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Unvaccinated Ones -- Spoilers of a Collective Placebo Effect


Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Placebo Effect on a Big Scale

For starters, let's try to agree over the idea that the massiveness of the crowd cheering at those worldwide Santa Claus parades doesn't make good, old Santa any more real than if it were only a little self-deceiving group involved in it.

Let's also remember how there was a time in history when everybody was totally convinced that our planet was flat.

And then, maybe such examples of some wrong large scale convictions could serve for a parallel to be drawn with these vaccines being massively administered.

I am calling it a temporarily achieved boost in natural immunity by help of a conviction about promised level of safety with vaccines -- and many experts with some impressive credentials would readily agree with me.

It's called placebo effect.

It's that same effect after your doctor prescribes you a sugar pill while telling you that it's a "new, revolutionary drug" that will surely take care of your health issue". Its effectiveness goes even as far as to make a little incision on your skin fool you into belief that a successful operation has been done on you.

In his book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic", Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD is exposing the modern medical practices as loaded with medical crap bordering with some unethical aspects. That honest medico is stating that some unforgivable number of pharmaceuticals have no value at all, and are solely relying on the placebo effect.

Actually so much so, that the many of those expensive bottles should have in their instructions for use added: "To be taken with a mega-dose of trust".

Historically there have been countless examples of a mass hypnotism at work, where one or another in a garden variety of manipulators convinced the masses to even put their lives on line for their agendas.

Producers of vaccines knew from the very start that the "effectiveness" of their product will wear off together with the placebo effect that it's causing -- unless constantly kept reinforced with "boosters".

Those unvaccinated ones were to conveniently serve as an excuse for that "herd immunity" not being achieved -- even though by now the great majority have been vaccinated in the developed countries.

And even though it's no secret anymore that the vaccinated are as much spreaders as those unvaccinated -- the big lie persists, obviously to cover up the fact that vaccines, and masks, and lockdowns don't really work beyond our strong belief that they do.


In his book "You Are the Placebo" Dr. Joe Dispenza is using all scientific proofs verified through many medical case histories -- that our strong beliefs have the ability to either heal us, or to compromise our immune system to some serious extremes.

Actually, anybody who may have read that book will find this article merely an echo of it, as I am merely applying its medical truism on this case of vaccines.

Further reinforced by that book, my well assembled knowledge in matters of mass manipulation with fear, brainwashing, and gradual conditioning, found all evidence of just another round of the same crap going on.

Thus I am asserting:

If the same morbid publicity had ever been given to a yearly flu, along with all draconic restrictions and threats about losing a livelihood for refusing vaccination -- we would have had the same number of the sick and dead people worldwide.


No Flu, No Allergies, No Anxiety Attacks -- It's All COVID-19

Slowly but persistently the truth about false numbers is coming to the surface. Like the fact that hospitals are given $50,000 for each "case", and $75,000 for case where breathing difficulties are requiring an intervention. Can you sense a sweet temptation in administration of hospitals?

If those experts in psycho-neuro-immunology were listened to, instead of virologists, those difficulties with breathing would easily be explained in many cases as an innocent, though enervating, symptom of anxiety. Diaphragm and rib cage muscles doing the breathing just go into a little spasm because of an hyperactive sympathetic nervous system and adrenaline, the stress hormone -- and so people rush to the hospital scared shitless.

There they are handled like some zombies who just forgot how to die, and that even worsens their health issues, mostly those mental, but reflected on the body as well.

Now, is it really hard to figure how many people are anxious these days? Of course, not that every shortness of breath means an anxiety attack, but my point here being that hospitals are amassing some good money while diagnosing every sniff, every cough, allegedly even a broken leg as "related to COVID-19."

Something like flu, bronchitis, asthma, allergy, or common cold doesn't exist these days -- it's all branded as a COVID-19 case.

This dark propaganda has done a number on public health; but beside mercilessly weakening our natural immunity, it also intensified the effects of placebo, as those vaccinated folks got their natural immunity temporarely boosted up by their belief that "they are on a safe side now".


Turning into a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

Let's blame it all now on those unvaccinated. Why not? With so many already vaxxed, where is that "herd immunity"? Well, someone surely has to take the blame, and it can't be those good and obedient ones.

Actually people have no problem with adding just another hate to those already keeping their claws out. Namely, those Dems/Reps are already passionately blamed for "ruining the country" and for "not being patriotic at all".

And those religious fanatics are already killing the infidels who have brought all the evil to this world.

And those believing in the global warming have already screamed out their protests against the polluters.

So, why see it as anything new on top of the usual emotional pastime of the nation that just thrives on being pissed, while one target is just as good as another?

Those "anti-vaxxers" are not really "anti" vaccines -- just "anti" anybody that's forcing them to take it.

There is no science saying that they are the "only ones" prolonging this pandemic -- ever since it has become public that vaxxed folks are just as much spreaders as those not vaxxed. So nobody "else" is benefiting from vaccination, just those vaccinated.

Meaning that good old grandma can pick it from a vaccinated rest of the family just like from an unvaccinated one. Let us give good old grandma all love and attention that she may be starving for -- rather than expect from unvaccinated ones to take care of her longevity.

It's sadly widespread that those poor old souls are being neglected in those old folks homes, and their will to live, along with their immunity, is already lessened by loneliness and by an ambient of the ones "on the death row".

Yesterday I watched the World Health Organization delivering to the world the message that "vaccines can't stop the pandemic, but only a joint effort to keep good healthy habits will do".

According to many of those SILENCED experts, we have been out of the pandemic for quite a while already, and now it's only the politicized science which is keeping it going on.

Those behind the whole this medical racket actually are having a big problem with the unvaccinated folks. Not for those reasons which to many have been accepted as "obvious", but because they are still alive and well despite not getting vaccinated.

In other words, they are spoiling the placebo effect achieved by the propagation of vaccines. Look, after almost two years -- with this virus allegedly so rapidly spreading and deadly -- practically everybody must have been infected to one or another degree.

So, what can they show for all these masks, and lockdowns, and quarantenes, and distancing after almost two years?

Their only defensive weapon is blaming the unvaccinated, paying the media to keep reporting those fake numbers of the unvaccinated being "mostly" those in the hospitals.

Have you noticed how the tune has been slowly changing, including more and more of those vaccinated among the hospitalized -- never really explaining why they have to still wear a mask after "being fully protected".

And spoilers are still refusing to get vaccinated, being called all kind of names -- while eyes and ears are shut tightly to the fact that many of them are highly educated, even doctors and nurses, who "should" be more than anybody else aware of "benefits of the vaccines".


Something Good May Come Out of It -- After All

It has fromever been my philosophy that this world of ours is not lacking some radically beneficial ideas -- but it is lacking willingness of the masses to snap out of their brainwashing spell and move on.

It doesn't take any expertise to recognize that household truism of "stress being number one killer" in this new episode of massive succumbing to the pressures of the authorities.

In 2017 some 57 million people died worldwide -- being a sort of global mortality "norm". There was no pandemic in 2017. We might imagine similar numbers of those who would have died during this pandemic -- but regardless of it.

So, what do you think -- how many of those who would have died anyway have been pronounced "COVID-19 cases" -- with over 50 available millions to choose from ?

It's been said that survivability from COVID-19 is some 98%. Since politicians are clearly showing their lively interest in exploiting this virus -- what has been their role since the beginning of the pandemic in making those 98% something to be ignored?

Why was it necessary to bombard the people daily with new and new "cases"?

It was that holistic psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD, who said it, before being removed from the public eye, that "people are dying of fear, not of a virus".

Imagine the farce when one day soon -- after being terribly pressured by people refusing to work -- the authorities bluntly pronouncing that the pandemic has been downsized to an endemic, and it's time for "life as usual".

I can almost hear them as suddenly "having discovered effective drugs prescribable by your family doctor to keep you out of hospital".

And a farce it will be indeed, because all the enforced crap of the past two years will be proven as senseless with those drugs that we could have had long time ago, whether Ivermectin or anything of that sort.

All that pushing for vaccines will disappear overnight -- just because those "up there" suddenly realized that they are heading for an economic and political, and yes, career crush.

Placebos of vaccines will be replaced with a happy return to a normal life -- which will by itself boost the natural immunity enormously.

Only then, in a retrospect, people will have a chance to realize what was done to them -- and that just might lead to something good.

Could we call it something like a next baby step in consciousness evolution?

© 2021 Val Karas

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