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No One Is Coming to Save You. This Life of Yours is 100% Your Responsibility!

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Too often, people fill their lives with excuses after excuses. They don’t realize they need to stop making excuses and take responsibility for their lives. Justifications are inevitable, but the rationalizations you offer when things don’t go your way will consume your entire life, and you will surely fail.

What is an excuse? Many use “Excuses, reasons, or explanations to justify their behavior and ignore their wrongdoing.” Why won’t thousands of unhappy and unfulfilled people stop making excuses and take full responsibility for their actions? People make excuses for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that they refuse to take full responsibility for their lives.

We’ve all made excuses in our lives. It’s best to take the time to separate yourself from the noise of life and start taking responsibility for your circumstances if you see yourself making excuses.

You cannot live out your full potential when you make excuses and refuse to take responsibility, which shows you are living a life of justifications and not accepting responsibility.


Don’t waste time trying to live in a fantasy world. Life is no fairy tale, and you must live in a reality in the actual world. It is essential to accept that terrible thing happen and authentic life’s vicious. Real-life is not all about happy endings, nor about heroes. Take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

As children, we let others save us; I can remember growing up allowing whoever was the better candidate to be my superhero to save me. When I felt my mom would keep me safe, she was the person I ran to protect me from my dad, anyone, or anything that made me feel unsafe. However, I realized that someone else could not care for me; my life is solely my responsibility.

My daddy was an individual I rarely ran to for safety. When the need occurred, I would run to him to save me from any of life’s challenges. I didn’t know my grandparents, but they are usually the people a child can run to when they can’t get their way with their parents.

I had many “friends” from all walks of life, so whenever a person was rude to me and attempted to push me around, one of them would protect me from the bullies. However, after not taking responsibility for my life, the terrible events were great eye-openers. The consequences forced me to realize that nobody could save me; my life was my own.


Most of my childhood involved trusting others to save me. The road to adulthood, therefore, began with disappointments from people I thought were close to me but ultimately let me down. One by one, they all drifted away to live their own lives. I learned the meaning of the quote, “You cannot trust anyone.”. When it’s important, you have to do it yourself. ― Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book.

Through this experience, I learned that the way I was walking through life was like stepping on landmines, and the people I was dealing with had borderline personality disorders. Considering this event, I have learned to not give my life over to others; no one can save me; my life is entirely my responsibility.

The disappointments of my adult life have helped me to realize I don’t need superheroes. Though each of us is born with superpowers that only we can discover and use. In retrospect, I realized that letting others decide my fate would destroy me.

Therefore, I intend to make a charge and take control of my life. To do that, I had to learn how to trust again. And that means setting appropriate boundaries with others and letting go of all ties to evil.


When you grow up, allowing others to influence your life (like I did), It's somewhat uncomfortable to admit — to yourself — the one thing in your life that holding you back is you. If there are things I want to do with my life, I realized that I must rise into a resilient woman who could stand firm on her own two feet — a person who desires to put a stop to troubling thoughts and break free of the worry habit.

As grownups, it’s up to us to choose the right path to our sense of emotional security and financial stability. Although it is reasonable to feel a little touch of insecurity when you first move out on your own in the world, you still hold a responsibility not to be your own worst enemy.

Just remember life doesn’t owe you anything, so don’t expect what you want and need to show up at your door. To get what you want out of life you must take full charge of your life and work hard for what you want and need and always remember that no one is coming to save you, your life is one hundred percent your responsibility.

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I learn that all my problems are merely a process that I have to deal with and I must admit there were times when I was the only one standing in the way of my dreams, goals, and success.

It wasn't easy for me to accept, but I was the main reason for my unhappiness, the problem why I was stuck in a rut. However, I am proud of myself for how much I was able to change my life for the best the last year because I had to realize nobody's coming to save me, my life is one hundred percent my responsibility.

Now that I'm on the right track no one will be coming into my life to jeopardize my chances of success — I will make sure of it. When you leave the saving of yourself to others, it’s like procrastination to the brink of disaster. Also, it's like you are stuck in a place without water with the possibility of dying of dehydration unless someone comes along and offers you a glass of water.


Assuming responsibility and being accountable for your actions is one hundred percent your responsibility, and there is no way to avoid accountability, it cannot be split in half.

When you take responsibility for your actions, you gain full control of your life. When you separate your responsibility, you will find different effects, but the one thing you will realize is no one is coming to save you, you are one hundred percent responsible for yourself.

Besides, happiness is achieved when a person accepts accountability for their lives. We have all heard the saying, “Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it. Things will arrive in your life that you have no control over, but how you respond to them determines the quality of life you live.


Furthermore, as soon as you understand you need to save yourself, you will start to feel a greater sense of control in your life. What you do with your life now and what you have done previously is entirely up to you.

You can decide to live the life you want, no matter how hard it gets. You must be determined to keep going even when everything inside is telling you to give up, but quitting will never get you anywhere.

No one will believe you can do it until you do, so, believe in yourself and don't stand in the way of your success. You have to process a great desire to achieve your dreams and goals.

People that love you like your parents can want your desire goals for you, but you’re the only one who can make them happen. In truth, you must travel the road alone, and on that journey, you’ll realize nobody is coming to save you from your troubles; your life is one hundred percent your responsibility.

Ms. Oprah Winfrey Quote


Oprah Winfrey on Taking Responsibility for Your Life | Oprah's Life Class | Oprah Winfrey Network

How to Take Responsibility for Your Life; When You Take Responsibility for Your Life, You Achieve Your Dreams

Make No ExcusesHow to Take Responsibility for Your LifeYou Matter & Your Thoughts Matter

Excuses for failure, excuses about your choices in life, excuses about what you feel you have accomplished—and what you have not fuel dysfunctional thinking—and consequently, undesirable actions and behaviors.

People who take complete responsibility for their lives experience joy and control of circumstances. They are able to make choices because they understand that they are responsible for their choices

Live every day as if what you do matters—because it does. Every choice you make; every action you take—matters. Your choices matter to you and create the life you live. Your choices matter at work, too. You choose the path of productivity and contribution or, you choose the path of a marginal employee.

Making excuses instead of taking one hundred percent responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and your goals are the hallmark of people who fail to succeed both in their professional lives and personal lives

The most important aspect of taking responsibility for your life is to acknowledge that your life is your responsibility. No one can live your life for you. You are in charge. No matter how hard you try to blame others for the events of your life, each event is the result of choices you made and are making

Every action you take affects organizational progress in one way or in another. You always make a difference. Let that difference move the world forward. You matter. And, your thoughts matter, too.

Part of the power of taking responsibility for your actions is that you silence the negative, unhelpful voice in your head. When you spend your thinking time on success and goal accomplishment, instead of on making excuses, you free up the emotional space formerly inhabited by negativity

Eliminate blame, eliminate excuses. If the blame track or the excuse track plays repeatedly in your mind, you are shifting responsibility for your decisions and life to others.

We become what we think about most.” Earl Nightingale’s apt summation of the power of your thoughts is one of the most significant statements ever made. Think about it. Your thoughts are always with you. And, they tend to play themselves over and over again in your head. They either support you to think about and take positive action or the opposite. Your thoughts either criticize or they support the accomplishment of your goals.

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Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on December 03, 2018:

Charity, thank you so much for your reply and sharing you enjoyed reading my article. I agree with your statement, "we are responsible for our own lives. Maybe excuses are just signs that people don't really know how to take responsibility."

charity mtisi from Johannesburg on December 02, 2018:

I enjoyed reading your article. It is true, we are responsible for our own lives. Maybe excuses are just signs that people don't really know how to take responsibility.

Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on July 21, 2017:

Yes, it is a blessing to take responsibility for our own actions, and allowing Jesus to lead us is taking on a responsibility, to me the most important responsibility. Thank you so much for your intelligent comment.

Patty Florence from Illinois on July 20, 2017:

Once again I read this article with an open mind. We had a bible school lesson about superheros. I was trying to make the analogy about superheros and bible heros. Well, believing that being saved by Jesus even when one thinks its a hopeless situation moved me. It's a blessing to take responsibility for our own actions, and especially when someone else appreciates our efforts. Thanks for that perspective.

Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on July 07, 2017:

Thank you CoffeeQueeen fro your comment, it is appreciated

Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on July 07, 2017:

DLayne, thank you for your comment. I agree with you what doesn't break you will make you strong. Thank you again for stopping by and your support.

Debbie Lawson from Cincinnati, OH on July 07, 2017:

With many family members and close friends gone now and with our world as it is today, I find this to be so very true. It does make a person stronger. Make us or break each of us, I guess. Survival of the fittest. Only the strong survive, etc.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on July 07, 2017:

Yes that's right, there are always challenges in life. Good read and interesting article. I do like Oprah Winfrey too.

Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on July 07, 2017:

Thank you, Angel, for your comment, and I agree with your life is a never ending challenge, but we have to be the one willing never to give up.

Angel Guzman from Joliet, Illinois on July 07, 2017:

Life is a never ending challenge. Good read Pam

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