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10 Proven Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

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Oregano is an incredible herb found in every kitchen. In the kitchen, it is used as a spice, but in Ayurveda Oregano has been used as a medicine since ancient times. I remember when I had a lot of stomach ache in my childhood, Grandma used to give me Oregano oil to drink. Actually Oregano benefits are so much that it becomes difficult to count them in the fingers.

In this article, I have covered in detail about the Oregano in terms of its uses, health benefits, side-effects, nutrition values and other vital pieces of information.

Table of contents

  • What is Oregano? How to make Oregano oil?
  • What is Oregano oil Benefits?
  • Oregano oil Nutritional Value
  • How to use Oregano oil?
  • Oregano oil Side effects
Oregano herbs

Oregano herbs

What is Oregano? How to make Oregano oil?

Oregano plants are two to three feet high and the leaves are small in size with some thorns. The blossoms form white flowers on the branches, which, when ripened and dried, turn into Oregano grains. These grains are used in our homes as spices and also in medicines.

Oregano oil: The process of extracting oil from Oregano leaves is very easy. After drying its leaves, oil is extracted with the help of steam distillation process.

Nature: It is hot and dry in nature.

What is Oregano oil Benefits?

1. Destruction of the parasite

Oregano oil is anti bacterial which helps in eliminating the bacteria present inside and outside our body. It helps fight tapeworms, roundworms and other bacteria. These bacteria come in our body through the mouth. Apart from this, they also come on our skin. Oregano oil gives us protection from these bacteria.

2. Anti Biotic

With anti-biotic, we can avoid dangerous disease. To avoid the disease, we eat anti-biotic and eating it in excess will spoil our body rather than right. But do you know Oregano leaves can act like anti-biotic. They contain carvacrol and thymol - Carvacrol is a type of antioxidant, whereas Carvacrol is anti bacterial. Both of these help in fighting bacteria.

3. Anti Inflammatory

The leaves from which the Oregano oil is extracted have anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason Oregano oil helps in reducing the pain in arthritis. It is also a natural cure.

4. Rich in antioxidants

The biggest advantage of Oregano oil is its antioxidant content. It prevents diseases in old age. In addition, it keeps our immune system strong and helps in fighting against diseases.

5. Help in digestion

Eating Oregano oil increases the activity of enzymes in our body, so that our body gets all the necessary food in a short time. This helps in taking out the undigested food in the body. In addition, Oregano oil proves helpful when there is trouble digesting food in the stomach.

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6. Weight Loss

Carvacrol present in Oregano oil, which is anti bacterial, also helps in reducing weight. The fat cells in our body prevent them from being formed. Due to which the weight of our body does not increase.

7. Anti Viral Properties

Consuming Oregano oil helps in increasing the white blood cell in our body. It is present in our immune system which prevents disease. Therefore, due to increase in white blood cell, the body always stays away from diseases like viral, pox etc.

8. Help to make the intestines healthy

Oregano oil makes our intestines strong. And this is due to its anti parasitic. It helps eliminate the parasite present in the intestine.

9. Prevents allergies

Due to its anti allergy it protects us from any kind of allergy. It is a type of natural medicine. Taking Oregano oil also gives relief from inflammation in the throat due to allergies.

10. Benefits for cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular problems are a type of chronic inflammatory condition in which cells take longer than normal to recover. This can be due to many reasons, such as smoking, diabetes, and inflammation. Essential oil of oregano has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the risk of inflammation and heart disease. Additionally, it also has cardio protective properties, which can help keep the heart healthy.

Nutritional Value of Oregano oil

NutritionQuantity per 100 grams


265 kcal


9 gm


4.28 gm


68.92 gm


42.5 gm


4.09 gm


MineralsQuantity per 100 grams


1597 mg


270 mg


36.8 mg


148 mg


1260 mg


25 mg


2.69 mg


0.633 mg


4.99 mg


4.5 microgram


VitaminsQuantity per 100 grams

Vitamin C

2.3 mg


0.177 mg



Vitamin B-6

1.044 mg


4.64 mg


237 mg

Vitamin A,RAE

85 mg

Vitamin A, IU

1701 IU

Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol)

18.26 mg

Vitamin K

621.7 microgram


The nutrients mentioned above are about oregano leaves (dried).

LipidQuantity per 100 grams

Fatty acid total Saturated

1.551 gm

Fatty acid total Monosaturated

0.766 gm

Fatty acid total polyunsaturated

1.369 gm

After knowing the benefits and amounts of oregano nutrients, learn how to use oregano in the next part of the article.

How to use Oregano oil?

Before using Oregano oil, you need to know how to use it. Tell you that this oil is thick, so dilute it before skin, body or before eating.

It is important to take special care of one thing before mixing it in something else. The amount of oil should be reduced compared to the thing in which Oregano oil is mixed.

  • If you are using Oregano oil on the skin or hair, then mix it with olive oil. If you are adding one teaspoon of olive oil, then only add a few drops of Oregano oil to it.
  • If you are using Oregano oil in food, then add few drops of oil in 240 mL water. You should take special care of all these things before using Oregano oil.

Oregano oil side effects

Just as everything has its benefits, it also has its disadvantages. There are also some disadvantages of Oregano oil. Therefore, consuming everything in the right quantity provides its benefits.

You can get some information related to Oregano oil below.

1. Natural Anticoagulants

Celery oil dilutes the blood in your body and also prevents blood from accumulating. If Oregano oil is consumed in high quantity then blood flow in the body may be more, which is harmful for the body.

2. Trouble in digestion

Oregano oil is considered helpful in digestion. If this oil is consumed in more quantity then the activity of enzyme in the stomach will increase greatly, which can cause stomach upset.

3. Fear of Poisoning

When Oregano oil is eaten, it works to kill the parasite present in the body. After which these parasites extract poison from inside themselves. If a large amount of Oregano oil is taken, it will kill more parasites, which will cause more poisoning. And it can be dangerous for the body.

4. Oregano oil while pregnant

Oregano oil increases blood flow to the body. This bleeding can remove the layer that provides protection to the child. Consumption of oil increases blood flow which can harm the baby.

You should not worry about any of the above damage if you are consuming the right amount of Oregano oil. If you are taking any medicine, then consult your doctor before including oil in your diet.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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