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Positive and Negative Outcomes of Covid-19

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  • In the past nuclear war was considered the simplest threat to the earth. However, the world is currently witnessing something unprecedented a world problem caused by a virulent disease.
  • Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, almost every big small city, the village is affected countries are under partial or complete lockdown. All local administrations worldwide have put a ban on the free movement of their citizens outside their homes so on avoid community transmission.
  • The pandemic has devastated human civilization, on the alternative hand, it created an awfully positive impact on the planet's environment.

Probable positive impact after the disaster

1. It Helps You Build True Relationships

  • We’ve all been so busy living the ‘life,’ the majority have lost those real, real moments we've with our loved ones. they're going to be busy schedules, rushing to make a living, and rushing to attend an emergency meeting.
  • Now, the status of COVID-19 has had a positive impact on how you extract and maintain a relationship. You get to spend your time along with your family and plan your work better. This helps you build a more robust future for your career and your family.

2. A replacement wave of tools and software

  • Companies need online tools and software which will facilitate your make this modification in digital classes and seamless office spaces. This opens the door to any applications that allow you to identify and improve important workflows and processes where you've got ought to use your teams or teach/learn digitally.

3. Complete Changes in Living Habits for Better Cleanliness

  • Cleanliness isn't any further just a virtue, but it is the very thing that you just need so on survive. Times have changed, and people now understand how important it's to remain clean.
  • From handshakes to namaste, we have all changed lives in a very positive way. we'll remember to shut our mouths after we cough and scrub our hands after touching anything because we all know what would happen if we failed.

4. Stay Connected Innovations And Help each other

  • Companies around the world are starting off to relinquish some thought to coming up with a range of products and services that allow you to connect while you've your teams and your loved ones.
  • Finding creative ways to not let the boredom of the four walls find you are a fresh trend and a must! This opened the way for the latest way of thinking. Organizations cannot pack up completely, and everybody comes up with ideas to remain to attract and retaining both their customers and employees. This can also cause innovation.
  • You see, new inventions happen at no cost, but only nature wants them. And let’s expect the nice ideas that will take the world by storm. With the simplest ideas, we mean doing well. The wise thing to undertake to try to now may well be to stay calm and healthy while caring for each other. a distinct thanks to forestalling spread is to undertake and do research and collect important information from people.

5. Education becomes digital and cheap

  • The pandemic threatened the entire education system. Schools, universities, and colleges are closed. Educational Institutions have found a way to beat this very difficult series of events. Classes have started again, due to technology.
  • Online classes became a replacement establishment and also include some benefits likewise. Institutions can now save on infrastructure costs and as a result, students don't must bear the burden of costs, making them more accessible.

6. Environment

  • One of the great features of COVID-19 is that the effect on the environment. Carbon emissions have declined globally and with the assembly and flow of grinding stopped, the planet has had an opportunity to regenerate.

7. Peace and Harmony

  • The coronavirus also raised hopes of fewer wars and fewer fighting, which has led to increasing levels of peace.

8. Recognition

  • COVID-19 is giving us maybe a new sense of appreciation and gratefulness. it's offered us a brand new perspective on everything we've got taken with no consideration for therefore long – our freedoms, leisure, connections, work, family, and friends. we've never questioned how life, as we all know it, may well be suddenly got rid of from us

Positive impact of COVID-19


Probable negative impact after the disaster

1. Disruptive immunization services

  • The World Health Organization and UNICEF today warned of a dramatic reduction in the number of children receiving life-saving vaccines worldwide. this can be actually because of disruptions within the delivery and seizure of immunization services caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • In step with new WHO and UNICEF data, this disruption threatens to reverse the hard-hitting attain reach more children and youth with a comprehensive vaccine, already disrupted by a decade of discontinuation.

2. Domestic Violence

  • According to a report published by UN Women since the looks of COVID-19, the emergence of all forms of violence against women and girls, especially violence, has intensified.
  • One in three women worldwide suffers physical or regulatory offense from an intimate partner. Violence against women and girls violates human rights.
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3. Cyberattacks

  • Increasing internet dependence on people around the world is additionally creating new opportunities, with many businesses and individuals not ensuring that their cyber protections are up to the current point.
  • In keeping with the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), they're trying to specialize in major hospitals and centers to fight COVID-19 with ransomware.

4. Economic Contract

Tourism and hospitality

  • The International Tourism and Hospitality Sector were facing a big crisis. Extensive travel restrictions and travel regulations due to the covid-19 pandemic have crippled the whole tourism and tourism industry. This sector is usually identified as a sector of job creation and is given its largest share in global GDP.

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Oil Sector

  • Reduced Demand: China, the world's largest producer of products and one in every of all the world's leading exporters of oil, has been stricken by the epidemic. Similarly, other major economies just like the US, EU, and India, etc. It also sees an economic downturn. This successively reduced fuel prices and pushed oil prices down historically.

Impact on Food Security

  • According to the foremost recent UN, an oversized number of people are likely to suffer the implications of hunger as a result of the recession caused by the pandemic.

Extreme Poverty

  • According to the World Bank, the economic impact of the pandemic could drag an estimated 100 million people into extreme poverty.

5. Depression and anxiety

  • As a result of COVID-19 stress and increased anxiety, people experiencing poverty, unemployment are more in danger of depression.

COVID-19 and mental health

Key Differences


1. Air quality index improved

1. Immunisation activities distrupt

2. Creates opportunities for innovation

2. Domestic violence Increase

3. Water qualities of water bodies improved

3. Cybercriminals activities increases

4. Family bonding get better among members

4. Economic downturn

5. Digital education

5. Stress and anxiety increases

6. Heart attack rate lowered

6. Hospitals facing a shortage of blood due to lack of blood donor

7. Self-help group economically benefitted

7. Sports activities are stopped


This crisis has made us aware of mainly two basic things

  • The primary is how fragile we are, we tend to believe that we are indestructible, but we aren't. Even a tiny low virus like this one can destroy everything altogether manner of the way. the attention of fragility I believe is sort of healthy for us to raised face the longer term, and to face it in an exceedingly more realistic manner.
  • The second thing is interdependence, now over ever people are more responsive to this interdependence, among people and counties. This pandemic has shown us that this can be a world pandemic, we've got to seek out a world solution.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. In SARS 'A' stands for ?
    • Adverse
    • Advance
    • Acute

Answer Key

  1. Acute

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