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People Who Zap Your Energy

Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She writes articles that are interesting to her readers.

Some people can zap your energy if you allow them to do so.

Some people can zap your energy if you allow them to do so.

In their book, Energy Zappers, Shaun Blakeney and Wallace Henley have named 21 types of people who are energy zappers. They explain in detail who those people are and what you can do to prevent them from draining all the energy out of you.

Blakeney and Henley are the experts about energy zappers, but after reading their book, this writer is joining the conversation. She keeps the names they have given the energy zappers, but she describes them as she has found them to be. Perhaps she will become the third author of their next book.

The names given to the types of energy zapper are listed in alphabetical order.

An angry person

An angry person

1. Angry People

There are some people who are angry with everything and everybody for no apparent reason. They are angry with family members, the few friends they have left, co-workers and even with themselves.

To keep angry people from zapping your energy, stay away from them when they are angry. The sad part is that they are almost always angry. Therefore, you might have to end up staying away from them most of the time.


2. Chatterers

When you listen to idol chatter over and over again, your energy will surely be zapped. Some people just love to talk, and most of the time they are not talking about anything important. Chatterers prefer talking over listening. That means they feel that what they have to say is more important than what you have to say.

Chatterers tend to be outspoken at family reunions and other group settings. They take over almost every conversation which annoys others.

Don't get caught up in anything chatterers say because they love to spread gossip and distort information. Remember this: If they gossip TO you, will gossip ABOUT you.

3. Clingers

Clingers want to know all about you. They try to take your privacy away by questioning everything you do. They want to know where you are going and where you have been. They ask you embarrassing personal questions and expect you to answer them.

Keep clingers from zapping your energy by setting boundaries. Tell them only what you want them to know, and keep your private business private. Then clingers will get the message and stop asking you 20 questions every time they talk to you.


4. Confusers

There are some people who seem to be confused about everything. After you share something with them, they want you to prove to them that it is true.

In order to keep confusers from draining your energy, tell them something once and leave it at that. Do not engage in long conversations because the more you tell them, they will have more things to be confused about.


5. Critics

Critics drain you of your energy because they find fault with everything and everybody, including you. They put everybody on the critical list, except themselves. They talk as if everybody else is wrong, but they are the only one who is right.

When you go out to eat with them, they complain about the food and sends the waiter back to the kitchen several times. At family reunions and other group settings, critics are judgmental.

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Ask your critics for a solution to what they are criticizing. That might stop them in their tracks.

6. Cynics

Cynics are those people who make fun of what you believe if it is not the same as what they believe. It could be politics, religion, the news, pop culture or anything else. They are sarcastic toward you and try to make you feel as if you are never right, but they are never wrong.

Cynics are selfish in that they don't want to hear anybody's side. Instead, they rely on their own knowledge or lack thereof.

The best way to keep cynics from zapping your energy is to avoid engaging in any serious conversation with them.

7. Deceivers

Deceivers are those people whose lifestyle is based on deception. They are out to get whatever they want by deceiving those around them. Be careful around them because they have the natural talent of deceiving to get what they want. They are so good at what they do that they could sell ice to an Eskimo.

Keep your eyes and ears open when you are around a person who deceives so that you will not end up in their trap.

Perhaps you know someone who wants you to join them in their misery.

Perhaps you know someone who wants you to join them in their misery.

8. Depressors

People who are depressors are those who are depressed most of the time, and they want you to join them in their depression. They want you to agree with them about how bad the world. They thrive on the negatives instead of seeing the light in any situation. They are miserable most of the time.

Do not to stoop to the level of the depressors. Instead, be a light in their dark world.

9. Disappointers

Disappointers are those who become disappointed if they are not the head of every situation. If they do not win every game, they show their disappointment by pouting and saying derogatory words to the winner.

You can say some positive words to the disappointers, but if that doesn't work refrain from getting playing any game or getting in a contest with them ever again.

10. Distracters

A person who distracts is one who tries to keep you from focusing on your own tasks. When they know you are in the midst of a major project, they call you on the phone and get angry if you say you are busy.

They do everything in their power to distract you from doing what you are doing because they know they wouldn't be able to do what you do. So, they don't want you to succeed at what you are doing.

When you encounter distracters, they will zap you of your energy. You shouldn't beat around the bush. You should come right out and tell the distracter how you feel about the distractions.

11. Diverters

Diverters do just what the word indicates. They try to get you to change your plans to go along with what they want. If you listen to them, you will end up changing your pattern of doing things, your way of life, your dreams for the future and everything else to conform to their plans.

Be firm in your conviction for what you want out of life. After all, God created you to be you and no one else.

Doubters question almost everything.

Doubters question almost everything.

12. Doubters

Doubters are your family members, friends, co-workers, and others who do not believe anything unless it is proven to them.

If you have someone who continues to doubt you, stop giving them the opportunity to do so. Just stop telling them anything that they will doubt.

13. Exasperators

Exasperators are those who do things that get on your nerve. They have the habit of irritating and annoying you. They are compared to modern-day Pharisees who challenge you on whatever you do.

Handle exasperators by giving them a dose of their own medicine so they can experience how it feels.

14. Foot Draggers

Foot draggers are those who drag their feet when it comes to doing things. Foot draggers are not people you want on your team because they expect you to do the work while they drag their feet. They are the first ones to give reports about what they have done. In essence, they did not do very much.

If you know someone drags his feet when it comes to getting things done, do not select him or her to be on your team. If he or she ends up there anyway, set the guidelines immediately.

15. Freeloaders

Freeloaders are those who get whatever they can without spending their own money. They beg people for their scarves, jewelry, purses and whatever they see someone wearing that they like. Sometimes people take whatever they are wearing just to get freeloaders to stop begging them.

Just say "No" to freeloaders so they will break the habit of asking you for items you are wearing.

16. Patronizers

Sometimes people admire you so much that they let you know how they feel about your action. That is a good thing. What isn't good is that they build you up in one instance and tear you down in another.

Let there be a balance from what you hear from patronizers. Don't let them inflate your ballon only to pop it later.

17. Pot Stirrers

Have you ever stirred food in a pot? All the ingredients get mixed together after they have settled at the bottom. Some people are pot stirrers. That means when things get settled in families or among friends and co-workers, there is always someone in the group who wants to stir things up to start a feud.

Stop pot stirrers once you sense what they are up to. More than likely they have the habit of doing the same thing every time you meet.

Quitters aren't remembered!

Quitters aren't remembered!

18. Quitters

It is no brainer to know who the quitters are. They are the people who give up and stop doing what they should be doing. They don't care how much time, money, and energy have been invested.

Try to encourage the quitter to keep going. Don't allow the quitter to make you want to quit. Let them know that "Quitters never win, and winners never quit."

19. Stride Breakers

Stride breakers are people who do things at a slow pace, and they expect you to slow down so the two of you can walk to the beat of the same drum.

Instead of allowing the stride breaker to keep you behind, encourage him or her to speed up to keep up with you. If that doesn't work, compromise by agreeing to meet each other halfway by him speeding up and you slowing down.

No whining allowed!

No whining allowed!

20. Whiners

Almost everyone has a family member, friend or co-worker who whine and complain about almost everything whether the situation is good, bad or indifferent. If you gave them money, they will complain if the money is wrinkled, dirty or torn a little.

Try counteracting complaints by speaking something positive every time someone whines about something. Hopefully, the person will get the message and see you as an example and refrain from complaining.

21. Wounders

A wounder is a person who claims to be sick all the time whether he is really sick or not. He tends to be sick in his sickness and talks about it all the time. He gives you every gruesome detail of his medical procedures and expects you to be interested in hearing about them.

Wounders can drain you of your energy if you allow it. Don't beat around the bush. Let wonders know they should speak positive things over their life for healing and wholeness instead of giving power to their sickness.

Comments Welcomed!

Please feel free to comment on any of the 21 energy zappers or add your own in the comment section below.

Comments from upstate, NY on May 02, 2018:

This reminds me of a sermon I heard titled, " Do You Want To Be A Whiner or A Winner, A Victim or A Victor".

It might seem cruel but if I see one of these energy drainers in a public area, I'll go out of my way to avoid them. If they call me on the phone, I'll reply with a text, when I get around to it.

The way I see it, is if my ship is sinking, I won't be able to help anyone anyway!

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on May 01, 2018:

Eric, I can remember dealing with a few of the energy zappers mentioned in my article. You are blessed to be able to see them in a different light. Hopefully, more of us will get to the point.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on May 01, 2018:

Very interesting. I had to pause and think on several. For some reason I could not remember being zapped in the last few years. It seems that getting familiar and comfortable with my empathy kind of set me into seeing what they were suffering from rather than absorbing it.

Much to contemplate.

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