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Overcoming Low Self Esteem


Self esteem simply refers to one's confidence in his or herself, confidence in one's own worth, or one's overall sense of self-value. It has to do with one's self-confidence, self-acceptance and also one's sense of belonging. Self-esteem is so important that it plays so much role in one's life. How you see and accept yourself and your flaws, how you react to how others treats you.


Signs you have low self-esteem.

Signs you have low self-esteem.

There are a couple of behavior we posses without actually being aware of the fact that we are lacking in self-esteem. Low self-esteem has the tendency to affect one's emotions, one's patterns of behavior, one's personal life, one's thought and even one's wellness.

Here are some signs of low self-esteem.

1. Comparison: Low self-esteem can make one compare themselves with others. You begin to compare yourself to people you see on the internet or with your friends. This is one quick sign to know that you are suffering from low self-esteem.

2. Lack of self-confidence: This is when one begin to doubt his or her abilities. You tell yourself that you are not good enough for that job or opportunity.

3. A pessimistic behavior/negative self talk: Allowing negative talks from within you or from people get into you makes your level of self-esteem reduce.

4. The fear of failure: You don't want to fail, so you always feel scared of doing things or taking up opportunities that comes your way. But you should know that everyone goes through failure at certain points in their life. Instead you should from your failures to become a better individual.

5. Lack of healthy boundaries: Once you are unable to set healthy boundaries in your life, your level of self-esteem tends to be affected.

6. A people pleasing behavior: You always want people around you to be happy with you so you displease yourself so you could please others.

7. Lack of self control: This is when you don't no how to control yourself thereby you find it difficult getting your life in order.

8. Lack of self-value and self worth: You don't give yourself that value you are of. You let people talk to you as they like, you let people make you feel like you are not worthy enough.

9. No future goals: The inability to set future goals is one habit that can make one feel less worthy. That is, when you don't have goals in life, you don't have anything to push you going, thereby you don't feel good of yourself because you have not been able to achieve anything.

10. Difficulty in speaking out your mind: You fear so much voicing out when with friend, family or any public gatherings. You thereby prefer to remain silent.


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1. Anxiety.

2. Setting unrealistic goals

3. Abuse or Trauma.

4. Poor performance.

5. Unsupportive parents or care givers.

6. Bad influence from peer group or friends.

7. Depression.

8. Stressful life events.

9. Loneliness.


Low self-esteem can reduce one's functionality or the quality of one's personal life. The following are different ways low self-esteem affects a person.


1. Fear of taking bold steps or trying.

2. Accepting relationship problems.

3. Perfectionism.

4. Comparison of oneself.

5. Body shaming others/bullying.

6. Negative feelings.

7. Fear of rejection and judgement.

8. Development of self harming behaviors.


In order for you to overcome low self-esteem you have to learn to implement some important behaviors in your life, such as being mindful of things or situations, or people and also of yourself. This would help you in dealing with negative past influence, negativity from people and thereby making you know that no matter what happens, you still have a choice.


The following are ways whereby you can boost your self-esteem.

1. Develop the behavior of mindfulness: This has to do with you being aware of emotions and thereby reacting positively to these emotions.

2. Be more confident in yourself: Learn to be more confident in yourself and your abilities. Always let yourself know that you are a unique individual and you can do anything when you become confident in yourself and when you work towards your goals.

3. Practice mindful meditation: Meditation would help you better in thinking about possible and better ways to getting things done. When you meditate you tap in to your greatness and meditation also makes you feel better about yourself.

4. Live your life in the moment: Let go of those bad things or trauma that has happened to you in the past. Live your life in the moment, go out with friends, go out on vacation. Don't worry too much about the future. Always do things that make you feel great about yourself.

5. Be kind to yourself: Always know that you are not a failure because you couldn't achieve your goals at that time frame for that goal. Also set realistic goals, that way you get to achieve your goals faster and don't forget to always complement yourself on every goal achieved.

6. Avoid trying to bring others down: Don't try to make yourself feel good by making another person feel bad about themselves. This doesn't show you have self-esteem at all. Know that anyone who tries to bring others down simply shows that that person is being intimidated by the other person.

7. Learn to say NO: Say NO when things get uncomfortable for you. Let your happiness always come first. Therefore you need to set healthy boundaries in your life now.

8. Try out something new: Sometimes try doing things you have never done before. This would even help you discover other of your potentials

9. Accept your flaws and mistakes: Accept your flaws and make those flaws reflect how unique you are. Everyone has his or her flaws, so it's up to you to embrace those flaws of yours.

10. Engage in exercise: Exercising helps boost you health mentally, physically, socially and even emotionally. Exercising will help you look more beautiful inside and out, thereby making you feel good about yourself.

11. Acknowledge or always tap in to the things you are good at: Show out that your uniqueness, that gift God has blessed you with. Don't ever deem your own light yourself. If you're good at singing or anything else, push out that gift and abilities of yours.

12. Learn to forgive yourself: No matter what has happened to you in the past, try to forgive yourself. This would help you move forward in life. If you don't forgive yourself, you won't be able to give yourself that happiness you deserve, and you will always see yourself as a bad person.

13. Spend time with people who brings out the good in you: Be with people who supports you, people who wants you to become better in life.

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