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Not Caring and Feeling so Damn Happy!

Val isn't playing life coach by sharing some useful ideas gathered over 7 decades of life experience and hundreds of books on human nature.

Not caring gives a glow to our skin deep beauty.

Not caring gives a glow to our skin deep beauty.

I decided very early on, just to accept life unconditionally, I never expected it to do anything special for me, yet I seemed to accomplish more than I had ever hoped. Most of the time it just happened to me without my ever seeking it.

-- Audrey Hepburn

Dare to Imagine...

While the title of this article is describing me, let me pass this round of shameless bragging -- I can always catch up on it in some other article -- but here I want to go a little more general.

For that I have to ask a few rhetorical questions, starting with this one:

What would be really different if we all stopped believing in god, consequently stopped attending our respective holy buildings, reading our respective holy books -- and just the same continue with our lives without:

-- killing anyone; stealing anything; fooling around with our friend's wife; lying to anyone (except to the tax-man)...all in all, being good, this time "in our own name", not "in god's name"?

You see, I am assuming here that, with your genuinely good heart, you never really needed to be told not to do any of those deadly sins.

Are you still with me, or I scared you away with this terrible proposition of blasphemous turning your back to the Dude up there?

Well, that could be the first big step toward "not caring", as I am using the expression here.

So, as you can see, I started from very high and going downwards to the next high place with the next dude-in-charge of people's beliefs and moods -- none other but your beloved leader.

You know, the one who is representing millions of you, having one whole powerful machinery of some very suggestive public voices under his command.

Let me catch my breath after laughing at the very thought of that clown parading there with his fake importance. O.K., now I can continue.

So, another question for you, an eager student of happiness:

What would suddenly be missing in your life, if you absolutely stopped caring about the whole circus going on at that high ivory tower which you call government?

Are those pathetic clowns really so entertaining, without any monkeys, elephants, all usual circus props -- just monkeying around themselves with a ceaseless turning in circles and getting really nowhere to deserve an applause?

So much taxes you pay as admission fee for that poor performance?

Imagine a true sense of freedom -- not the one that they are granting you -- but freedom from not having anything to do with them!

So you just let them be, and let them entertain each other, knock themselves out with their drunken sense of power -- while you are merely minding your own happy life, after having started some new hobbies, let's say, ones that don't include booze and dope.

How did you do that happy detachment so successfully? So easy, just by not listening to the news anymore.

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No more of that shit, which never made you any happier, ever added to your paycheck, brought any better friends into your life, made your wife cook better, made your kids listen to you more, made your neighbor's dog stop crapping on your lawn.

None of that ever happened thanks to your caring about politics.

O.K., I am challenging you to prove me wrong, by asking, when "your" party with your favorite political careerist got in power last time -- maybe even currently is sitting his power-hungry ass on the throne -- what new markers of prosperity did you really experience?

O.K., I'll let you think, and in the meantime, I've got to move on to the next magical ingredient for a happy and carefree life.

Our health is to be discovered -- not by diagnosing but by a sheer will to live.

Our health is to be discovered -- not by diagnosing but by a sheer will to live.

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

-- Abraham Lincoln

Health Is So Easy -- When We Choose It That Way

How did some of you guess I was going to talk about the witch-doctors and their crazy liver-damaging potions passing as medicines? Are you psychics to have that smart premonition? Have you read so many of my satires to know all my villains?

No, I would say that you are already making that first step on your divine path of carefree happiness, and you are just intuiting that doctors must be on my schedule of useless clowns.

A question is in order again:

Are any of you, pilgrims of good life, aware how insanely powerful your mind-body is -- once that you yank your life out of claws of those witch-doctors and their professional guess-work?

Did you know that the screwups by medico-pharmaceutical establishment are one of the leading causes of fatalities? So, if a meteor doesn't land on your roof; or a drunk idiot doesn't hit you heads-on on a freeway; or a doped teen doesn't kill you for his drug money; or your mother-in-law doesn't give you a massive heart attack by constantly coming for dinner on Sunday -- it is your good doctor who just might do it to you.

Oops! -- he may say, maybe uttering words like "your dear husband-father-brother..." while all other good things about you will be said in eulogy.

Doctors are good in emergencies, all until they cause one.

But your own body is that medical magician that can outdo any doctor by preventing the need to see one.

All you have to do is trust it with a steady Mona Lisa smile on your face, going through life with that smile, greeting your every morning with that smile. Nothing in medicine beats a strong and happy spirit!

Imagine a life with just being healthy, nothing to fix!

No, I am kidding you not!

And I'll even give you this magic truth about health:

Keep celebrating life and just wait for your body to join the party! It will!

Be happy NO MATTER WHAT! Even give your mother-in-law that idiotic happy smile and make her think that she is welcome. And be happy on rainy days; and be happy while doing your tax return; and be happy in those situations when in the past you were always pissed!

More than sixteen years ago, my doctor told me: "Val, if all my patients were like you, I would go broke."

O.K. forgive this little bragging offense, but I just had to mention this example of what would happen if all people suddenly just decided to be damn happy without any reason -- which would make doctors pretty much obsolete.

We could still use them to patch us up after accidents, to deliver our babies, and to take care of mothers-in-law so that we hear less of those complaints.

Happiness is so good! You know, when you wake up and stretch in bed and you just don't care about the world which you know nothing about anyway.

And that pretty much announces the next happy step to be taken on this road of not caring.

Basically, world is an abstraction to us, unfathomable in its diversity and eternal dynamical change.

Basically, world is an abstraction to us, unfathomable in its diversity and eternal dynamical change.

You want to love unconditionally everything you do, or don't do it.

-- Nikki Sixx

What Do You Call "World"?


When you say, or even think this word -- what do you really mean?

How much you know about that world -- other than that horribly fragmented and selective bunch of narratives you hear on your daily news.

There are about 8 billion people on this planet, and you may hear only about a bunch -- what they are doing, saying, whatever. Imagine, billions of others are going to stay totally unknown to you for the rest of your life -- and you still somehow "care" about this "world" that you know basically nothing about.

And I don't mean roads and forests and meadows -- but the mankind that you so altruistically feel for.

So, as you are trying to be empathetic about his mankind -- who do you choose to empathize with? Those always miserable, who don't need you to remind them how miserable they are -- or those insanely happy, who will never invite you to join them?

Hey, buddy, I am guiding you to this inevitable facing the simple truth, tough as it may sound, that:

No one of those 8 billion humans out there gives a shit how happy or miserable you choose to be! No one can physically walk into your skull to press those happy buttons, while you refuse to use them yourself, maybe not even recognizing that you have them at all.

What an incredible personal renaissance starts the moment when we just decide to take it all in our own hands -- all this thing of not caring anymore!

Not caring...

Can you get in spirit of this magic of not caring? Just dropping all concerns, doing what you have done many times, much of it meaning mechanical living, a routine which doesn't require any thinking and supervising.

Life is so incredibly simple when we just decide to make it that way! Hey, "life" doesn't mean your life story, your biography, it's too damn confusing to live up to -- we have to invent mental material for future. The one that works better for us.

Say, know what -- not caring anymore. Taking care of business of living, but not caring.

The most important of everything, we have to find emotional equivalents for all those phrases about happiness that forever stay sterile unless we give them life.

Just like this article, which is but a bunch of such phrases.

They can't "inspire" you. They can do nothing for you -- you have to make some use of them. After reading this article, you may read a poignant story which will "inspire" you for crying.

So, it's ultimately always you inspiring yourself with anything in any way you choose. No one "makes" you happy, "makes" you anything at all.

Well, I choose to make these my last words of this post.

Make of it what you choose, my unknown friend.


Happiness Is a Choice

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