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Paid To Save Your Life

After being fully vaccinated, how long will we be protected.


Some African-Americans are reluctant to get vaccinated because of trust. After all, it was developed too quickly. The reason, it was developed at a rapid speed, was to find a vaccine to end the Coronavirus and save lives.

African-American Distrust

When the coronavirus came to the United States, more Blacks died faster than whites. The reason was because of more chronic illness, crowded areas, and areas of poverty. Some African-Americans have a right not to trust the governments in their communities because of what happened in 1932-1972.

The Tuskegee Experiments

In 1932-1972, Africans-Americans with Syphilis were treated worse than animals. Those who had syphilis was tricked into believing they were getting free treatment for bad blood, but there was no gave treatment given. African-American was never told about the risk they were taking. They were used as guinea pigs, for a disease they already had a treatment for.

African-Americans have a right to distrust the system for what took place in the Tuskegee experiments.

Some believe the coronavirus is something that the world will have to live with because Covid-19 is here to stay. While others believe the world will bounce back to normalcy without vaccines. What if there were no Vaccines? If there were no vaccines, life wouldn't as good as it is today. Today, people are Safer than they were a year ago. 609,797 plus people died and millions affected by the coronavirus.

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Not all African Americans are refusing to be vaccinated, thousands are pulling up their sleeves to be vaccinated. The vaccines were developed for all Americans, Not for whites only.

Should people be paid to be vaccinated? We all know that offering people gifts and prides is a way to get more Blacks vaccinated. Every race need to what color they are should be eager to rush and get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families. No one should be paid, for doing what is required of them to do to stop the Coronavirus from spreading and taking lives.

Black Americans have been abused for years by a government system they don't trust, they have a right to be hesitant because of experiences.

The Coronavirus vaccine is an important tool that was developed quickly developed, but it has saved the lives of millions, with the count still going down.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on June 29, 2021:

African Americas have every right to Trust the system because of how they

was treated. African-Americans are susceptible about being vaccinated because of pass experiences. Black people was used as guinea pigs for medical research.

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