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Top 5 Benefits of P90X Yoga

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If you are not familiar with the P90X exercise program it is basically a very extreme physical workout program that combines cardio workouts, weight and resistance training, stretching routines, and a 90 minute "killer" yoga routine that seems to last forever. I first started P90X almost two years ago, after my son challenged me to get back into shape after retiring from the U.S. Air Force. After a little bit of scoffing and resistance I decided to give it a shot and have had no regrets ever since.

I have to admit that when I first saw that yoga was part of this very intense home exercise program my initial reaction was there was no way in the world I would even try to get into any of those contortionist like positions. However, with a little bit of practice and pushing (or more like hounding) from my son I actually started to enjoy the yoga portion of P90X. A lot of my enjoyment I believe comes from the benefits I have personally witnessed. Please allow me to share with you my top 5 benefits of doing yoga P90X style.

#5: Yoga has helped improve my posture. Standing tall and feeling good is now my mantra as I have noticed that I don't stoop as much anymore. One of the yoga exercises in P90X is called the mountain pose and it emphasizes the importance of distributing your body weight in combination with proper breathing techniques. I actually find myself consciously thinking about the mountain pose position as I scurry through my daily activities. Now that's P90X yoga inspiration at its best!

#4: Yoga has increased my flexibility. Recently I was playing basketball with my buddies and noticed I was able to get to rebounds that I would not normally have a chance in heck to get to. Surely it wasn't because of my intimidating 5 foot 8 inches of height or my awesome ten inch vertical leap. I know I can proudly attribute this rebounding phenomenon to the increased flexibility I've gained from my P90X yoga experience.

#3: You will lose weight. I have lost weight and those hard to get rid of "love handles" are disappearing. Sure I agree that "love handles" are nice to have, especially during those special cuddling moments, but let's admit it you would rather not have them if you can help it. According to the website: yoga can burn off up to 150 calories during a one hour workout and yoga helps aid with digestion along with toning up abdominal fat.

#2: I am more relaxed and less nervous. Nervousness can sometimes be defined as the hopeless feeling of vulnerability or the fear of standing out. Yoga, in my opinion, is the perfect solution, for overcoming those feelings of nervousness. I especially like the breathing and body balancing techniques that the P90X workout immerses you in. As Tony Horton, P90X exercise guru says, "It's like an internal massage of your nervous system."

#1: Lastly, my number one top benefit for doing P90X yoga is that I actually sleep better at night. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and insomnia and currently still sleep every night with a continuous positive airway pressure machine or CPAP. Although the CPAP machine is wonderful, I feel that doing P90X yoga allows me to get the days clutter out of my mind as I settle in for the night. I particularly like the corpse pose, happy baby and Umm exercises towards the end of the workout.

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Well there you have it my top 5 personal benefits of doing P90X yoga. I encourage each and everyone of you to expand your mind and escape from the rigors of the world and incorporate yoga in your life. The more you do yoga, just like anything else, the better you will get and I promise the more you will reap the benefits.

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Marlene Bertrand from USA on August 30, 2012:

I have been considering incorporating yoga into my daily workout. The benefits make it completely worthwhile. I like the video, because it gives a pretty good idea of what is to be expected. I can do that! Great hub on the subject of the P90X Yoga program.

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