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Pandemic 2021- a Mental Mess

I am a teenage amateur writer. Just trying to make my way through random things that keep me busy and away from my anxiety

The pandemic has us all trembling with worry in our heart. For some, it's an extremely delicate subject for those who lost their cherished ones to this ailment, while for some this has been nothing but a psychological and emotional mess. Staying at home, feeling continually helpless about the ongoing situation. For some the lockdown caused them to lose their businesses, bread and butter, while some absurd young people are still ready to meander around the lanes for party nights. It might be a regular threat in all our lives and we must be prepared to survive and sustain in this plight.

1.Listening to or creating music

Well, it might really do more than you can imagine. For especially someone who loves music, creating and composing music can be a tedious but exciting process that might keep you engaged. A lot of patients dealing with depression, stress and anxiety see music as therapy. The psychological effects of music are broad-encompassing and vigorous.

Just put on your favourite pop song and try ambling along with the beats, it can help to distract your mind from irrelevant anxieties that muddle your head.

2. Exercising

By exercising or working out I don't mean you should take up dumbbells and start building your muscles. What I simply mean is the requirement for you to do simple exercises that can cause you to sweat a bit. What I want to tell you is just that try it, it will surely make you feel much better than you did before. Exercising regularly leads to the release of feel-good endorphins. Decide a schedule for yourself and try to fit in exercise; as an extremely important thing. You should do it first thing in the morning.

3. Writing

It sounds dull right but, try it so you can accept it works, Writing what you are feeling like might be of tremendous help to you. You can check what you wrote in the past and also understand how your thoughts change with time. You might become capable of understanding yourself and your concerns much better than before. You might even want to share it with people with whom you are comfortable sharing it.

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Other tips :

  • A change of atmosphere - Something I would like to suggest you should do is try to change your surrounding constantly like if you are sitting in your drawing room alone for a long try to surround yourself with people and vice versa. Something like this works for me, especially when I am anxious I tend to talk a lot to my family members.
  • You can also start learning something new such as ASL(American sign language), finger sign language or something else that suits your interest.
  • Playing instruments and diverting your attention into learning music and improving can keep you away from your anxiety. I basically just mean that; try to stay engaged in doing something constantly so that your mind does wander around unnecessary thoughts.

Understanding What Works for You

People can have their own methods to deal with anxiety and depression. Some might be comfortable handling it themselves while some decide to undertake medication and therapy and that's thoroughly fine. Just know that when you are feeling vulnerable, reach out to someone who can hear you out or try one of the above methods. And if you have this impression that I am the only one who overthinks a lot or I am the mere person dealing with such emotions that are burdensome to handle, you are not alone; we are all in this together.

And I presume we can get through this if we try to be mindful and figure out what we genuinely require. Explore and try to find out what helps you feel better, try not to hurt others’ emotions and care about your own self too. Take care of yourself from this malady and if you have recovered, please cherish your mental and visceral health.


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ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on May 26, 2021:

hey! let me know if you are reading this. Have a great day ahead.

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