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Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Tooth Ache Fast

Tooth ache pain can really be a serious condition. With any ailment our natural response is to find a solution to the problem. We all tend to suffer from a cavity at some point in our daily lives.

There are natural ways to stop the pain until you can get to a dentist. Today, my article will discuss some home remedies and cavity prevention tips to help you get rid of a nagging tooth ache.

''As'' a note my article is not a permanent solution to a tooth problem. You must see a dentist. I went to get a tooth remove and a cavity filled about two years ago.

It will end your pain. In the mean time let's look at some temporary solutions to a tooth ache.


Salt Water Solution

Salt Water solution is a temporary fix to a tooth ache. The properties found in salt will numb the pain and reduce bacteria from developing in your mouth. Try adding two to four tablespoons of salt to warm water. Use it to rinse your mouth every three to four hours. It should relieve your pain.

You can also apply salt directly into the cavity for even better results. Also, try a rice whine vinegar solution as well. Both remedies will help to prevent an infection.


If you are suffering from a severe tooth ache, try washing your mouth with Listerine twice daily. The moment the solution makes contact with a cavity your pain will disappear. Listerine tends to numb the gums and stop a nagging tooth ache right in it track's.

It is a good product to use to temporarily relieve tooth pain.

Chew Garlic

Garlic is a power natural herb that can help with tooth pain. It may be difficult to chew if your pain is pretty significant. You can also chop or minced your garlic before applying it to your tooth ache.

It will make the process a lot easier. Try using one clove.

Green Tea Bag

Another great way to get rid of a tooth ache is to heat a green tea bag and apply it to your cavity. Hold or bite down on the tea bag for a couple of minutes. Your pain should subside.

You can always repeat the process a few more times if the first time is not successful.

Use a Heating Pad

Try using a heating pad. It may help relieve pain from jar swelling. Make sure to try all the other solution as well to help destroy an infection such as salt water and rice whine vinegar remedy.

Bourbon soaked Cotton Balls

It is said that bourbon can relieve tooth pain. The product is not for children. Never give the beverage to your kids. ''If'' you're an adult apply the beverage to your tooth using cotton. Hold it on the cavity for three to five minutes. It is best to soak the cotton in the bourbon first.

It should provide a natural temporary relief to a nagging tooth ache.

Clove Oil

Adding a few drops of clove oil to your hurting tooth can relieve a tooth ache fast. It is best to not get the product on your sore gums because it can make the tooth ache pain worse.

It is worth giving the oil a try. Clove oil is all natural. It is used in holistic medicine. Try this simple and natural fix to a tooth ache problem.

Tooth Cavity Prevention and Tips

Use coconut oil daily to repair minor cavities. It can reverse tooth decay. The remedy works best if you add it as a daily routine. Swish the coconut oil in your mouth for twenty minutes before brushing your teeth with your regular toothpaste and mouthwash. You can buy it at your local grocery store.

Another great tooth ache prevention remedy is to buy a food grade hydro peroxide product. Peroxide can prevent infection and keep your teeth supper healthy.

It is a good product to use daily as well. Other natural tooth ache remedies include vanilla extract and peppermint tea bags. It can be bought at your local grocery store.

Peppermint has wonderful cooling properties. It can stop tooth pain immediately. Vanilla extract may seem odd but many have tried the remedy and have given it a passing grade. You can try it as well.

Let me know if these remedies were helpful in relieving your tooth ache. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


Lora Hollings on March 30, 2019:

These all sound like great temporary remedies to relieve a nagging toothache. I have heard of oil of cloves but not some of the other remedies in this article. Some of these natural remedies also are good at arresting the bacteria to prevent an infection from spreading. Thanks for your in-depth article on this topic which we have all experienced sometime or another and we can't get to a dentist quickly.

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