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Now More Than Ever

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Touch Yourself

I encourage you not to get squeamish, this revolves around how you can ultimately manipulate your nervous system. Stay tuned I will tell you all about it. But I explain it a little in my latest YouTube video. About how to touch yourself during meditation/Yoga. It is just stretching, everyone does it, or should do it.

First of all, at this point in my life my emotional state is all over the place. I am having a harder time sticking to the plan I started with, as more time passes. But it only will get easier with each step I take. If you could relate, or can think back to a time where you were on the fence about anything you may be able to understand.

It is hard to explain but I also feel that it is actually extremely simple. I am just living my life, it does sound simple. But at the same time I am choosing to take small steps everyday to be better than I was before. I am going to try and explain this in a manner that does not make me look like a conceited asshole. I feel that most people with this mindset forget how other people view the world. They forget how it felt to be at the bottom, how to remain humble and kind and transform into an arrogant narcissists. I refuse to join that club.

So stay humble with me, and imagine a world full of peace. I just want people to get along. So since I quit my job I have been grinding, for lack of better words. I really do not enjoy the "hustle culture," but I would prefer them over "cancel culture.," anyway. So I have been hustling my ass off trying to make a better life for myself. I guess I decided to stop pretending, or a something clicked in my mind. I just feel compelled to live differently than I was. This time it appears I am actually making it happen. Of course because I told myself I was. It really becomes simple to just do things when you decide to do them. Like one step at a time is not that difficult, trying not to stress yourself out by obsessing over every little detail. Sometimes you just have to trust the universe (or God, or what have you), that everything will work out. I have done that a few times in these last couple of weeks. I can tell you that those moments spend NOT WORRYING and trusting the universe was not wasted time. However if I had sat around in anguish for hours, that would have started an entirely different string of events.

So this time around, if you are in the same head space that I am currently in, just remember this, everything will pay off in the end. Stay persistent, keep doing the things you do. I need to just keep doing the things I have been doing, they have worked thus far. So I just need to keep going. You just need to keep pressing forward if you want to reach a goal. Make small goals and it will feel better to mark the tasks off your list. I have to make small lists and celebrate small victories all throughout the day. Give that a try.

Whatever you do, do not give up. In whatever you may be doing, whatever path you are walking on. Stopping is ok for a little while, but turning around is not an option. For me to back track at all at this point would have to be a conscious decision to climb back into the gutter. This time it would be a bad decision, it would ruin my life to even think about stopping now. This is changing my life, I do not think I have ever reached this level of clarity... ever. I feel so much less worry, and almost no fear. At least not in the form it was in, stopping me in my tracks.


Getting To The Point...

I promise that everything I say is important. When you want to feel better emotionally. Just be gentle with yourself, touch yourself... anyway you need. I am talking about doing Yoga. I do Yoga everyday and it helps SO MUCH. I can't believe I never did it that much before.

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Put yourself in different positions and allow the muscles to be manipulated or stretched. It is ok, it feels good and you will have a lot less stress. If you have issues with emotional stress, why add physical stress on top of that? You wouldn't. Do what you can by ridding your body of the physical pain as you clear your mind and focus on breathing. You will feel a lot better and able to tackle more difficult tasks.

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