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How to Use Biorhythms When Setting Intentions

Learning the Basics

Goal—and intention-setting—are learned skills. If you have never practiced setting intentions, now is always a good time to learn. Below are templates which can help you understand the process. This is a method known as SMART goal setting, which stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

This means that you write down specific strong desires, with steps to accomplishment and deadlines attached.

SMART Goals Infographic: These are the 5 checkpoints for goal setting. Following this outline ensures a high likelihood of reaching your goals.

SMART Goals Infographic: These are the 5 checkpoints for goal setting. Following this outline ensures a high likelihood of reaching your goals.

Biorhythms Matter

In this article, we look at how to set daily intentions, using a method that aligns with our body rhythms and primal patterns. This ensures maximum long term results, while endeavoring to keep our motivation and creativity levels high.

This is a concept we discovered intuitively over the last year: You must not try to set more than one intention every 24 hours, beginning at sunset. If you do, no intentions will get set properly, and most will probably become lost causes. Also, the lost time will feel like a frustrating waste, which may deter you from trying wholeheartedly to set further intentions. True intentions require you to feel passionate about them, otherwise they are merely vain wishes.

Each sunset, our minds and hearts have the potential to reset. This means that whatever we choose to think about throughout the evening, and things we "sleep on" become part of our makeup in a more immediate and conscious way.

Feed your heart good things in the evenings.

Goal Setting Worksheet

This pros and cons sheet will help you define why you want to set a goal, and whether it fits your actual ambitions at the moment.

This pros and cons sheet will help you define why you want to set a goal, and whether it fits your actual ambitions at the moment.

How to Begin

Brainstorm a list of areas in your life in which you want to see change. Focus on concrete and measurable areas such as projects, home improvements, travel hopes, and job or business changes.

Prioritize the list. Put the things you definitely want most toward the top.

You will focus on one category per day. As an intention for each item is set, you will then let it "rest", and choose another the coming day.

For each category, choose at least 10 heartfelt images that, taken together, passionately describe the change or goal you want. These images must meet certain qualifications. First, they must excite you. If you feel no positive rush when you focus on them, discard them and look for better images. Secondly, they must be accurate to what you actually want. Approximations usually aren't good enough. Remember that your heart does not discern the difference between real and not-real, or almost-accurate and accurate. It works in images and emotions, and an image is an image. So be as specific as possible. Don't settle for almost-right.

17 Seconds to Change Your Life

Hold a thought for just 17 seconds and The Law of Attraction kicks in. Hold a thought for 68 seconds and things move; manifestation has begun.

— Abraham Hicks

Embrace Your Emotions

Spend at least 17 seconds imagining each item as if it were completed and real. What does it look like? Feel like? Smell like? Remind you of? What does it make you want to do? What emotions are you feeling as you gaze at each image? Try to name, notice, feel, and own each emotion. Your Insides will begin to untangle as you work through this process.

Flip or scroll through your list at least once a day for 30+ days. Continuously remind yourself what is there, and allow yourself to daydream about how life will be when each of these items is done.

Add images as you find more which speak intensely to your ideals.

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Add more intentions and categories as you think of them.

Most of all, allow yourself to get excited, and dream!

9 Suggested Categories for Goal Setting

These are the 9 areas of life in which you should consider setting lofty goals. You can set mini-goals in all 9 areas, but can only focus on huge goals in one at a time.

These are the 9 areas of life in which you should consider setting lofty goals. You can set mini-goals in all 9 areas, but can only focus on huge goals in one at a time.

What About Ideas That are Only Sketched Out?

There are two ways of handling ideas which lack sufficient detail and development. One is to set them aside, and wait for them to reveal themselves. The other is to coax them into the open.

If you are a coaxer, here is how you can apply the 24-hour rule:

Unfinished Categories as Place Markers

You may drop in a few less developed categories or items near the end of a list (being no longer than 30 or 31 items). This will accomplish two things. One, it will keep the topic fresh to your consciousness as you daily peruse the list, allowing you to immediately add images that represent what you know about it. This may be only 2 or 3 images at first--but make sure they are solid.

Secondly, looking at these categories every day, even briefly, will reveal to you how much you truly cherish the idea. If there is ever uneasiness or catching of your spirit as you focus on the topic, set it aside. It may be that it doesn't belong in your life, or that you need to change certain details before you can own it. You'll come to know, as you grow and learn, what belongs, and what doesn't. Put your effort into those things of which you are certain, and let your subconscious mind sort out the rest.

If you become sure you love an idea, but it stays a bit out of reach, your heart and body will recognize your drive. Passion always wins. In this case, allow the category to stay, understanding that it is being held in readiness against the day you have grown enough to understand and embrace it.

In other words, unfinished categories may function as place markers, and be filled in later. You don't need to have everything figured out immediately, as long as the passion for the plan is present. It is true that 10+ strong images per concept bring clarity and stronger, more fertile results. But sometimes we need to watch an idea develop all the way from the seedling stage through fruition, in order to own it.

Cooperation From the Universe

Sufficient images, both in quantity and context, will tell the energy patterns around you and throughout the Universe how serious you are. In other words, your commitment to the curating of the perfect daily cues proves your passion and sincerity. This is the kind of faith that can move mountains.

When your commitment reaches a point where you know that you know that this plan will come to pass, other people may "automatically" get on board with it. I have witnessed situations where people began "spontaneously" doing jobs they needed to do to move a project forward, even if they didn't know about the project itself.

Your passion is the key which invites others in and spiritually asks them for their cooperation. Basically, the Universe responds passionately to your obvious passion, and gathers the resources for you.

Timing of Project Completions

What determines when an intention comes to pass? I can't exactly answer this question, as it depends a great deal on forces outside yourself. For example, the energy of other people's competing wants and intentions may be stronger at times. Or circumstances may slow you down. This is not always a bad thing, but may be a providential protection, meant to keep you from colliding with worse events.

I can tell you that the sooner you plant seeds of intention, and the longer you give these intentions to incubate and grow under careful cultivation, the better the chances are that they will come to pass quickly.

In other words, intentions only work if you do. No matter how long you focus your thoughts and faith on something, if it requires hands-on work or maintenance, it is unlikely to simply manifest in completed form. Being involved directly is necessary for your growth.

Our Conditions and Qualifications

In case you missed our intro before, we are an autistic DID System who have spent years exploring how trauma affects our ability to live our best life and act on our deepest needs. We have no official diagnosis, and no legal qualifications to offer advice or training on mental health conditions. Conversely, we have a decade of experience managing our Dissociative Identity Disorder, as well as about four years working to understand our autism.

Our Approach to Dream Boarding

Because fear is such a huge roadblock to stability and satisfaction, we have chosen to approach the topic of vision board development by exploring how it can be used to assist in healing and changing trauma patterns. We specifically use it to overcome fear and other trauma responses.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Joilene Rasmussen

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