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People Who Really Care About You Can Stay

There are two kinds of people in our life. First, who says they love you, and secondly the people they really love and care about you. The second one is most important please take care of them. Now how will you know? How might you be aware?

Well, look around who is still there for you when you are in need. Only those people support you who really love you, care about you, and also truly cherished you. Others leave when you dealing with a bad situation. People are left with their helpless attitudes, reasons, and goodbyes. But important point is that they left. It’s always the bottom line and main concern to close any relationship. Absolutely Not! What the hell nonsense is this with you? For what reason did you leave? You say you cared, loved and you gave importance. You say you adored it. Then why didn't you remain or stay? You might think more, have fought more or could have waited for more. But you did not, you just gave up on me. You rejected me and make me empty. You made me a choice and use for passing your time. That’s how I remember you in life further.

Most probably people just use you, some purposely and some accidentally, some knowingly and some unknowingly, some directly and some indirectly. They will waste your time, and energy, try to get emotionally attached and break your heart into pieces. Not only that but, they will leave you in your weakest moments and bad situations. Furthermore, they don’t even feel any shame or embarrassment for their cheapness. Because they forget everything about sharing, bonding, love, and attachment that you have done for them. They just forget all the things when you make your time spare for all night just to talk to them so that they can finally smile or be happy with their inner matters. They don't remember that you left all that you were doing to realize their love. They even don’t remember when they told you that you were the best thing that happened to them. They just remember one thing and simply say, “I didn’t ask you to do those things for me, you did them all alone.” After all this, you feel like an idiot and they leave you with nothing.

That is the reason I truly adore the people who are still close to me, by my side. It isn't so much that they had it simple or achieve easily. Only Lord knows that we can be difficult people to be with and find many complications. Mood swings and sentimental attachment make us do stupid things at different times like “different moods, different actions”. We can get rude and show attitude to others. We can shout for no reason. As a human, we can be mean too. So, we give a thousand reasons and explanations for important people to not leave us. However, we also give small important things to important people that only one in a million has to offer. We give our truth, trust, and pure heart into every bond with honesty. And when people see that, they choose to stay with us by our side. Furthermore, it takes a genuine person to know how rare real is in these times.

Adore the people who are still close to you!

Adore the people who are still close to you!

So, leave the people who left you, and try not to screw them more. They left because they did not love you enough and didn't cherish you further. They did not care for you more and could have done without you enough. That’s the truth. Accept the reality and move on with a silent smile.

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Keep Smiling!!

© 2022 Maria Hashmi

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