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Pineapple Diet: Really?

The Pineapple Diet: It Might Work, But Is It Good for You?

When I first heard about the pineapple diet while mindlessly jumping around online, I have to admit it took me off guard. While people can keep arguing over and over about whether or not the negative calorie diet is real or complete crap, of if that argument is just semantics, how can anyone think that a three day (or more) diet involving pineapple, pineapple pills, and two cans of tuna be anything but a thinly veiled starvation diet? People can argue and argue all they want. With negative calorie foods diets, you can at least argue that since that food list is not meant to be an end all be all, that the diet can work because most people don't eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables and they will actually get full and eat less unhealthy foods by adding just some of the neg cal foods in. I love pineapple as much as the next guy, but pineapple, ice water, and tuna? That has crash starvation written all over it, and I have to say it hits me as strange that after so much effort has been made to separate good diets from bad, starvation and fads from healthy eating plans, it really surprises me that the pineapple diet has so many proponents. Then again, I guess some people just don't care how they get there, as long as they do.

It's good, but is this really all you want to eat?

Pineapple is delicious and good for you, but I can't imagine not eating anything else, even for a short period of time.

Pineapple is delicious and good for you, but I can't imagine not eating anything else, even for a short period of time.

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Pineapple Diet Debate

The pineapple diet is a supplemental diet that is based in part off of the idea of negative calorie foods. The pineapple diet was first revealed to the world by Joann Metzger, and is often also referred to as the Metzger pineapple diet, or the pineapple and tuna diet. There is no set in stone version of the pineapple diet, which is why there is more than one type of pineapple diet floating out there.

The most common is to only eat fresh pineapple or fresh pineapple juice for three days while drinking only ice water, take pineapple diet pills, and eating two cans of tuna on the second day. Then many plans call for 4 days of decent responsible eating, then another three days of crash pineapple dieting and repeat.

The argument over whether or not the pineapple diet is good or a scam is kind of hazy. It's not a scam because the diet does help drop weight, but pineapple although it is a good diet food, is also high sugar and eating that much acidic fruit and nothing else means it's a thinly veiled starvation diet.

So to lose 5-10 lbs very quickly, yeah the pineapple diet definitely works, but it's not a good chance of lifestyle diet plan like the Mediterranean Diet and while pineapple can be a very healthy and worthy diet food, no diet with only one food as its constant base is going to be healthy.

Pineapple Diet Negatives

As should be expected, there are a lot of downsides or potential downsides, to the pineapple weight diet. For one, the pineapple diet has never been scientifically proven to be healthy or effective, so there are no hard number studies on whether or not this works.

Obviously it's really hard to eat even 2,000 calories in pineapple a day, and on top of that it is fruit as opposed to fat and carbs, so it makes sense that weight would be lost, but it isn't the healthiest diet to ever cut out a lot of food groups. Any diet consisting of one food and no others is pretty much a thinly veiled starvation diet.

The other part is that pineapple is high in natural sugars, so for anyone who is hyperglycemic or diabetic could have serious health problems with this diet. Going on this diet could be harmful to those people. 

Also, anyone who thinks that this is a full time diet would be in danger of malnutrition over time, and putting that much sugar and acid into your body is never a good thing. Add to this the whole argument over negative calories, and there are many reasons why the pineapple diet might not be the best weight loss plan out there.  There are many good balanced diets that help you lose weight the right way while maintaing good health.  Go for them, instead.

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A Better Balance

While pineapple does have a lot of positive health aspects to it, it is also a fruit that is high in sugar and has some concerns.  The pineapple diet is a fad diet, and as always a good balanced diet with a steady amount of physical activity is the best way to lose weight and train yourself to live a healthier lifestyle.  A good diet and a steady exercise program is a far better solution to dealing with weight gain as opposed to something like non surgical liposuction.  Any time you can go the natural and steady way to weight loss, it's better.  If the pineapple diet is a great kick start to go through a weight loss plateau, great, but focus on the over all lifestyle for best results.

A Better Way to Rapid Weight Loss

Fad diets like the pineapple diet aside, there are ways for people to lose weight relatively quickly while maintaining good health.  Many people who are just starting to get serious about losing weight would be surprised how a few small steps like eliminating soda and drinking a lot of water daily can shed some quick pounds, boost the metabolism, and get you going in the right direction.  The Internet has a wealth of information, so if you look around you are sure to find some great rapid weight loss tips.

Pineapple Diet Comments, Anyone?

lorena on July 20, 2011:

i love the pineapple diet!!!! it works for me!!!!! but of course i don't eat pinneapples all the time i will have my breakfast.. lunch of course nothing fating.. and for dinner i will eat pineapples.. i will always snack on pineapples.. i have try others diets and this ones works the best for me

Eric Carver on April 03, 2011:

I do 30 juice only pineapple food focuses. On day 20 right now. Dropping 1 pound+ per day.

cylh on November 02, 2009:

These are good tips for rapid results but I agree with the other people who noted that for long lasting results you need to follow a healthier approach including all food types.

Eat Smart Age Smart on July 31, 2009:

Those who have arthritis pain, eating pineapples can reduce the pain of arthritis and for those who do not have arthritis, pineapple prevents the disease by strengthening your bones and giving extra iron to your bones

sidney7003 on May 10, 2009:

I bought and used the metzger diet pills and I lost 9 lbs per bottle, bottles are 79.00, so that was not cheap, but I've kept it off now for nearly a year. I did not have to watch what I ate, so it was easy.

I now have fresh pineapple and orange and strawberries or pears for breakfast with a about a half ounce of cheese I'm lovin' it.

Shane Dayton (author) from Cedar Rapids, IA on January 01, 2009:

Hey Jim, Wanderlust, thanks for the comments. Yeah, as a crash diet I could definitely see this working, but it's definitely not a long term thing. At least a diet like the cabbage soup diet gives you a week long eating plan, and the Mediterranean (spelling, I know) Diet has been very good to me. But I guess there is a banana and milk diet now, so lol, yeah.

Wanderlust from New York City on December 30, 2008:

If I need to loose weight fast I am using the following diet: 3 days rice only, 3 days apples only and 3 days chicken only, no sugar, no salt, and unfortunately no alcohol (that the worst part for me). I personally don't really like apples, so now you gave me an idea, to substitude apples with pineapples. Will try next time!

jim10 from ma on December 30, 2008:

I love pineapple but, this sounds ridiculous. It must be a diet a couple of pineapple growers came up with.

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