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One year after I successfully quit smoking and how I did it.


On the 22nd December 2009 it is the one year anniversary of my quitting smoking having successfully completed Lela Bryan's Nicotine Solutions course. Over the time since I started the course to now I kept my followers updated on how I was doing and how the course worked. I wanted to show people how easy I was finding it, and how supportive Lela was throughout.

To this day I am eternally grateful to Lela who answered my desperate plea (left as a comment on one of her hubs) that explained how badly I wanted to stop smoking and how I hated the fact I was addicted to this dreadful substance and despised my repeated failure every time I had yet another attempt to give it up once and for all.


When Lela replied to my plea for help in quitting smoking she explained that she had been helping people to stop smoking since the early 1970s. Her course had a 90% success rate, yet didn't require drugs in any way shape or form, no patches, pills, inhalators, gum etc. You might guess that at first I was a little skeptical that this could apparently be so successful with no artificial aids, (especially as I had failed so many times even with the use of all those aids) but having exchanged further emails and then phonecalls with Lela I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a go, especially as she came across as so genuine and honest when I spoke to her. What I found even more incredible was that I didn't even require much in the way of willpower to be successful, just a willingness to follow the day to day tasks that the course instructed.

Now I am not going to go over what the course involved in great detail here as I have already covered this in my previous hubs on the subject, such as My Diary of Quitting Smoking with the Nicotine Solutions Course and Six Months After Stopping Smoking the Easy Way. The purpose of this hub is to update everyone and let them know that I am still smoke free one year on and I feel fantastic for it.

I have noticed I am far healthier all round. My skin looks younger, my energy levels have increased, my brain is sharper than ever, my hair looks shinier, I can definitely breathe easier and I seem to have a far better immune system with fewer chest infections, colds etc.

I have also noticed just how awful people smell when they come back from having been outside for a cigarette break. It really is quite horrible and I am mortified to think I used to smell like this all the time. I also have to admit to getting a tiny bit of satisfaction out of seeing smokers huddled up outside in the bitter cold and pouring rain, sucking on their fags as if their lives depended on it and coming back into the building afterwards, freezing cold, and all for the sake of a ciggie. Is it really bad to feel just a little smug? I don't know, but I can't help it. Every time I see someone in the queue in the shop in front of me buying a packet of cigarettes I think "that used to be me, but now I have more money in my purse and no need to panic every time I get below ten cigarettes in a packet".


So all I can say to anyone who sincerely wants to stop, quit, give up (or whatever you want to call it) the horrible habit of smoking, then I genuinely recommend the Nicotine Solutions Course, (linked to at the top of this article). Read my story in my previous hubs on the subject, then throw away your nicotine patches, your nicotine gum, your electronic cigarettes, your Nicorette inhalators, your Champix (Chantix), your Zyban etc, dispense with the services of your acupuncturist, throw away your Alan Carr book and get signed up with Lela Bryan, it was the best thing I ever did and I would love to see as many people as possible benefit from her wisdom and experience. It doesn't matter where you live in the world, Lela will call you weekly for a session, I am in Guernsey, Lela is in San Francisco and her other clients are spread out far and wide. This makes no difference and is not prohibitive in any way as Lela will adjust to your timezone.

Take the step now, you won't regret it, I certainly didn't and am a different person as a result. Even my own self confidence and self esteem have improved now that I have proven to myself what I can achieve if I apply myself.

Give yourself and your family the best Christmas present possible, a longer healthier and happier life, go smoke free the easy way, and before it is too late.


Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on August 25, 2012:

The habit itself and the hand to mouth actions etc are possibly the hardest part to break I have to agree. Once you get past that the rest is comparatively easy.

Michelle Dee from Charlotte, NC on August 25, 2012:

Just looking at these photos in this hubs makes me want to gag (I mean that as a compliment). It reminds me of how nasty they really were and I'm glad I don't have to mess with them anymore.

I was thinking today that the "habit" of handling cigarettes and having something to do with the hands was more addictive than the actual nicotine itself, at least for me. I believe for me it was more of a psychological battle versus a physical battle with nicotine.

Great hub and again congrats on your quit! Voted up.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 04, 2012:

Well done Bjt. I just hit the 3 years smoke free date so am really happy about it. Luckily (in some ways), my appetite has stabilized and I don't eat any more than I did before now, although at first I did, (which in my case was a good thing as I was way too thin).

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Bjt on January 04, 2012:

Your quit date is the same as mine. I quit Dec 22 2010 so I just past a year and I was one who really ENJOYED smoking. But now that I don't smoke I really enjoy NOT smoking. I eat like a pig but I'll take it!! Lol congrats!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on October 16, 2011:

I bet you are feeling better already visualize, I know I began to feel better within a few days. Keep up the good work, I am now nearly 3 years smoke free thanks to Nicotine Solutions and Lela Bryan (the founder) :)

visualize from United Kingdom on October 16, 2011:

Congratulations Misty, I quit over a month ago and am happy to say that I will never smoke again.

Great to see like minded people coming together to share their expereinces.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on May 28, 2011:

Well done Mr Cool, keep it up as it gets easier and easier as time goes on.

Mr COOL on May 27, 2011:


Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on March 20, 2011:

Very interesting and useful EPOC, thanks for posting the information here :)

EPOC on March 19, 2011:

In case anyone else was experiencing what i did:

Interesting but common advice was good and bad at the same time… Turns out it is endorphins. I was exercising too hard and the endorphin rush was triggering physical smoking withdrawal. I spent time with endocrinologist, cardiologist, etc. Evening out my hormones combined with lower exercise is starting to change this – interesting, huh?

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 30, 2011:

Thanks Steve, I am now 2 years smoke free, so I am feeling far healthier and have a great sense of personal achievement :)

Steve Andrews from Lisbon, Portugal on January 30, 2011:

Brilliant hub and achievement, Cindy! I quit way back in 1989 when I was in Scientology and have never been tempted to start again!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 04, 2010:

Well done gmann46, I shall be 2 years smoke free on 22nd December and it feels amazing. At last I can do normal basic exercise and not end up so out of breath that I feel physically sick.

gmann46 from Phx., Az. on November 03, 2010:

I will be going on 2 years "smoke free" this December and will be celebrating with my children for many years to come because of it. (:

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on September 13, 2010:

Hi EPOC, well it has been 2 years for me in December this year, and I have to say I am not missing it at all and it has got easier and easier. Sorry you seem to be having such a hard time of it right now, but I can't say I have experienced any "increase in need", so it hasn't been an issue. Perhaps you should contact Lela Bryan who devised 'Nicotine Solutions' and see if she can help you, (even as a reformed smoker), she is really good and what she did for me most certainly worked. My Hubby smokes when he has a beer, and most of my friends smoke, but even when they smoke in front of me I am not remotely tempted to have one, (and I never thought I would be able to do that I have to say).

EPOC on September 13, 2010:

UGGGH. I quit smoking 13 months ago next week. lately it has become near impossible! How have you tackled the increase in need? The first six months seemed challenging but manageable. The second 6 months torturous but got through it. This last month has been worse that all the others combined… man do i want a smoke!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on March 27, 2010:

Thanks Michael, I am now totally comfortable with being a non-smoker too, and cannot imagine ever holding a cigarette again.

Michael Shane from Gadsden, Alabama on March 26, 2010:

Interesting hub! Well done Misty!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 23, 2009:

Thanks for the great info gramsmith and really pleased you enjoyed the article too :)

gramsmith on December 22, 2009:

Hi Mistyhorizon2003,

Cigarette smoking is directly linked to 30% of all heart disease deaths in the United States each year."Smoking is responsible for about 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women, and is one of the most difficult cancers to treat.Smoking has some unpleasant cosmetic effects too. Smokers often suffer from bad breath, yellowing teeth and nails, and early wrinkles around the mouth.Smoking is always bad for health So you did great.Thanks for this great article........

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 21, 2009:

Hey Lela, so great to hear from you, and thanks so much for what you did for me. You turned me into a new woman, I shall never forget that. Keep up the excellent work :)

Lela Bryan on December 21, 2009:

Oh Misty!!

I am soooooooooooo proud of you. Thank you for letting people know about your experience! It means so much

and you were and are a great student!

Love, Lela Bryan

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 21, 2009:

Thanks Paradise, well if you want to be successful this time you know where to go now at least. I wish you the very best of luck and believe me, it feels great to finally put it behind you once and for all :)

Paradise7 from Upstate New York on December 21, 2009:

Good for you, Misty. My New Year's Resolution is going to be "quit smoking" (again) for 2010.

You deserve the most heart-felt congratulations for quitting. I know of nothing more addictive than cigarettes.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 21, 2009:

Thanks Bob, it truly is an amazing feeling and I feel far more confident of a long and healthy lifespan now. I am sorry you lost friends to this, it just seems so avoidable somehow. I hope other smokers read this for that reason.

Diogenes on December 21, 2009:

Many congratuations Misty for ditching the noxious weed. I have never smoked tobacco so can't comment on the addiction. One thing is for sure, non-smokers really dislike smokers and what appears to be their selfish behavior. It really is a killer, too, which has cost me two dear friends...Bob

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 21, 2009:

Hi Lorlie, I am really glad you found this too, and you are so going to love Lela as she is a true genius in terms of helping people to stop smoking. I reckon she saved my life long term as I was smoking loads and so depressed that I just kept failing everytime I tried a new way to stop. Tell her Cindy (mistyhorizon2003) from Guernsey/Hubpages sent you and that I love her to bits for what she has done for me :)

I wish you every success but I am sure you will be successful with Lela helping you.

Laurel Rogers from Bishop, Ca on December 21, 2009:

Me again...I signed up for the 'teleclass,' I believe it's called, so I am on my way.

Thanks so very much for leading me to this.

Laurel Rogers from Bishop, Ca on December 21, 2009:

Oh my God, mistyhorizon-I am in the throes of quitting smoking as I write this. Wow, I am so glad to see this hub. I live not too far from San Francisco, and plan to give Lela a call. Or at least an email!

I must quit within 2 weeks in order to have major surgery and must have 6 weeks tobacco free in order to have the operation. It is scheduled for February 24th.

Oh, I am so very pleased to hear of your success!


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