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Overcoming Your Biggest Fear

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Everyone Can Relate

Experiencing fear is something everyone can relate to, even if they don't admit it. Some of the most confident people you know were all afraid to do something at one point, or another. A great manager, or leader got to where they are today only by continuous learning, and perseverance. They learned what works, and what does not. They did not get to this place by succeeding every time. Sometimes they failed, and a good leader will have no problems in telling you that. They did not display perfection every time. Only now after they acquired years of experience, and still they will sometimes make mistakes. No one is perfect, and everyone has their own flaws. They also all have their own unique strengths. Have you ever noticed the difference in working under good management? Where everyone has mutual respect for each other, and come together with one common goal? Have you ever experienced the alternative? This difference is outstandingly apparent when you meet someone who has put the work in. They may have been uneasy at first, but after years of gaining experience they always seem very confident.


What is Healthy Fear?

In some cases, when we have fear, their is a justifiable reason for it. One example maybe; your friend enjoys speeding down the freeway on his motorcycle with no helmet. Obviously, this is not the best decision. It is your intuition telling you that you probably shouldn't be doing that. Every fear can be put into categories if you think about it. Is your fear reasonable, or not? Will the benefits to overcome it, out weigh the struggle?

What is Non-Healthy Fear?

Non-Healthy fear is when your fear, controls you. It continues to create a limited belief system, that you will never be able to accomplish your goals. The way 2020 has been going its completely understandable that we all have some level of anxiety. All though, don't let this stop you from going after your dreams, or goals. You can still do it even if you have to use a different approach.

Motivated by Fear, Will Smith

Do Not Worry about Other Peoples Opinions

Most of the time when your afraid to do something it has to do with a lack of self confidence, or you are overly concerned about the opinions of others. When dealing with your own confidence level you have to believe in yourself that you can do it. There is no other way around it.

When dealing with other peoples opinions you cannot take them too seriously. Everyone will have opinions, but it doesn't always mean that they are worth listening to. If you receive negativity from a person it can mean many different things. One important thing to remember is, if this person is a close family member, or friend they may base their opinion on your past. These people may care about you though they are going based on their own perspective, on what they've seen. It does not mean that they are correct, it only means that they cannot see it.

Some people will think immediately that you cannot accomplish a certain goal, simply because they lack the confidence to do it themselves. They can't see how its possible within their own life. So how can they see that it is possible for you? All that matters is what you believe.

Other times you will come across a person consumed by envy. This person will never be supportive, and is best left alone. They will never be happy. It doesn't make them any easier to deal with, but you should do your best to ignore them.

A lot of people give too much value to the opinions of others. Only you know the truth of what you are capable of if you put in the work.

New, and Unknown Territory

You do not know the outcome. You do not know what will happen. You do not know whether it will be a positive, or negative experience. The interesting thing about life is that it will always be a journey. Never at any point will you know the outcome of any given situation. No matter how much we love to try and predict things. No matter how badly we want to know. We can weigh out the options, and give it our best go. Just don't wait too long.


Working with Persistence

When it comes to working with a goal it is important to view it with an open perspective. Do not limit yourself with your beliefs, or those of others. If you have seen someone else who has already done it, that simply means its possible. If you have never known anyone else to accomplish it, congratulate yourself on an original idea. Know that if you see it as a worth while goal your opinion matters the most. You will always wonder if you do not try. So, give it your best, and give it your all.