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Kzn Floods Recorded as the Most Deadly Weather Conditions in South African's History as the Death Toll Increases to 306.

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Let Us Pray For KZN

Pray For KZN

Pray For KZN

Floods Claim Lives In KZN, Trades Stop As N3 Shuts Down.

17 Hours Ago a stats of 253 claimed lives in KwaZulu Natal from the floods, An hour Ago the stats records more than 306 people who lost life due to Floods in KZN. From a true perception of accuracy we can witness that the number of people are more than the actual number counted due to being in a larger space to collect the sample. This drastic increase has officially been recorded as one of the most deadly weather catastrophe in South African History.

A trail of destruction from infrastructure and homes left people homeless and took a lot of life, Also the discharge of animals from rivers and dams have claimed life of KZN people. At Tangaat Creek Farm in the North Of Durban , crocodiles became loose after they were washed away by floods. Apart from tourist attraction sites think about dams in Rural Areas and Try to relate to this incident of discharge of animals to the surrounding people. How many people have died and not even counted since it is in rural areas?

The search for more bodies still continues. After random 56 death bodies which were covered by land from flooded areas and a man with a TLB assisted by digging out those bodies. A lot of death bodies are still missing especially school kids who never came back from school. Then who needs to take a blame of sending kids to school in such a disaster. Should we blame the department of education, schools or parents because we can not blame our school toddlers for taking an instruction.

The busiest N3 highway which connects Gauteng province and KwaZulu Natal Durban has been shuttered down for now due to excessive damage along. This has also caused damage outside KZN and also to the country as a whole since the commercial market is affected. Goods from the Harbor trading to Johannesburg have been blocked.

Drastic Damage In KZN

Man Lost His Home #PrayForKzn

Man Lost His Home #PrayForKzn

Crocodile Discharge from Crocodile Creek Farm In Tongaat

Crocodile Discharge from Crocodile Creek Farm In Tongaat

How Did School Kids Caught Themselves Between Floods?

KZN Floods Causes Severe Damage

President Cyril Ramaphosa Pledges To Help In KZN

During the looting following the release of Former President Jacob Zuma, president Cyril Ramaphosa referred the Zulu Tribe as a "Problematic Tribe" but his presence in KZN floods has shown so much qualities of being a president despite the history between him and KwaZulu Natal people. President Ramaphosa visited the area and pledged to help, his quoted words "Even Though your hearts are in pain , we are here for you". This shows the unity as a country and support from the presidential seat.

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A lot of people were blaming poor sewage problems and houses situated in wrong places as a cause of such damage but President Cyril Ramaphosa agreed with the Durban Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda who denied that the floods were a result of poor drainage system but then it was something which was unexpected and it intense effect was also not expected. President Cyril Ramaphosa went on to describe the situation as forces of nature.

The KwaZulu Natal Provincial government laid an estimate of billions of rands worth damage. Given that the treatment plants and electricity plants have also been flushed away in these heavy rains. The communication networks have also been flooded stated that two vital towers in KZN cried out about more than 9000 of their cellphone towers have been flooded away. This shows how strong were the floods as to a person, car and also weak buildings and poor infrastructure.

People blame the government for having poor infrastructure hence this is why there are such damages, but my concern is that homes were also damaged, should also the government be blamed, Because this shows us that it is not governments fault but nature.

Houses On A Slope Damaged



Severe Damage From Flooding

President Ramaphosa Visits KZN

Gift Of Givers Assist Affected Residents

Gift of givers is underrated for the work they do in this entire country, we always see Gift Of Givers Foundation everywhere and every time by themselves when dire help is required.

While the KwaZulu Natal premier Sihle Zikalala of the government and the members of the executive council initiated and conducted a movement lead mop up operations and disaster interventions to all affected districts in the province. This is what we call a slow movement while the NGO Gift of Givers has made a fast move over the government. What does it really mean about our South African government we voted.

The damage done is insufficient for the Gift Of Givers to clear up all the damage done in KZN and hence requested excess donations to help with donations in KZN and also the government require excess donations for them to assist in helping clearing up in KZN. People recommend the donations to the Gift Of Givers since the ANC government is seem to be slow and not progressive.

Appreciation Post For Gift Of Givers

Dr Imitiaaz Sooliman - Gift Of Givers

Dr Imitiaaz Sooliman - Gift Of Givers

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Who Should Receive Donations For KZN Damages

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