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Pleasing Personalities

It's takes a lot of thought to write down words, especially when it specifically states to keep content in the book these days. Perhaps...

Good vibes only

Good vibes only

I was trying to get “that vibe” from this lesson by Napoleon Hill about pleasing personalities. Of the three that I feel can help my demeanor and my ups and downs daily, (and this is after my morning routine of listening to prayer videos, or inspirational videos, or motivational speaker videos; because my mood changes from day to day), I believe silence takes precedence. The other two that people use as a distinction of a pleasing personality are first impressions, and tone of voice.

Looking up some vibe videos, or rather how people vibe with you when they are near you. I came across this website called that actually made my day. was my one and only choice at of late, and when time allows, will be a website that I can come back to visit. First and foremost, I took a glance at the layout of their website. This layout has a wide variety of content to view e.g. tidbits on wisdom, lots of informative articles, videos, and most important, “pep talk” notes.

"Pep talk" notes is for women who need that extra boost of encouragement in their day. It was designed to catch your eye because its print is small, has boxed squares, and says a lot about things that you wouldn't expect one to know right off the tip of the tongue. I admired these preppy pink letter ones which draws you to words of wisdom, concerns, or caring that you need at a particular time.

It had some intriguing articles to read. I checked out one in particular entitled “Making new friends as an adult”. If visual viewing is your forte', there are videos with movement e.g. ballet. The uniqueness of this website talks about “good vibes only”.

How To Speak

Speak Kindly To Yourself & To Other People

The many different types of pep talk I ran across lists e.g. “10 steps to protect your vibe”. Of the ten steps listed, I opted for number 7, the one that surely helps me with my moody mornings, Speak kindly to yourself and to other people.” Truly, persons who like ideas written in boxed form such as e.g. a card from the thrift store, features many good simple and loving advice for people of all ages.

This was one I clearly can use daily – Six Tips to Raising Your Vibration:

  1. Smile
  2. Move your body
  3. Breathe with intention
  4. Have faith
  5. Do what you love
  6. Trust your intuition

And another –" Vibrate so high that toxic people in your life fall back, because they no longer know how to approach you." Really enjoyed spending time with all that goodness.

Secondly, I wanted to find something about tone of voice, and if there is a website to enjoy. I found a website entitled that talked about the marketing of your brand with many different colors and layers of how to relate with your audience using your voice. This website's caption says -

Tone of voice reflects your brand, personality helps you connect with your audience, and makes you different from the rest. Why is that? Because its crucial for any business to have a consistent tone of voice. But it asks, “Is it a pleasing personality trait?”

Empathy Is Key. When you focus on your customer's voice, and make it a part of your brand tone of voice, it builds trust and credibility.

What is tone of voice?

  1. It describes how your brand communicates with the audience and thus influences how people perceive your message.
  2. Tone of voice varies from time to time

    a) If you target more than one personality

    b) As content formats and lengths vary

    c) Goal your pursuing

  3. Tone of voice should be

    a) Consistent and observed in every piece of content you deliver

    b) Trust measures of how well your company work to help others by donations and events.

    c) Your audience will come back if they like what they see.

When researching to see who your audience is, there are some things to consider – gender, age, interests, education, and job title.

A portrait of your persona can address some things certain people like i.e. Millennials and Baby boomers. Millennials try to be entertaining, informative, and when creating content, share trending memes or phrases that plug your product so that others can comment, share, or purchase. Baby boomers provoke discussion around topics that formulate questions, delve in puzzles, quizzes that can be very inquisitive.

If wanting to take the lead in capturing your audience and them coming back to your product, event, etc...there is such a thing as mimicking your vocabulary. Mimicking your vocabulary simply helps members of a particular group feel as if they belong because of your content. When making your pieces more relatable, you will get them closer to relating your brand to others, and getting them to come back time and time again.

Guess what? Empathy is key when tone of voice involves your customer's interest in your brand. If keeping customer's interested in what you are saying, speak as though your customer is speaking back to you. If in discussion mode and learning for the first time what your customer is like, listen to how they relate to each other. One way is to instill the core purpose of what your brand is and this is achieved by introducing some core values and standards. Make them aware that this is your brand using your tone of voice. How to define your brand's tone of voice is explained in the article “Infographics & Examples” by Eugenia Verbina, May 21, 2019.

A list of different tone of voice brands to communicate to your audience are e.g. casual vs formal, funny vs serious, respectful vs irreverent, or enthusiastic vs matter-of-fact.

I believe I was intoduced to both websites through WIX, a website that helps with website set-up.

Extra, Extra! Lets get back to Pleasing personalities!

We looked at how a person vibes with you and how they are attracted to your tone of voice; and your audience's interest in your brand. With the many examples of tone of voice, Hill goes into the mental attitude of how many verbs or action words evolve into your personalities.

Biblical words e.g. faith, hope, love, loyalty, and cheerfulness, are a few of these words that seem to suggest this person has a strong positive personality.

In contrast to this positive energy of characteristics are words of ill health, fear of poverty, criticism, loss of love or of personal liberty, getting up in age, and fear of death. Of the twenty-five factors of personality described in his book Proven Principles for Greater Wealth, Health and Happiness - Success Habits, physical and mental are the most considerable and doable.

A quick review of the remaining personality traits that Hill speaks on are flexible in regards to posterity, a well known person with smarts in communicating his desires and feelings, a good communicator about and for every person, and a person who takes laughter seriously.

Pleasing personality traits six to ten lists down to earth with a pleasant voice, a smiling face, sincerity towards justice that helps keep control of all things honest and good such as well-being, truth in the purpose of having a relationship with humans, and knowledgeable about people and world events even outside of your domain. Pleasing personality traits eleven to fifteen include getting to the point of the matter, quite the decision-making personifier, believe in first cause e.g. faith or the natural law, using words appropriately, controlled emotions such that:

“it may be either passive or active, the kind that you feel inside of you, that gives you actions and initiative, and puts your imagination to work, but doesn't get you into difficulty with other people because you said too much”

Pleasing personality sixteen to twenty involves “clean sportsmanship”, common courtesy, not over zealous of others' work or confidence, knowing how to complement someone without sounding too important yourself, and doing more than asked of you.

Pleasing personality twenty-one to twenty-five are listed as temperance in all things, patience of people and circumstances, following the path of gracefulness, showing humility at one of your greatest moments, and “personal magnetism”.

Pleasing personality poll

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