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Pprom ( Preterm Premature Rupture of Membrane) at 22 Weeks of Pregnancy

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What is PPROM

Preterm Premature Rupture of Membrane is pregnancy complication in which the sac surrounding your baby breaks before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Once the sac breaks, you have an increased risk of infection and have a higher chance of having your baby born early.


The day I had PPROM

On 7th Dec 2019 , I had to go to the doctor as i had bleeding the previous night. The doctor did a quick scan and informed me that my membrane has ruptured and there is only 3mm fluid left, which was suppose to b 18mm. She wrote a letter to go to the government hospital as in U.A.E. such critical cases are only treated by govt. hospitals. So I went to the Al Qassimi hospital Sharjah.

In that hospital they took me to the emergency department and did a quick check and informed me that there is no fluid left and baby will not be able to survive any more. It will be kind of abortion. As the baby's heart was working they could not give me any treatment to deliver the baby. Its a rule in U.A.E. that unless the heart is working they don't remove the baby. The had to wait till the heart beat stops. So they admitted me.

Hospital stay till delivery

I was in hospital for 7 days from 7th Dec to 13th Dec. During that stay I was in complete observation. Nurses used to come and check the heart beats of baby regularly. Even though there was no fluid inside but then also baby was alive for almost 6 days. Then I had contractions on 11th and then on giving pain killer the pain got vanished . During these 6 days i had bleeding and then on 12th Dec I delivered an unalive baby.

My health condition till 22 weeks

I had spotting issue right from the beginning. Doctor was giving me duphaston for support, but then too I had to visit hospital almost every week due to frequent spotting . In my 1st detailed scan (14th week) everything seemed normal. So doctor was in impression that everything will settle after 1st trimester. But the spotting continued. In my 2nd detailed scan which is called anomaly, everything seemed ok, but water content was little bit less. So doctor prescribed me some medicines to increase the fluid level.

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Then still the bleeding was not stopping completely so I went to the doctor on my 21st week and that time when doctor scanned she was surprised to see that I am having contractions which I was not feeling at all.

Then Doctor suggested me complete bed rest.

Get Alert when:

  • Your water level goes low, don't take it lightly
  • You have bleeding after your 1st trimester

Reason for PPROM according to the doctors are:

  • Chromosomal Abnormality
  • Uterine infection


This article is to help someone who is going through this kind of situation. Any question and suggestion related to this topic is most welcomed.

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