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The Light in Loss


The Light in Loss

There is nothing more inevitable and certain than death. And yet the death of a loved one always surprises us. Sadness, rage, despair! Overwhelmed by emotions ,and not being able to understand the reasons behind loss. But it isn't death that hurts us most; it's letting go. Letting go of simple words such as "Hello " and " Goodbye ", letting go of the many moments you wished you didn't take for granted.

Loss is a reminder to everyone. Loss is a reminder to those delighted in the solitude they have created for themselves. For it is loss that turns the delight of isolation into regret. Loss is a reminder for those with a sociable spirit. Deeds remain; people don't.

Loss is also a reminder that life is worth living because God sees it worth living.The heart hurts because God willed that pain for you and it’s beautiful. Not that many people understand the value of a broken heart. God strokes that beautiful scar in your life for you to get close to Him. It’s like a signature God leaves saying “with love”. Sometimes things don’t make sense in life and maybe they never will . Sometimes your face is too close to see a beautiful painting and so all you see is pixels of color. You need to step back and years might have to pass to finally see the bigger picture. Have enough patience to trust the end result.

When you lose someone dear to your heart I would recommend asking the Lord of the Heavens and Earth to help you see the beauty in your life and to appreciate things around you. You woke up this morning because God willed your soul to come back inside your body. He still wants you to fulfill your role in this world so never give up. There are thousands of people 6 feet under looking at me and you right now wishing they were given the opportunity to come back and say one more word in God's remembrance.

God has been so good to all of us, unspeakably good. Just ask for His glory to shine in your life even more and for things to make sense.


Lisa on January 01, 2014:

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Touching...there's a bright side to loss

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