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Positivity Can Change Your Life

Cleo Addams has an M.S. Degree in Natural Health & Nutrition. She enjoys researching and writing in her free time.

Life is hard sometimes. We feel that we don't get dealt a fair hand. Unfortunately, we have to roll with it whether we like it or not.

Are there things that I would change in my life? Sure. Me complaining about them all the time, however, isn't going to change anything. What we have to do is start changing the way we think and see life.

Positive Thinking Manifests Great Things

I recently read an article about the benefits of being positive and the many manifestations that positive thinking can bring into your life. I'm telling you—the power of the mind is amazing. If you can speak positive words and ask God to have positive things manifest, they will.

So, instead of being negative and complaining all the time, declare that great things will start happening in your life.

Ask for What You Truly Need

When you get up every morning (or right before you go to bed) take 5-10 minutes to talk to God and tell him what your problems are and what you need. The key here is to be realistic. Don't ask for ten million dollars because, most likely, it's not going to happen. Ask for what you truly need: twenty-dollars for food, a job promotion, etc..

Change Your Outlook

Make it a habit to have a "glass half full" outlook on things. Trust me, I know it's hard to re-program your brain but you must if you want to succeed. Just remember, there is probably someone somewhere else that is having a much worse time than you. Be thankful that you are not in their shoes and focus on all the good things that you have in life.

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Music Can Help Change Your Mood

Sometimes, listening to music can also help you feel more positive. So, make sure that you add some uplifting songs to your iPod or MP3 player.

Sonicaid - Music to Inspire Positive Thinking

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