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Piriton Overdose Symptoms and Treatment

Piriton is a brand of generic medication called Chlorpheniramine. It is an anti-histamine class medication. The most common side effect of this medication is drowsiness. Therefore, some people use it as a sleeping pill. Deliberate overdose of piriton is common in general medical practice though accidental overdose is rare. But generally, isolated piriton overdose is not lethal.

In addition, Piriton is a common ingredient in many over the counter cough preparations. Therefore, overdose of piriton in combination with other cough remedy ingredients such as diphenhydramine and Guaifenesin is also common. There are case reports that the above combination can sometimes become lethal.

Symptoms of Piriton Overdose

Piriton is a medication that affects several neurotransmitter systems in the body. They are the histamine system and cholinergic system. Blocking of the histamine system causes drowsiness. It is effective at reducing itching, allergy, allergic rhinitis and the common cold. However, its anti-cholinergic side effects such as urine retention, acute angle closure glaucoma and increased heart rate are troublesome.

The symptoms of overdose are predictable. They are

  • excessive drowsiness
  • urine retention
  • dry mouth
  • glaucoma
  • increased heart rate.

In Piriton overdoses, the heart rate increase does not cause many problems.

Activated charcoal is used in treatment of poisoning including piriton poisoning

Activated charcoal is used in treatment of poisoning including piriton poisoning

Treatment of Piriton Overdose

I once treated a patient who took around 80 tablets of piriton but had no problems after standard treatment of any intoxication (stomach washout and activated charcoal treatment).

There is no specific antidote for a piriton overdose. Doctors only treat symptoms once they appear. For example, when the patient develops urine retention, catheterization is done.

Standard treatment for any intoxication, such as stomach washout (gastric lavarge) and activated charcoal treatment is usually prescribed.

Activated charcoal is used to treat emergency overdose


Piriton is a common ingredient in cough preparations. In addition, it is a common over the counter medication available for the common cold, allergies and allergic rhinitis. However, it is abused by many people to induce sleep and some take it deliberately in attempted suicide. Accidental overdose is usually not common. The commonest symptoms of overdose are drowsiness and urine retention. It is treated by stomach washout and activated charcoal.


shara 13years on October 21, 2018:

I have take 2 priton tablet one time.what happen

philip on October 04, 2018:

Can someone die if overdose piriton???

Jay on February 26, 2018:

Taking 20 tablets of kotamin chlorpheniramine maleate 4mg, and 10 tablets of triprolidine hci 2.5mg, one shot, but manage to vomit in 1 hr will this be dangerous, what will be the side effects

alapatiamar from India on January 08, 2018:

Cholorpheniramine is also called as AVIL locally. It is useful medication in cases of allergy & Hypersensitivity.

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I never seen patient with overdose of CPM.

I have written an article on overdose of sleeping pills -

Meriano Christine on August 29, 2017:

Can someone die due to taking a lot of piriton sleep drugs???

Dr Manura Nanayakkara (author) from Sri Lanka on August 19, 2017:


Nothing will happen, you will probably sleep for several days. There is no acute toxicity. But it will be very unpleasant.

Chy on August 19, 2017:

I've drank a hole bottle of piriton what will happen to me

Sewvandika on May 09, 2017:

Normally I'm talking 3 piriton to sleep tonight I took 6 of 4 MG will something happens to me

Dr Manura Nanayakkara (author) from Sri Lanka on December 11, 2016:

Dont worry it s not toxic symptoms will reduce within after 24hrs drink plenty of water

ann on December 11, 2016:

I took five tablets and only felt drowsy and mild headache. I thought i would die. Fool me

AJWright on June 03, 2016:

I took a huge amount to try to skive from work once, I had a rash all over from which pinpricks of blood started oozing from. I worked with some pretty heavy chemicals ( chemical milling baths etc) I think I damn near killed myself but I can't work out weather this was simply the pills or an inter-reaction with the fumes as well.. Industrial strength hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid,chromic acid etc.

Amy on February 27, 2016:

How many does it take to hallucinate

maliha on December 19, 2015:

i am eaten 8 tablet of piriton is this deadly?

Dr Manura Nanayakkara (author) from Sri Lanka on July 08, 2015:

No nothing will happen except little more drowsiness.

Dr Manura Nanayakkara (author) from Sri Lanka on July 08, 2015:

No nothing will happen except little more drowsiness.

rayary on July 07, 2015:

so nothing would happen if you accudnetly tuck two instead of one?

Dr Manura Nanayakkara (author) from Sri Lanka on March 20, 2014:

Nothing would happen as it is a pretty harmless medication.

vodco on March 19, 2014:

drunk 60 piriton tablets for 19 years gir.. what happen????

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