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Our Life Is a Complete Circle

We are living in bad cycles of repeated vicious cycles of addiction and abuses, which means, our cycles are wrong and unhealthy..

Circle of Life emphasizes the circle of courage, a continuous path of spiritual fulfillment

It is, in fact, a continuous path of spiritual fulfillment

It is, in fact, a continuous path of spiritual fulfillment

Our constant wheel of life

The circle or the wheel of life provides a literal illustration, commencing from birth, our ways of survival, until the eventual death. The wheel of life also gives the notion concerning our lives, as they symbolize a circulatory path like a wheel prevailing with many philosophies of different religions. There are some specific circles or wheel of life, which are proved to be highly intricate to follow than others.

The WL- Wheel of life, emphasizes the circulatory path of bravery, courage, and audacity to engage in the perception and the consciousness of people as their attributes are displayed around a circle, and they interlock to comprehend what is the exact truth they should learn and follow. It performs like a teacher and remains as a Learning resource, integrating all our activities and units, summarizing every aspect and the flow of gaining knowledge and learning. From the central focal point, we can create technological activities cultivated around innovative ideas, by the use of Mindstorm activities with several different possibilities. The main purpose is to reinforce the understanding of the youth, concerning the Circle of Life within its four walls, like physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. There are many unfortunate youngsters, who are emotionally disturbed and distressed due to various traumas in life, and prevailing circumstances. They are analyzed as lost cases, by several competent and helpful professionals.

The concept of the circle of our life puts emphasis on our life that moves towards the everlasting and never-concluding expedition provided with the moral values of life. It is, in fact, a continuous path of spiritual fulfillment to help, gain knowledge, learn more to grow with a complete purity of affection and love. The Circle of Life's purpose is to “identify the non-food spaces in our lives, that we normally miss, and the ways to incorporate the additional pleasure and contentment in our lives.” The objective is to fill up the dots in every line to suggest how happy we remain in every area of our life, which is shown as a complete circle due to its endless loop. All the people are regularly born and also die constantly. In every circle, there is a spiritual component, but, the concept of the ending of certain existence, does not indicate the life has ended altogether.

Several religious leaders and philosophers agree that through a specific path in our life, another better life awaits. Therefore, when a person dies, they are not actually dead, however, they shift their journey to be reborn to commence and join another life circle. In the case of Buddhism, ignorance, hate, desire remains at the core of the complete circle, and every human being constantly tries to circumvent and evade them. The wheel of life of a Buddhist further indicates multiple half-circles of descending and ascending nature, suggesting that everyone is not able to prevail over life's challenges. The moment this happens, they try it again to join another circle of life with rebirth. This kind of approach and philosophy of “we are born again,” is not entirely included in every religious notion. Several people agree that they must fulfill every commitment in this material world before ascending to the spiritual world, where the material world is meaningless. Hence, they are reborn to fulfill all the desires and needs.

Logically, life begins here, but where does it end? I mean is it related to the circle of life? Surely, Death is the culmination. Passion can have different dimensions in various people. There is no age to the final destination. A person may continue breathing to his middle age and yet not live a life. He will live until he discovers passion and feels alive to taste the nectar of fulfillment.

Our materialistic gains and related achievements together with growth in our career paths can be misleading, by which we fail to understand the real philosophy of life. Shaping the dimensions of our property, reaching academic heights is not the only method to lead a fulfilled life, but it is frivolous and short-lived. These types of perceptions of people keep altering, while the parameters keep changing, in this material world.

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Basically, it remains as an awfully dynamic exemplary class to teach and reach, students, kids, and younger people, who always remain at a high risk of absorbing negative attributes in life, as a result, produce negative outcomes. We observe very often these children are caring, kind youngsters, primarily try to nurse and help each other. In the case they fail in their attempts, they form and corroborate their personal psychological defenses and barricades, with the intention to conceal their disappointment, weakness, professional disillusionment, and demoralization. They cultivate a defensive protection platform for their friends and colleagues, to avoid and encounter external forces.

They initiate communicating in abusive and negative language, articulating negative words, sentences, demonstrating the wrong propensity with their errant youth colleagues and others. They demonstrate this sort of tendency in the presence of older people, as they are misdirected by other youngsters. The predictability conflict occurs, which is instantly followed by their demanding retaliatory and disciplinary actions, considered as acute measures, not at all meant to offer instructive consequences.

However, they act as a hurtful counterattack against those children who were inflicted by an intensive professional and personal painful state upon them. The Circle of Life is for those children, who show an increasing understanding and greater willingness to get involved and engaged in their behavior change allowing intervention towards resistant kids to improve.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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