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The Meaning of Pink Amethyst

I am sure everybody has heard about amethyst as one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones. Its original deep purple color is what sets this stone apart from any other stone, and it is practically impossible to mix it up with any other crystal, or gemstone. But what about the other possible amethyst colors, and in particular, what about pink amethyst?

Amethyst is a variety of quartz and is characterized by its violet color. Therefore, by definition there can be no other amethyst colors. But in reality, things look differently. There are also quartz crystals, known as prasiolite stones in the mineral collecting community, which possess light green color. Those natural prasiolite stones (but unfortunately also some lab enhanced amethyst crystals manipulated in order to get the desired change of color), when used in jewelry design are often addressed to as green amethysts. And finally, if the color of the amethyst possesses a touch of lavender or if it is light lilac and slightly grayish, it is classified as pink amethyst.

Raw amethyst crystal

Raw amethyst crystal

Pale Amethyst Nuances

Recently we have observed an increased popularity of the pale amethyst tones, mostly pale green, or pale pink. It appears that an ever increasing number of people are drawn to these delicate nuances, and this is especially true with the so called "green amethyst" gems. Pink amethyst is not as popular as their green relatives, but nevertheless some individuals prefer pink over all the other colors in the spectrum.This is the reason as to why we are faced with new products on the jewelry markets adorned with these gemstones of pale pink colors.

Metaphysical Properties

So, let us see what the meaning of these pink amethyst stones is and how to approach their metaphysical essence? While amethyst itself is known to be able to help alleviate all sort of addictive behavior, its pink shades can contribute to enhancing our love and tolerance. The pink color belongs to the region of the heart, and literary, this color together with the green most intensely influences the heart area of our body and corresponds to the heart energy center.

The specimens with deep purple color are especially helpful when we need to adopt new spiritual and metaphysical concepts. They increase intuition and help in installing peace and crystal thoughts. To the first-class detoxification abilities of amethyst, the more lilac tones can add a note of soothing and comfort -- attributes that are very much needed when we have to break up with our bad habits and wrong everyday patterns.

Very often I like to sleep with an amethyst crystal under my pillow. Sometimes, I also alternate between amethyst and rose quartz. The first is helpful if I want to have lucid or conscious dreams, or if I want to recall a dream in the morning. The second is more beneficial for the heart, for emotional balance and emotional healing. By using pink amethyst, the original intensity of amethyst in the area of the mind can be eased down and at the same time it can be combined with the energies of the heart.

When you find yourself pulled towards these pink shades of amethyst, then it must be the stone whose energy and vibration are exactly what you need most in your current situation. All this, of course, provided that the stone itself hasn't been manipulated in laboratory. Any stone that has been lab created or manipulated in any way with making profit in mind, is not so great when it comes to its energy influx. Very often no additional knowledge about crystal charging and programming is needed. The pink amethyst healing energies can work even while we are not aware of them, since they do not affect our physical body directly—they act on our body's more subtle energy field.


If we had to summarize the meaning of pink amethyst we would say that the peace, warmth, and harmony of amethyst are augmented by the lovely soothing touch of pale lilac or lavender tones in this crystal. Pink amethyst approaches rose quartz in its properties, but at the same time it keeps all the important amethyst features within.

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sunnyray (author) from Belgrade on June 30, 2015:

Not quite. It could be that you bought Rose Quartz, which is something else.

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momo on April 02, 2015:

I bought a bag of Rose Amethyst today, but it look just like the pink quartz, are they the same thing?

sunnyray (author) from Belgrade on May 28, 2010:

Thanks for your comment. Amethyst is my favorite stone, regardless of the other beautiful crystals and minerals I discover as a collector on a daily basis. There is definitely some kind of magic within it.

amethyst jewelry on May 27, 2010:

Very informative hub. Love the amethyst gemstone. Very beautiful stone as you rightly stated.

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