for Oshun designed by Okan Tomi, for a gathering in the year 2000

A Birthday Celebration for a friends Oshun

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How to Evoke Oshun

The pathway to sensual liberation is feeling comfortable in your own skin, comfortable enough to express and access power through your physical form, comfortable enough with your own nakedness. Oshun revels in the feel of Her body. She is fluid, like water; she loves to swim, dance, writhe naked and bathe naked. She’s fond of finer things and nice jewelry and loves the feeling of jewelry jangling on Her body. Oshun gets turned on by Her own image and loves to gaze at herself in the mirror. It is said She wears a mirror on Her belt so She can admire herself! If you are daring enough to explore your own body with the intention to love and appreciate it, let Oshun be your guide.

1. Dance, dance, dance: Dance like you use to dance when you were a little girl- without inhibitions. Go wild and get lost in the music; this will raise your energy as it helps you rise above shyness and hesitation. In Nigeria, Oshun is honored with the Ibo-Osun festival, where the women dance in honor of the goddess, hoping to attract her attention and gain Her favors (be Her favorite). Oshun LOVES to dance too! If Oshun enters the woman’s body, the woman dances wildly yet fluidly like the flow of the river (as if she is swimming); she jangles the bracelets and jewelry and experience a strong desire to look at herself in the mirror.

2. Create a safe, sensual environment. Dim all the lights and light a candle. Turn down the music to slow sensual tunes or beating drums. Have a sip of wine and relax.

3. Look at yourself without judgment: Strip off all your clothes and stand in front of a full-length mirror. Try not to criticize yourself! Notice your curves, your coloring, your breast, your butt, and all the area you don’t normally look at: armpits, knees, toes and fingertips. If your eyes begin to focus on parts of you tend to judge harshly, find another place to focus. The more you can begin to focus on seeing your most beautiful self, the more beautiful you will become, right before your very eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

By Michael Atwood Mason

Readers: How about you?

A life without Oshun is a life without honey(metaphorically). What would life be without sweet things in it? Honey represents love, money and the best things in life. If anyone ever has any doubts about the nessesity of Oshun then imagine your life without love..or money...or the richest of just having life. She makes everything better.

A few books that inspire me

Tremendous books. You must have them all on your book shelf. Anyone serious about Orisha and Oshun must become a student. Orisha is journey not a destination. It takes self study and mentor-ship. When one takes up "this way of life" you learn about anthropology, Caribbean studies, African studies, folklore and Afro-Cuban traditions. Be prepared!

A Priestess of Oshun

A Priestess of Oshun

Reader Feedback

Joi The Rainbow Goddess on August 27, 2019:

How do I Ada Oshun for forgiveness?

Alice on January 20, 2017:

How do you praise ochun bless you w the lover

grace.williams. on August 30, 2015:

Janet on February 10, 2015:

My respect to Ochun much honor in return for blessings such as my frank n my little girl that bears your name. My heRt n soul I give to you as I give you my everything for your ever life protection.

Madalyn on November 14, 2014:

Oshun Rocks!

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