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Pandemic Fatigue Is Real, And It's Long Since Here

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You Get To The Point Where It's Just Too Much Pandemic Talk

I've gotten to the point where I have, like many others, had far more than enough of anything to do with the pandemic. I'm tired of the word 'lockdown,' the countless theories (both inaccurate and not) about the vaccines that are currently in circulation, and the way people pile on each other for living their lives in the best way they can right now.

We are in the midst of a whole lot of pandemic fatigue, no matter where you turn. People are more irritable, more stressed, and it's truly taken a toll. I'm not just talking about frontline workers, though; it seems to hit a lot of fields and a whole lot of different age groups in addition to the frontline workers who are starting to feel like, as a nursing friend who works in long term care pointed out, the walking dead. We who also have children regardless of age are seeing our energy levels fall because we're trying to keep them moving forward with school, with their activities - however they might look right now - and with this thing called life.

All of it feels like a bit too much right now, and it's draining.

For instance, you might choose to go to the gym, out with a friend, or whatever and observe all health protocols but if you make mention of that, someone might immediately sound as though they're attacking you because they're not comfortable with what you chose to do. I have a very hard time when people with different personal contexts and lives give others a hard time for the choices they make when it technically does them no harm. It only ramps up your personal stress level as well as that of the person you're piling on.

In Ontario, at least, there's question about whether there will be yet another lockdown in areas outside of the GTA, in addition to the potential for another lockdown in the GTA. Will schools stay open? Will they not stay open? The indecision is stressful for parents like me, whose children are old enough to not require daycare, because my children don't enjoy online learning in the slightest. They do it, and they enjoy their teachers, but trying to stay motivated to do their schoolwork online for an indeterminate amount of time when they truly want to be in a classroom is hard on them. If my kids were of an age to require daycare, it would cause even more stress.

Of other concern is when I will be eligible for a vaccine in Ontario. I'm a high school teacher who's under 50 years old, with no pre-existing health conditions, and the date for which I might be eligible for the vaccine keeps shifting. I am someone for whom planning is paramount for most of my days, between juggling my schedule and that of my two kids, so trying to plan a particular day or time at which I can actually go get this vaccine is a challenge.

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I hate the multiple changes to the rules, the policies, and the haphazard ways in which they appear to be applied. I don't care about continuing the mask wearing - that really doesn't bother me, all told - but there are so many other bits of changing information that seem to change so rapidly even now that it's frustrating. There's a sense that you can't keep up with the sheer inundation of information, and while I understand that science changes very quickly, it is still very frustrating.

Ontario premier also keeps threatening yet another lockdown, saying he's watching the numbers "like a hawk," according to CTV News. Well, a few weeks ago, he was threatening to come after businesses not following public health mandates like an 800-pound gorilla, so I wonder now how many other animals he has left in the menagerie.

I'm at the point where while it would really make me angry to see another lockdown, it needs to either be done or not. While I know resources are tight for many departments like law enforcement or whatever, if you need to put checkpoints in place to prevent those in a grey zone from coming to a red zone and potentially spreading the virus. Choke the thing out in the regions that are problematic by actually mandating people stay in their zone and punishing them if they don't unless they're travelling to go to their place of work.

Let's have people start worrying about their own pandemic lives instead of what others might be doing if they know others are following the guidelines when they're out and engaging in activities.

I don't know what the solution ultimately is for this pandemic fatigue, but I do highly suspect that it would be greatly improved with effective governance and with support of one another instead of tearing each other down.

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