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One Month In

Project ME

I took a couple weeks to live through getting taxes done, getting through a good chunk of books so my mother had a pile waiting for her, for the next snow or rainy day. Taking my two youngest nieces to the park on their day off from school.

Now, the last two weeks, I have joined my mother's exercise group.


I am popping in some right and wrong places. LOL

My knees. Oh no!!!

But, my shoulders, OH YEA!! I have always been told I carry my stress in my neck and shoulders. So the arm workouts have been amazing. Even on the days when I am resting, after the previous day's workout, my shoulders are pleasantly popping. Feels amazing.

Spoiling my dog by taking her to the park. She loves it. She makes laps around my car before I open the back door to let her in. Absorbing that happy look on her face. It makes for an amazing environment.

Physical Health

My triglycerides are much lower than they were in 2004. (1200. Doctor was surprised that I wasn't dead.)

Some French Canadians have a genetic disorder that can cause killer cholesterol levels in even the healthiest person. (Despite the fact that I want to remain no contact with my ex-husband. I emailed him, my son and my youngest daughter of this. At the time, my son had already had some issues that he is now working on. I just hope that my oldest daughter got this memo.) There is an article titled: "French Canadians have resilient arteries and researchers are not sure why," that may be a helpful read.

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Knowing that my paternal grandfather died of a stroke, and my maternal grandmother died of a heart attack after living through stomach cancer. Well, I think my physical and mental health is more important than keeping a part time job. Not saying that I am not going to remain open to the right opportunity. I still have the desire to better my community.

Despite being estranged from my children due to a military divorce, I do want them to have their chance in navigating their adult lives. Which is why I felt it was warranted in emailing them and their father of the possible linked battles that connect us in our fight against heart disease and stroke.

I recently had my eyes checked. I am happy to say that I currently HAVE NOT followed my father's path to an issue of cataracts. (Yes, like my dog has, but thankfully, I DO NOT.) Did you know that your eyes can show whether you are a smoker or non-smoker? I never smoked. Although, it appears that one eye got better, and one eye got worse. (Don't know how that happened?) But when both your parents wear glasses, guess anything can happen. Including dryness of the eyes, which I do also have.

When I go back to pick up my glasses I will have to ask about that medicine for dry eyes. Because they always seem to forget to give it to me.

So, everyone, PLEASE navigate your adult lives as healthy as possible.

If you don't think it's possible. FYI, my paternal grandmother turns 101 on Sunday.


Women Folk :-)

This is the last photo I had the opportunity to be in with my:(L to R) Aunt Martine, Aunt Monique, Grandma, my mother, and myself July 2014

This is the last photo I had the opportunity to be in with my:(L to R) Aunt Martine, Aunt Monique, Grandma, my mother, and myself July 2014

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