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Our Life Journey: Settling In

Joshua Hurtado has been driving for Uber Eats since August 2018. Joshua has also graduated with an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studie



Our first night was spent in the Red Roof Inn in Charleston, WV. It was not bad for a little motel. The furniture was decent and the place was clean. We were ready to be done with the day so, we ordered Jimmy Johns for dinner and through this experience we have discovered the "Unwich". If you were looking for your sandwich to just come in a tub without bread, or for the bread to simply be replaced by lettuce you would be disappointed. The "Unwich" indeed came without bread but, it also did not come in a tub. The bread was replaced with lettuce, simple enough right? No, on top of that the filling was probably about 90% lettuce. According to Miranda it was basically a head of lettuce with a piece of the meat the size of a quarter and has described it as "the most pitiful thing I ever saw". This was in addition to the mix-up over the order of pickle chips, which apparently meant "please just put the whole pickle in a napkin and send it to us" to whomever it was that prepared our order. It gave us plenty to laugh about at least.

The next morning we headed out to Morgantown. It would be about a two and a half to three hour drive, however it took us a bit longer because we made a stop or two. We probably listened to Country Roads at least five times on our way because we are just super cheesy. We quickly discovered that the roads here are in pretty poor condition and we were constantly reminded by the numerous crack and potholes. On the bright side, this state is beautiful! There are rolling hills everywhere, and we are usually more than 5-10 minuets away from a view. Fun fact, Morgantown is over 900 feet in elevation.


We have since settled into our apartment. Besides the kitchen, it is not a bad little place. Miranda hates the kitchen, and to be fair, it is rather small. There are only a couple cupboards and three cabinets aside form the storage underneath the oven. We just have to remind ourselves that this is temporary and we will not be staying here forever. Morgantown is a beautiful little city. The Monongahela River is just down the road and there is a nice trail which goes along it. There is even an amphitheater by the river. If you go downtown you may very likely run across the statue of Don Knots as well as his star in the sidewalk.

Another good thing for us is that there are a lot of people out here who use food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Instacart, and Door Dash. So, it has been pretty easy establishing an income. There are also a lot of law firms here. I have stopped by several of them asking if they were hiring and even had an interview with one of them, but so far no dice. I will definitely be keeping up on this though.


Debt Progress

Well, I have to admit that we used our credit card during our move. We ended up using it for the second hotel, as well as for the rental car. This put a balance of about $1,170 on it. We have been blessed to pay it off completely and as you can see from the picture above, we have cut it up. We have no further plans to use a credit card for anything. If we do anymore traveling we may just use Dollar car rental since they take debit cards. We have also made several payments on the car and the total remaining balance is: $21,146.94. I have realized that I way overpaid for this car (I rolled negative equity into, definitely not my brightest moment). We are also about half way through paying off our social security debt. An old debt also popped its head up, it was an old medical bill that Miranda had from several years ago. She paid them already, but I guess they had no records of it, the debt was small enough that we just decided to go ahead and pay them off.

There will definitely be more to come. Thank you for reading and I will see you next time!

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