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Omnicore, Vegan or Vegetarian

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Vegan Health

Vegan Health

Delving into Animals and the Human Body

We, as a whole realize that people are omnivores. At the end of the day, people eat the two, plants and animals. Gee, ever contemplated what might befall animal habitats if everybody on the planet went vegetarian or vegan? Indeed, there is a distinction.

First off, it would be a drastic change that would possibly cause farmers to adjust to a new way of farming due to the needs of the market. Not to mention the food industry as well. Can you imagine? I don’t think I can.

Now, consequently, another change could be that regions of new land would become available due to worldwide vegetarianism if that was to happen because cow breeds alone account for 26 percent of the world’s non-icy land surfaces.

The Difference between a Vegan and Vegetarian

The Difference between a Vegan and Vegetarian

Vegans don't eat any animal products whatsoever. Then again, vegetarians don't eat animals, however, they may eat items that do originate from animals, for example, dairy and eggs. Individuals regularly pick these eating regimens in view of well-being concerns, strict limitations or genuine hesitations about hurting animals.

Both have grown exponentially over the years. However, one thing that is still confusing about the two for some people are the fact that they don't really know the difference between Veganism and vegetarianism -- especially since there are several variations of vegetarianism.

Most importantly, it would be an exceptional change that would conceivably make ranchers acclimate to another method of cultivating because of the requirements of the market. Also, the food business too. Would you be able to envision? I can't figure out if I can.

Strict vegans will also not deal with products of any kind that involves human using animals, directly or indirectly. Products like:

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  • Latex or leather goods
  • Wool or silk
  • Cosmetics brands that test using animals
  • Beeswax, candles, soaps and any products containing animal fats

The above is also true for some vegetarians, however, for some it's not such a big deal. Hence, the different types of vegetarianism.


Effects on Animals and Market Costs

Furthermore, there wouldn't be a very significant need to raise animals at an exceedingly high rate, that would nearly ensure a decrease in the animal populace... Goodness, me! — And shouldn't something be said about the vegetables, those exquisite hearty vegetables would doubtlessly cost significantly more due to market forces. I'm certain I won't be the only one learning the insider facts about extreme couponing.

Presently, thus, another change could be that areas of new land would open up because of overall vegetarianism if that somehow managed to happen on the grounds that cow breeds alone record for 26 percent of the world's non-frigid land surfaces.

Did you realize that the absolute GDP (Growth Development Bridge) is answerable for 1.4 percent of our total populace and that 1.3 billion of individuals' positions originated from the selling and creating of creature items? So despite the fact that a ton of land might be increased, many individuals would potentially lose their positions. We should consider that for a moment, does that even level out?

The View on Reducing Meat Consumption

The View on Reducing Meat Consumption

Moderation would be the key if everyone decided to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. I would think that it would not be extremely safe if anyone, let alone the world, tried to make such a drastic change overnight. Keep in mind that being vegetarian or vegan is healthy, like the fact that a person can lose weight and restore their health for the long term, thus leading to a healthier and happier life. One should also start by moderately reducing meat consumption by doing something like a meatless Monday. Meatless Monday, pretty much self-explanatory huh?

But, for the vegan lifestyle change you could try reading VB6 (vegan before 6), a book written by Mark Bittman. In the book “VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health… for Good” Mark explains how he was overweight and pre-diabetic and how he came to the decision to live a healthier lifestyle by becoming a vegan.

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