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5 Ways to Develop Your Positive Energy

Preye Raymond is a leading content writer who enjoys a blend of pragmatism in his self-help topics.

Optimism can be developed & nurtured

Optimism can be developed & nurtured

Staying optimistic can be quite tough, especially when it appears that the odds are stacked against you.

Sometimes, It becomes a choice to simply embrace negativity when we experience the ebbs and flows of crisis and downturns happening around us.

But as sad and difficult as it seems, staying optimistic consistently is possible if properly nurtured.

The director of the Center of Healthy Minds, Richard Davidson, confirms that research has shown that optimism can be developed and nurtured through specific kinds of training.

Davidson posits that:

There is research which indicates that optimism can be enhanced or nurtured through certain kinds of training...”

The best way to shake out of the funk is to tap into your positive energy, and in this post, we are going to break down five effective ways to achieve that through self-therapy.

Positivity is Longevity

Positivity is Longevity

Why You Need to Always Stay Positive

Before breaking down the various ways in which you can boost your positive energy, let’s briefly go through some hardcore reasons why being positive or optimistic (used interchangeably) is necessary;

a) Positivity is longevity: studies have shown that men and women with high level of optimism possess between 11% to 15% longer life span on average, than those who constantly harbor negative thoughts.

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b) Positivity improves your mental health: it stabilizes sanity, balances emotions, improves focus, and sharpens your thoughts, which positively affect your level of productivity.

c) Staying positive also affect how you relate with others. It increases your chances of making the right connections and being among influential people that share your values and opinions.

Color your life with an unstoppable positive energy

Color your life with an unstoppable positive energy

I) Practice the Habit of Observing Nature

This may look simple, but it can be quite difficult to practice because we get overwhelmed by the daily hustle and bustle that we forget to connect with the world we live in.

Desist from having the mindset that observing nature is a waste of time, or it makes you look weak and silly. Remember that it is where you inhabit.

Observing the aesthetics and beauty of nature has been known to help release stress and anxiety. It also serves as a perfect distraction from intrusive thoughts.

You don’t need to take a vacation or a road trip to enrich your positive energy with nature’s beauty.

Observing nature can be as simple as:

  • Staring at a beautiful sunset.

  • Take a stroll around a serene environment and observe the trees, the clouds, and feel the cool breeze of the evening.

  • Listening to the rhythm of every droplet made by the drizzling rain.

  • Watching the stars late at night and imagining how it feels to be in space, or wondering about the mysteries of how those stars got there.

These are self-therapeutic ways to help you remember the value and beauty of life, and by inculcating this habit you would enhance an optimistic perspective in your daily routines.

II) Abstain from Emotional Anchors

An old mentor of mine always emphasized that; to remain successful and positive in anything, it is important to get rid of ‘emotional anchors’.

What, or who are emotional anchors? These are friends, acquaintances, and sometimes family members, that always radiate depressive thoughts and negative energy anytime you are around them.

They don’t pose any threat or say anything negative or abusive about you, however, anytime you are interacting with them, they never have anything positive to say, especially when they talk about their wellbeing.

Energy is contagious, and when you are around such individuals (emotional anchors) you can easily become affected with whatever negative or depressive feelings they are uttering or radiating.

Examples of emotional anchors are:

  • Those who are considered- pessimists. They never envision any positive outcome yielding from a situation. They are quick to jump to negative conclusions and can cause others around them to feel less motivated to take important actions.

  • Those who are emotionally vulnerable and unstable. This set of anchors often suffer from self-pity, regret, and depression. They always talk about their problems and how everything is destined to work against them. They can also be considered to be pessimistic, however people under this category often suffer from bipolar disorders, vulnerable NPD, OCD, etc...and are likely to cause harm to themselves.

As I noted earlier, emotional anchors are often people you know and relate with frequently.

Here is a quick tip to take into consideration- if you can’t abstain from these anchors because of how close you are to them, an alternative option would be to get them help by employing the services of a licensed psychotherapist.

III) Learn to Forgive Yourself

If something goes wrong, let out the pain with a scream. Feeling slightly emotional and depressed, then cry in your closet. The right choice was white, but you chose black instead and failed, ok! Feel the blame.

But after everything, forgive yourself and move on. As long as you are alive, there is still a chance to hit the target.

It is hard to forgive others, but it is harder to forgive ourselves when the chips are down.

Positivity immediately flies through the window and negativity sets in, because the thoughts of how we could have done this, or done that, plays repeatedly in our minds.

Allow yourself to feel the pain and emotions coursing through your veins, but don’t let them stay for long.

Forgive yourself, don’t feel embarrassed learning from your failures, and finally, transform any negative energy into positivity by increasing productivity, i.e, focusing relentlessly on your purpose, spending more time with your hobbies, serving value to others, so on and so forth...

IV) Always Count Your Blessings & Show Gratitude

I often wonder why it is human nature to complain, and be negative about what they are yet to accomplish, thus, forgetting their success stories or what they’ve achieved.

Some may say it’s greed, but I think it is just a lack of gratitude.

Most people are often negative because they are ungrateful for what they have. Sounds harsh but it’s true.

When watching foreign news channels, I see a lot of protests and complaints from citizens residing in developed and civilized societies.

Most of these complaints and protests appear absurd and frivolous because numerous countries lack the opportunities and well-equipped facilities these developed countries possess.

Yet the citizens of these developed and civilized countries still march to the streets to complain and induce violence.

Staying positive is being grateful for what you have and what you are going to become.

Always count your blessings, and remember that there are others still struggling to accomplish what you have already accomplished, and still seeking the opportunities you already have.

V) Learn to Embrace Your Imperfections

Develop your positive energy by understanding that you were not born perfect. Nobody was born perfect.

Sounds cliche but it’s a timeless principle and a truth that remains static throughout human history.

Ironically, when you embrace your imperfections your mind becomes aware and open to positive ideas on how you can grow to be better, and strive towards perfection.

Make some adjustments if you must, but always remember to accept who you are holistically, and believe in your capabilities.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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