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Pen Your Pain and Pleasure

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Being a child who has no comfort in sharing my melancholy with people, I find writing my comfort in expressing my thoughts and feelings.


Convert your feelings to a piece of literature…

Opening up to my parents is such a tremendous issue for me. I am not used to doing it. I grew up keeping my secrets safe with me instead of sharing them with others because of my fear of betrayal.

I hadn't experienced asking for people's advice and crying on their shoulders because I wasn't comfortable doing it. I was even ashamed of showing my tears in public. So I wasn't the type of person you would say "an open" person. I can always be your shoulder when you need someone to cry on but I can't be the person who does the crying.

But then, lately, I realized it has windfalls and drawbacks.

I used to keep my pain with me and pretend I wasn't suffering. I faked a smile every time. The smile became an unnatural thing to me since then. Until I met these certain things that had become my running home for my tears, rage, and bliss.

Tell me your secret keeper…


My paper and pen become my tool for releasing the negative and positive energy that I can't share with anyone.

Being an introverted person who never finds social spots a comfortable place, I always have this habit of isolating myself from the crowd at school and picking my phone out of my pocket, and opening my writing apps such as Evernote; I write what I see afterward. It may sound weird to my schoolmates but I am being myself and there is nothing wrong with that.

For me, writing down our feelings gives us freedom and the strength to conquer the challenges in our lives in our writing. We can even weigh any situation, analyze different issues we are facing, and train ourselves to be independent and live our lives decisively.

Writing is a much better choice in relieving my pains because it never tells anybody your secrets unless somebody steals your journal and leaks everything you've written there; or if you misplaced your notebook or phone. It is a better choice for me than looking for somebody to listen to your words. Besides, our notebooks and our writing apps never speak thus they are indeed good listeners.


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Children who write to express their emotions can be good at poetry, writing novels, inspirational quotes, or essays, and future writers that the literature need

Most introverts are writers like J. K. Rowling who have written the Harry Potter Series and who is running the website of her own now. And writing becomes their healing potion to fight against melancholy and the feeling of being deserted.

Introverted writers have their realm to go to whenever they feel grievous and it is in their imagination. They even have the power to manipulate their dark side and stos themselves to do evil things or to behave cruelly.

As an introverted writer myself, being such a type of human being makes me feel stronger and capable of doing things alone especially when it is all about emotional stuff. I can analyze things or problems that seem to be impossible to be solved by balancing the viewpoints of every story.

I can heal myself without asking for help from others through writing or to even handling it mentally.

People think introverted people are difficult to accompany that is why they get higher chances to be isolated. However, isolation is what they like the most because of the opportunity of doing things alone such as writing which requires great focus and attention to the imaginative world.

Introverts have their diaries either written down manually or absorbed internally by their memories. They think a lot more than they talk and they even get confused if they did think the word or said it.

Parents are worried about their introverted children, unnoticing that their children get even stronger and stronger and more independent while being alone.

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In our lives, different obstacles are overcome by different people. But it is undeniable that some people are luckier than other people. That their lives have become easier to live than others. But that is the challenge to them.

I am afraid children will never experience darkness. I am worried about children who only encounter life that is easy and happy and smooth. I am pessimistic about thinking about how would they ever survive the brutality of the hereafter? Hardships are there ahead of us in the farther place. Problems in our lives prepare us for the battle of tomorrow.

There beyond the sun during dawn, thorns hurt so many people of various roots and stories. But we only have one destination—survival, if one could ever get that. But I don't mean about physically surviving or earthly surviving. I mean about being understanding of things and being intuitive all the time. But when things get worse, dash to your comfort spot, open your book, ready your pen, and convert your ideas and feelings into literature. And most of all, talk to Someone to whom you are offering your prayers; it is the best thing to do.

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