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Personal Defense Weapons


This is dedicated to Karen Kaye Montebon, her family and people who seek personal defense.

We read much these days about crimes in our city. Theft. Robberies. Hold-ups. Assassinations. Rapes. Genocide. We heard about the Carolinian who was.... Well, we know the story. We all seek justice and we all have an enveloping hatred towards crime. Any person who commits a crime is a preposterous lunatic. Yet where there's people, there's bound to be crime. And where there's crime, there's a need for self-defense. So, for this review, it'll be all about buying - or at least selecting - a personal defense, concealable, pocket-friendly firearm.

Personal Defense Weapons.

The Victim

May she rest in peace

May she rest in peace


Under normal circumstances, I know you're not very interested in guns and ammunition and the like. However, stick with me just a tiny bit longer because you might end up like The Carolinian, God forbid.

Plainly, there are going to be people out there who'd say: "And what's the point of all that then, when we've got full-bore assault rifles?" And they're probably right. However, an assault rifle like an M4 or AK-47, is a drop-dead give-away and you might even be mistaken for a terrorist especially if you take it outside. But what if I was to tell you you could pack the punch, the power and the bang of a weapon that could fit in your pocket (that's right, pocket) but still be as lethal as an assault rifle?

Magpul FMG-9

Is it a laptop battery? A radio? Or is it a concealed gun?

Is it a laptop battery? A radio? Or is it a concealed gun?

Foldable guns

Based on the 1980's ARES FMG-9, the Magpul FMG-9 is a perfect weapon for concealed carry even in public. FMG stands for Folding Machine Gun and number 9 means it's chambered for 9x19mm Parabellum. It's made mostly of plastics and lightweight polymers that make it near-invisible to x-ray scanners.

I introduce this weapon to you folks because it's perfect for personal defense. No one is going to suspect that something that looks like a radio is actually a fully-automatic (1,200 rpm) sub-machine gun, are they? It's internals contain a Glock 18 (Glock 17 is semi-automatic only) and a custom-made outer polymer shell developed in-house by Magpul. It comes with a 20-round magazine for concealed carry or a 33-round suppression capability. Be advised, though, that if you use the 33-round mag, it cannot be folded and must be removed to conceal the weapon.

If I have a family, I'd buy everyone, including myself one of these guns. I'd love to have one.

Sadly, Magpul has stated that this weapon will never go into production. It's merely a showcase of what Magpul is capable of doing. Damn!

Delight yourself in the FMG

The Question

Seecamp LWS

Smallest 9mm pocket pistol in the world.

Smallest 9mm pocket pistol in the world.

Seecamp LWS

After a while, you're forced to think: "Should I really buy such a tiny, laughable and harmless pocket pistol?" Nuh-uh! Don't be such a Sourkraut and read on, sweetheart.

Yes, this pistol is tiny. I personally know someone who's 5 feet tall and she brings this with her most times. Even in short-shorts, it fits perfectly in her front short pockets. I was shocked not to mention amazed that she was armed and I didn't even know it. How she got past Ayala security, I have no idea.

The barrel is a mere 1.98 inches long. The entire firearm from front to back? A mere 3.75 inches. Less than 4 inches long! You know what that means, dear readers. I'm buying my wife and daughter one of those when God gives me a wife and daughter. And I recommend you ladies who are reading this to buy one too once you get the chance. At least, you have some means of self-defense without looking so preposterous or showing to the world that you're armed.

And don't nobody better dare even whisper the usual it's-tiny-so-it's-got-a-tiny-bullet phrase. This pocket pistol comes in .380 ACP. That's 9x17mm. To give you a perspective of how much power a .380 ACP holds, imagine you're holding one right now and about to shoot someone in a car through the window. You pull the trigger and you see blood. Knock down power for a girly gun.

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Pocket Pistols

H&K MP-7

Best sub-machine gun for the ladies

Best sub-machine gun for the ladies

German Ingenuity

Now, who among you here have seen the tv series Future Weapons? In one particular episode, they featured the MP-7 from Heckler & Koch, a renowned German firearms company.

I recommend this weapon for personal defense as well as home defense. It only weighs 2 Kg (twice that of a Barbie Doll) so how heavy can that be? It's length if the butt stock is not extended is a mere 16 inches and 25 inches with the butt extended. Compare that to other high caliber rifles like the M4A1's butt not extended is 30 inches and 33 inches extended. It's basically doubled in length compared to the MP-7 and that's useful in Close Quarter Battles or CQB scenarios.

To give you an illustration of what I mean, try finding an 18-inch ruler and put it on as if you were holding a rifle ready to shoot. Now go through the open door in your room, swinging left and right like a tactical operative. Easy, right? Try it this time with something like a broomstick and you'll see what a difference 10 inches of space can save not to mention help you in defending your home.

It's still long, I know, but it's better than having the barrel of your long rifle (M4, M16 or AK-47) getting stuck around the corners or doors. It'll save you precious milliseconds which could mean the difference between life and death.

The MP-7 is also the only weapon in the world that features a tiny but rifle looking bullet. It's a high-velocity bullet capable of penetrating Kevlar body armor at around 30 meters. The bullet diameter is only 4.6mm and the cartridge length is only 30mm, giving it a total length of just 38.5mm. Or 1.5 inches. That's very short. It's so short, it's been called the smallest high-velocity rifle bullet on Earth. Just saying.

Prepare the pop-corn and soda!

Glock 17

World's most versatile pistol

World's most versatile pistol

Small but terrible

"Can we have a cup of tea, please?" Because that's what most of you are thinking right now. You're thinking; "I'd fancy a Colt M1911A1 .45 rather 'an that!" Yes, except an m1911 is a massive pistol, darling. And we'd want something that can fit in your pocket. Or at least squeeze into one.

You might be wondering why Glock 17 or 18? What's the difference? They both look the same and feel the same and use the same exact bullets. The difference, for those of you who don't know, is that the 17 is semi-automatic only and civilians are allowed to purchase this weapon. However, the 18 has a fully-automatic function and only military and law enforcement are allowed to use it.

I put this on my list of PDW's, dear readers, because it's actually the world's most versatile pistol. I held one and goodness me! It feels lighter than a feather! I wasn't allowed to shoot it, but having weight as much as oxygen makes a difference compared to an M1911 that weighs as much as a mountain.

I highly recommend this pistol to anyone, especially ladies, who seek quick defense that can be carried in a handbag. Oh, and did I mention it's made of the same polymer plastics as the Magpul FMG-9? Sadly, it has a slightly exposed barrel so be watchful of x-ray scanners.

For your Sunday night delectation!

The Chart

Make your choice.


Magpul FMG-9

9x19mm Parabellum

10 or 19 inches

Seecamp LWS

9x17mm (.380 ACP)

4 inches

H&K MP-7


16 or 25 inches

Glock 17

9x19mm Parabellum

8 inches


So, what to do now? Normally, I'd say, buy them all. Trouble is, most people can only afford one.

What about my recommendations for the ladies? I recommend the FMG-9/LWS combo. They're both extremely lightweight and keep you safe in most, if not all places in Cebu. As for me? I'm considering the Glock and the MP-7.

But then again, I'd just buy a compact assault rifle, the French FAMAS rifle.

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