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Positive Energy Flow, Plants & Stress Relief


Plants and colors play an important roles in our lives; depending upon the direction the room is facing in the home, (north, south, east, and west), the colors, plants, and materials can give off different vibes affecting our emotions in a positive or negative way, i.e., our happiness, sadness, angry, anxiety etc.

All living gets its life source from plants, the oxygen we breathe comes from plants, without plants everything would die. Plants gets it's life from the sun, and we get our life source from plants, food and the sun, the energy we get from plants are positive which allows us to think and feel vibrant.

Plants Indoors & Energy

Modern building can be lacking in terms of their interior energy and the atmosphere, due to it’s insulation material and the usage of artificial materials, that often inhibit the flow of the energy in a home, or a building; therefore having a variety of plants is ideal to maintain positive energy flow, and having the plants needed to get the correct energy for the room is important.

Choosing the Right Plant

When choosing the right plant for the households, it is important to purchase plants that thrive in light, soil and has the ability to survive around air conditions, which are in most homes and buildings.

Yucca Plant Energy is Strong

Healthy growing plants in the home are more important than any other natural source that we bring into the home. A plant gives out a high level of energy and oxygen. In choosing the right plant for the energy flow in our home, look at the shape of the plant and see how the energy moves throughout the leaves, are the leaves going upward leaving space in between? Are the leaves deeply green and thick? The stronger the energy flows from the plant the more positive energy it fills in the room.

For example: A Yucca plant moves energy strongly up and out through its pointed leaves. Therefore you can say that the energy would be up, out and fast because the leaves are straight and strong. In addition, the leaves are sharp, pointed, dark green, and fluid because the energy moves easily, this plant tends to bring excellent energy to the room along with great oxygen.

Growing plants with pointed leaves in corners of the home will help to stimulate energy in the home.

Balancing Negative Energy in a Room

If you feel strong energy in the corner of a room that is cold and chilling try placing a bushy plant in that area, by placing bushy plants in front of protruding corners in the home, will calm, slow the fast rotating energy generated by the sharp edge of the plant leafs.

The placement of plants to get the best energy out of them should be placed according to the type of energy that flows from the plant and the energy felt in the corner of the room, see below how to test the energy and which energy is positive and/or negative.


Spathiphyllum wallisii-lily


Chlorophytum comosum, spider plant

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Plants that survive in air condition buildings

The following plants gives out different forms of energy in the room, but all are excellent plants for giving positive energy and excellent plants for balancing the energy in a room:

1. Cyclamen, (cyclamen persicum) Energy flows up and horizontal slow, even, fluid

Type: The flowers send energy up, while the leaves move energy out horizontally; the broad leaves slow the flow of the energy and the delicate petals generate an even, fluid energy.

2. Ivy (Hedera helix) Energy flows up, fast, concentrated, fluid. This plant spreads energy in all directions, stirring up the atmosphere with its many multi-pointed leaves.

3. Peace lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

Energy flows up and out, steady, even fluid. The leaves grow up and out and end in distinct points; the peace lily’s many leaves make this a vibrant plant.

4. Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Energy flows multi-directional, steady, even, fluid. (all positive energy)

Although the long, straight, pointed leaves start to by growing up, they then tumble down in many directions, spreading energy quickly at all points.



Fabrics, Wood, & Color (Negative & Positive)

In testing the energy flow throughout the house, depends on which direction the room face in the home. There are certain directions energy flows throughout the rooms with colors, materials, plants, and objects in certain directions.

There is a way to tell the types of energy flow in a room whether the flow is negative or positive, if you feel the wrong energy flow in a certain part of a room, the energy flow in that room is negative. Colors, elements, and different materials in a room facing certain directions of the home, such as north, east, west or south, can bring either positive or negative flows in the room.

We can’t always change directions of the home that has colors which are triggering negative energy flows , however by placing sea salt in the room it can balance the energy flow in the room. (See the hub i wrote on sea salt and positive energy flow)

Negative Energy Flow, colors, and materials for rooms facing different directions charts below:

How it affects our emotions

EmotionsColorsEnergy FlowRoom DirectionMaterials in room



Inward, Slow, Concentrate


Glass, Aquarium, Fountain, Mirrors



and consistent in room

and South

Peace Lily Plant





Fabrics: Carpets,





Table or floor lamps




Ivy money plant

EmotionsColorsEnergy FlowRoom DirectionMaterials in room








Inward, fast, volatile and






South east






Money Plant






Panic Hysteria

























Positive Energy Flow, colors, and materials for rooms facing different directions charts below:

EmotionsColorsEnergy FlowRoom DirectionMaterials in room



Up and out


Floors: Shiny stone floor



fast, even, fluid


Polished wooden floors










Lights, draaena










Wind Chimes

EmotionsColorsEnergy FlowRoom DirectionMaterials in room

Feeling of being in control


Inward, slow


Any materals are okay










Thrives when sea salt is








Energy Flow

Room Direction

Materials in room

Assertiveness and







Even flow


Wood polished floors















Any materials as long







Testing Your Energy & The Room

Checking Energy in a Room

You can feel the energy of a room, just as you can feel the energy of your own energy between your hand. By holding your hands out in front of you and gently bringing them together but not allowing them to touch several times, you will begin to feel warmth or friction, this is the energy in your body.

The easiest way to feel the energy of a room is to sense whether the energy is moving up or down. In a typical room the strongest energy flow will be in the corners, at the edge of a window or near a door, because there is often greater turbulence here, when checking the energy in the corners of the room, you will fill in your hands one or more of the following, warmth, cold, friction, chills, and sometimes heat.

1. Choose a corner window or door and stand so that you can raise and lower your outstretched hand easily. Lift your hands with your palm turned up and then, as you lower it, turn your hand over so that your palm faces the floor.

2. Position yourself so that your hand moves close to the wall, if you do not feel anything in one place, try other parts of the room, (or in another room). Repeating these steps. You will begin to either feel, warmth, cold, chills, airy, and or friction. See below what different type of feeling you may or may not feel.

  • Warmth & Airy - Positive room flow
  • Chills & Warmth - Positive room flow
  • Friction - Negative room flow
  • Chills & Cold - Semi Negative room flow

Once you have mastered sensing the up and down flow of energy, you can try feeling the energy flowing horizontally, by moving your hands sideways, remember to turn your palm over as you change directions.


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I love beautiful and exotic plants, and i believe they play a very important role in life and earth

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C E Clark from North Texas on July 05, 2014:

You are so right in that color does affect our senses and our thoughts and opinions subliminally. Plants can be good for us and improve our environment physically as well as out psyche. A very interesting article.

Lynn Jones (author) from USA on July 04, 2014:

Hi Budoor, Thanks for taking time time to read my hub "Positive Energy Flow & Plants", and commenting on it, I really appreciate you stopping by and yes it changes the atmosphere entirely just with moving plants to the right place in the home, and color. I hope you have a great day. lyns 741210a

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Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 01, 2014:

This is a very interesting hub. I have several plants in my house and just outside the front widow on the porch. I am limited somewhat As to where I can place some plants due to the architecture of the hourse, but I will consider the energy and try to move some plants. I have several on your list. Voted Up!

Diane from Colorado on June 04, 2013:

I believe this too, i'll be moving some plants this weekend! Thank you for the great read!

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plants are what heals the earth, good hub.

Lynn Jones (author) from USA on December 01, 2011:

Hi Jackie Lynnley, thanks for taking the time to read, this hub, "Positive Energy and Plants", plants are so good for oxygen in the home and energy as well, let me know what you experience as well, also the colors of room as well can be a key role in creating positive energy, good luck, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment on this hub. Hope you have a great day and holiday... lyns

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on December 01, 2011:

This is great and I believe so true! I am busy now with filling the house with plants for fresh oxygen all winter! Will check out your positives and negatives later today and see what vibes I get, lol. Thanks! Voted up!

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