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Organic Kratom Misconceptions Debunked!

from Pixabay

from Pixabay

Compared with other popular herbs, organic kratom is still relatively new in the United States. Therefore, it is understandable why many people may be apprehensive about the herb. However, that is no excuse to fall for myths. In this article, you can find kratom misconceptions dispelled, especially the ones bordering on the herb’s legality, safety, consumption, and composition. Hopefully, this will transform your views about kratom and reinforce your trust in it.


Kratom is an illegal substance in the United States like cocaine and heroin


This is false. The Federal Drug Administration has not outlawed the use of kratom in the United States. In fact, kratom can be legally possessed and consumed in over 40 states of the United States. In some states, you must be above 18 years old.

In the few states and handful of cities where kratom is illegal, the American Kratom Association is working actively to get government officials to overturn such legislation. The AKA’s advocacy has led to the establishment of Kratom Consumer Protection Acts in certain states like Georgia, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. As long as federal legislation is concerned, kratom is legal in the United States.


Kratom is deadly.


This is one of the most popular lines used by critics of the kratom herb, who cite instances of fatal incidents associated with kratom use. This is true to some extent, but the truth has been misconstrued. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention once stated in a report that kratom was the cause of the death of 91 of 27,000 people who unintentionally overdosed on a drug.

However, the report also shows that in 80% of the people who had kratom in their body system, evidence of a history of substance misuse was also found. Other substances present in their body included cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, tranquilizers, etc.

What does this mean? Kratom researchers have always warned about the risk of taking kratom with other drugs (even prescription ones). If you are taking kratom and you are on some form of prescription, it is safer to discuss with your physician before use. Otherwise, many people have reported using kratom with health benefits. Medical experts continue to advocate the safe use of kratom.

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Kratom is only sold in powder form


While the kratom powder is certainly the most common form of kratom that’s sold, it is certainly not the only form. Kratom is also sold in capsules, but these are basically kratom powder enclosed in gelatin shells, which dissolve once ingested.

But away from powder entirely, there are also kratom liquid tinctures. These are also called kratom extracts because they are made by extracting liquid from crushed kratom leaves. They even have a higher concentration of kratom alkaloids than the powder. Though, since only small quantities can be extracted at once, these are not popular.

Besides these, one can also consume kratom as tea or add it as a food ingredient while cooking. In fact, the earliest uses of kratom among the original Southeast Asian users include making tea from kratom. There are many innovative forms of kratom that you can explore. Even with kratom powder, there are many creative ways to apply it in order to make the experience fulfilling.


Kratom is not natural


First of all, kratom is a herb, so it is natural. In its organic form, kratom has been found to be safe. However, some suppliers, in a bid to make a quick profit, adulterate their kratom with unnatural substances. This includes even synthetic alkaloids.

Therefore, like every product in the world that has an original and a fake, kratom does too. The onus is on you, as a buyer to discern organic kratom from synthetic products. Mind you, because it is yet unclear how kratom interacts with other drugs, synthetic kratom products cannot be said to be completely safe.

To determine if a kratom product is organic, research the company and ensure that the kratom was cultivated naturally. Likewise, request a certificate of assessment as proof of lab testing to determine if any foreign chemicals have been added to the kratom product during processing.


Kratom advocates all over the country continue to battle these myths that are being peddled by critics of the herb. Kratom has a rich legacy and still continues to gain momentum in the country. To get accurate and full information on kratom, always consult credible studies and other reliable studies.


Daniel Moayanda from Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Nigeria on April 21, 2021:

Thanks for sharing this knowledge, Adedeji!

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