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One Thing We Are All Doing Which Is Hazardous to Our Health

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Work can harm your health in more ways than one.

First, we have the stress of commuting back to the office and the added rise of inflation — yet our pay packet doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Perhaps we are forced to always come into the office to ‘show face’ to our old-fashioned boss. I know how you feel — it’s also happened to me many times.

Do you think that’s harmful?

What about the one thing you and I are both doing so often we don’t even realise is harming our health?

A study by Simon Fraser & health sciences professors Scott Lear and Wei Li followed individuals for 11 years.

Fraser wanted to determine what happened when these individuals sat down and if that increased their risk of early death and cardiovascular disease.

Those who sat down the most and were the least active had the highest risk, 50 per cent. Conversely, those who sat down the most but were also highly active had a substantially lower chance of 17 per cent.

If you sit for more than 4 hours a day, replace 30 minutes with exercise. That will reduce your risk by about 2 per cent.

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We all have the opportunity now, without too many Covid restrictions, to increase our activity levels and reduce our chances of early death.

Focus on becoming more active and sitting down less for its practical, low-cost benefits. Taking a walk, for instance, is free, and so is getting outdoors at lunchtime for some fresh air. So be sure not to sit down — instead, take a long walk and look at the scenery (not your phone).

We could quickly fix the global problem of sitting down too much with a simple strategy. All we have to do is get the F*%* off our chairs!

I have found that a standing desk helps me keep my goal of standing up achievable and realistic.

Walking during your lunch break is also a great strategy.

Stay active, and don’t rush to sit down at the first opportunity — it’s doing you more harm than good.

Sitting down for long periods is one of the simplest things to correct — yet most of us forget.

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I'd love to know how active you are during the day.

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