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People Who Are Born To Forget About Themselves

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Personality Type: Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging (ENFJ)

The personality type is ENFJ ‘Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging’. People with the ENFJ personality type are idealistic, friendly, introspective and altruistic. An individual`s main function is ‘Extraverted Feeling’, meaning that in issues that concern other people they work effortlessly with them. Their secondary function is ‘Introverted Intuition’, which permits them to possess a clear insight of the internal functioning of the brain, making them conscious of the needs of other people.

The Personality Explained

Extraversion is the state or act of being enthused by external forces surrounding a person. Extraverts are more enthusiastic and the love mingling; they are animated, talkative and assertive. They love spending time with crowds of people and dislike spending time alone. iNtuition is the way in which people process information. Intuitive individuals take a keen interest in the patterns and meaning of facts; they focus more on the manner in which the current could have an effect on the upcoming. Intuitive people are quick to adapt to the diverse abstract ideas and possibilities. People of this are able to grasp the bigger picture with ease rather than the comprehending facts.

Feeling persons are greatly independent; they make decisions based on personal values and principles. When they make decisions, they take into consideration the feelings of other people. The ultimate goal of feeling people is to uphold harmony between people in a group. Their heart rules them. Judging denotes the manner in which individuals outwardly exhibit themselves when they make decisions. People of this nature tend to be prompt and organized individuals. Judging people are orderly people and in an effort to work extemporaneously, they are in favor of using schedules that are outlined. Outcomes are more satisfying to judging people compared to the procedure of producing something. Judging persons are in search of closure.

People of the ENFJ personality type are quieter and keep more to themselves in comparison to other extraverted people. They tend to keep their personal beliefs to themselves if it benefits the people who are in the social circle. People classified under the ENFJ personality type are like mirrors or chameleons; they do not do things with the aim of impressing the next person. ENFJ people are experts in articulating their personal ethics but in support of other people, they will refrain from being too expressive. They sometimes feel lonely even if they among a group of people because they are unable to become their authentic self.

ENFJ individuals are orderly people but they dislike being forced to work with facts and logic that are not connected to the society. They are people who are in favor of planning beyond their personal achievements, hence they like exploring the notion of diverse possibilities. Some ENFJ individuals find it difficult to make decisions; therefore, they usually depend on other people to make decisions on their behalf. ENFJ are quick to judge and they base their judgements on their personal values and morals without first examining the circumstances with an objective mind.

Careers for ENFJ

ENFJ people are well suited to being politician/diplomat, event coordinator, manager, writer, human resources manager, clergy, teacher/professor, social worker, counsellor/psychologist or consultant. In the workplace, people of an ENFJ personality like to organize and motivate other people so that positive change can be implemented.

ENFJ people are people who are passionate about problem solving, they become even more passionate if they can use their instincts in seeing the good in other people. ENFJs endeavor for collaboration and a harmonious work atmosphere where they are able to be of assistance to other individuals and inspire their development. Most often, ENFJ people are found in mentor roles because their strength lays in the assistance of others, to assist them in becoming enhanced their skill set.

ENFJs are able to assist people in taking advantage of their exceptional aptitudes. They usually have a clear idea of what they want to work on, and they love utilizing their imagination to create innovative enterprises that focus on humanitarian efforts. ENFJs see great value in teamwork, and having the necessary resources at their disposal to put their ideas in motion is important for them.

The perfect work setting for people with an ENFJ personality is people-centric and progressive thinking, with a strong emphasis on practical action and humanitarian undertaking. ENFJ people are well suited for jobs that allow them to implement and develop concepts that advance the well-being and circumstances of the next person.


Laurika Nxumalo (author) from Pretoria, South Africa on October 09, 2020:

Thank you Lorna

Lorna Lamon on October 08, 2020:

I feel people with this personality type are life's givers. I'm glad I work in an environment where I get to meet such people. Thank you for sharing this interesting and well-written article which I enjoyed reading.

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