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Pink or Blue? Predicting Your Baby's Gender


Barbies or Baseballs

Although there is no way to be 100% certain what the gender of your child will be -riot to birth, there are many ways we can make a fun guess! Some of these ways are much more reliable than others, but for people who don't want to wait for an ultrasound or can't afford one, there are some "old wives tales" you can use to predict the gender of your little one.

Chinese Gender Predictor

Impatient mothers have been looking to this chart for centuries hoping for some insight on the gender of their babies. Although there is not scientific proof of accuracy, this chart was used long before the invention of sonograms or ultrasounds. It predicts the unborn baby's gender using the Chinese Lunar Calendar to chart the mother's age at at the time of conception, and month of conception.


The Drano Test

Another well known gender prediction test is the Drano test. For this test you will need 2tbsp of Drano crystals, 2-3oz of your urine, and a glass container to combine them in. Bring everything outside, and combine the Drano and urine in the glass bowl. If it turns brown within 10 seconds you're having a boy, and if it doesn't you're having a girl. 

Just to note, the fumes produced by the chemical reaction between your urine and the Drano can create fume that are potentially harmful to you or your baby. I don't recommend doing this test yourself without a mask and gloves, or perhaps you could have your partner help you do the test. Either way, please take precautions.

Baking Soda

The baking soda test works in a similar way to the Drano test. You mix equal parts baking soda and urine in a cup, and if it fizzes- boy, if it doesn't fizz- girl! It's also safer than the Drano test.

Store Tests

There are a few brands of tests out there that you can buy at your local drug store that claim to be able to tell you the gender of your unborn child, but it will cost you. Brands like Intelligender or Gendermaker will run you as much as $50, but really like any other test, despite their claims, have a 50-50 chance of accurately predicting your baby's gender. If you're willing to spend the cash, it's a fun way to guess the gender, but don't expect it to be correct.

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Ultrasound/ Bloodwork

Around 17 weeks, your doctor or ultrasound tech can fairly accurately tell you your baby's gender with a scan, if the baby is in a good position. These scans are typically around 98% accurate and a great way to learn your unborn's gender ahead of time.

You can also get a DNA test that will check your blood for any Y chromosomes that might be floating around in there from your little boy.

Needle, Wedding Ring, and Heartbeat

The needle and wedding ring tests are basically the same, attach a needle or wedding ring to a string or strand of hair, and dangle over your baby bump. If it moves in a circular motion you're having a girl. If it moves back and fourth in a line, it's a boy.

Another old wives tale says that if the fetal heartbeat is below 140 it's a boy, and above 140 is a girl.

Save Your Receipts

In the end the only real way to tell if you're having a boy or girl with 100% accuracy is to wait until the birth of your little miracle, so be sure to save your receipts so you can exchange, or buy more gender neutral stuff until after your little one is born.

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meenakshi on June 02, 2012:

im becoming mom for the 2nd time. we have a little angel girl already. if i check my first baby's gender based on this chinese calender it went wrong. can anybody please make me understand about this?

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