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Occupational Hazards as Related to Bloggers (or Authors)

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As an author and a one time medical student, the interaction and what I experienced make me write this



In the wake of advanced technology which has given birth to internet, many things have been changing and one of the things that is changing is the use of internet to publish books, which is called e-books. In publishing these e-books, the person would copy the link and make other adjustments to speak about what he has published.

As this increases, this has made people to call different people to “work from home”, many people, especially those that are living in the developed world have considered working from home “laziness”, because they have been brought up doing hard labor and because many of them cannot see someone who has worked from home and his life becomes changed. Thus, they do not support this, and if supported it would be partial.

While some other people who have been in support of this have thought working from home is easy and it is without health hazards, but to those who have been working from home, which often is related to the use of laptops, androids and internet, they know that it is a difficult work and there are health implications to this.

Some associated health implications of working from home especially being a blogger, an author or writer is what I want to share here.


Online Wikipedia defines occupational hazard as a hazard (a thing that can be dangerous or cause damage) that is experienced in the workplace.


There are different types of occupational hazards depending on the type of work each person is doing and they include among others the followings: chemical hazards, biological hazards (biohazards), psychosocial hazards, physical hazards.

Different countries have institutions managing and investigating into the hazards that people could face while discharging their duties. After carrying out their researches and studies they will submit it to the appropriate authorities to pass the needful laws that would enforce standards to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

These institutions look into the long- and short-term risks associated with the workplace environments. Short term may include physical injury while the long term may include heart diseases, cancers.

I will, however like to write on occupational hazards as related to authors, or bloggers.

Olusegun, working

Olusegun, working

Bloggers Occupational Hazards

It is no gain saying that in the recent time, working from home which blogging is one of them has taken the center stage in the world. in her documentation says, that workplace globally is changing because of 24-hour global economy, new technologies, the decline in heavy industries and the outcome of “job for life” culture. Therefore, it is not only women and children who are seeking for flexibility in their jobs now, even men are seeking for this. Despite all the associated benefits of working from home there are also hazards associated with this which is not related to the home hazards.

From the above I will like to write on the common hazards of bloggers (or writers) here, which I broadly put under physical and psychosocial.

Olusegun, back pain

Olusegun, back pain

A) Physical Hazard

Majority of the hazards associated with working from home are physical oriented which have put more demand on the use of analgesia globally.

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1. Myalgia: Pain in the muscles. This often times affect the muscles of the hands because they are the most employed for typing and or writing by authors. The more these are used the rate at which blood is supplied to the muscles will be low compared to the rate at which the veins to the muscles carry the deoxygenated blood away from those muscles and within a short while there would pain development in those muscles.

2. Vision Affected: One of my friends who operates an internet business years back says that sitting with the computer has affected his vision, because of the recurrent rays of light entering his pupils. Therefore he has to visit the clinic and was advised to buy eye glass that would be protecting his eyes from those rays of light.

3. Body Pain: Irrespective of what you use for typing your works as a blogger, you will sit down and or stand up. But while trying to maintain your position as you continue to browse and or send your messages, it will tell on your posture, which would eventually affect your body.

4. Back Pain: Sitting for longer hours to work, meeting up with the deadline of submitting an article or paper for some magazines and or for posting your work on the social media or internet has also been affecting the back bones of the body thence causing pain. Thus, it has been suggested repeatedly that people who sit down for longer hours should take time to stroll around for about thirty minutes a day to enhance blood flow to some parts of their bodies.

5. Restlessness: Many writers cannot say when the inspiration would come, and sometimes the inspiration comes when the writer is trying to take a nap, to rest from his or her days work and when such inspiration comes so that it won’t be missed the writer would quickly get up from where he is to put down what has been deposited into his heart. When this happens, some writer would not be able to sleep again. It is counsel by the medical personnel that humans should take adequate rest, for it is good for health.


B) Psychosocial Hazard

This kind of hazard affects writers because sometimes because of restricting ourselves to our rooms and offices we lose touch with what is happening outside because of this some people’s social life is nothing to write home about.

These are written as I have noticed the changes on my body and I know there are writers on this HubPages who may have experienced things severe then what I experienced as a blogger and writer.

Therefore, as a writer when we noticed some of these things and some changes taking place in our body systems, it may be calling for us to rest a while from what we are doing, to regain our health, because health is life, it is someone with sound health who can enjoy what he or she has labored for, it would be a wasted effort if we work and we do not reap out of the labor of our hands.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on July 25, 2020:

Jack Jenn I am elated that you find this helpful. Thanks for reading through sir.

Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on July 24, 2020:

Hi Olusegun,

At 76 I am experiencing all of the above and your advice of taking regular intervals of getting up and walking around the yard or even a short walk, it all helps. My wife has been telling me this for quite some time and I try to do it a few times during the time on the computer.

Good advice, even to the 'not so old'.



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