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Natural Treatments for Diabetes. Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar, as Well as Help for Hypoglycemia

I hold my degree in pharmacy, as well as a background, and training in the use of supplements.


Dr Becker On Alpha Lipoic Acid

Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels, As Well as help for Hypoglycemia

Diabetes is a disease in which the body either does not produce, or cannot properly produce enough pancreatic hormone insulin. Insulin controls the amount of glucose in the blood. Type 1 diabetes affects 5-10 percent of people with diabetes. It is an autoimmune disease, whereby the immune system attacks beta-cells in the pancreas. Usually, viral in nature. Olive leaf extract, because of its anti viral properties, might be of help in this type of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes affects 90-95 percent of diabetic people, whereby the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to fuel the cells. Usually, due to being overweight, or a bad diet. Consisting of too many refined carbohydrates, or too much sugar. Which, both cause a spike in insulin, with a crash to follow.

The symptoms of hyperglycemia, too much glucose, often include fatigue, profuse sweating, constant need to urinate, and extreme thirst. The symptoms of hypoglycemia, too little glucose, include fatigue, anxiety, weakness, blurred vision, and numbness of the lips. Hypoglycemia, usually occurs due to a reaction to too much insulin.

The following foods, and supplements are recommended to help stabilize blood sugar levels. As I suffer from hypoglycemia, I have tried many of them, and found them very useful. For hypoglycemia, I included fats, and proteins in my diet. They stay with you longer, and do not cause an insulin spike. Whereby, insulin levels raise sharply, only to plummet into a low, leaving you tired, listless, and searching for a sugar fix. The good fats, and protein are key in maintaining a healthy glucose level, and weight.

The following foods have been shown to help stabilize blood sugar. Berries, brewers yeast, cheese, egg yolks, fish, garlic, kelp, soybeans, and vegetables. Include in your diet complete foods in their natural state. Complex carbohydrates, whole grains, nuts, peanut butter, and seeds. I found that adding natural fats, such as avocados, and coconut oil helped to stabilize glucose levels. The omega fatty acids further helped. Recommended supplements include krill oil, and flax seed oil. These supplements contain all three essential fatty acids, 3,6, and 9, in a balanced formula. Fish oil is only an omega 3 fatty acid. Useful, but in other applications, such as brain health. Do not take fish oil containing PABA, it is known for raising insulin levels.

Other recommended Supplements include the following : Cycle Through The Following Until You Find Relief

Alpha-lipoic Acid, as directed on the label. It is a naturally occurring substance, mainly found in meat. Also in spinach, broccoli, and potatoes. Shown to lower glucose levels, do not take if you suffer from hypoglycemia.

CoQ10 up to 80mg a day. This supplement improves circulation, and blood sugar levels. Found in meat, peanuts, sardines, and spinach.

Vitamin B complex,5-10mg a day. Helps the metabolism of glucose. Is also a co factor to utilize essential fatty acids, necessary for stabilizing blood sugar.

Chromium picolinate 400-600 mcg. per day helps by improving insulins efficiency. Due to the over processing of our current food supply, many people are deficient in this micro nutrient. Found in whole grains, eggs, liver, chicken, and oysters.

Vitamin D3 up to 1000 iu daily. Many autoimmune diseases have been linked to a deficiency in this vital nutrient.

Cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon daily has been shown to lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Sprinkle on your morning oatmeal. A recommended supplement is Cinnulin PF in a dose of 125-250mg 2-3 times daily. I have used cinnamon as a way to Balance my sugar, as I have hypoglycemia.

Many complications of diabetes, and hypothyroidism are a result of clogged arteries. This prevents the blood from carrying off waste, and debri. Betaglucan might be of help with this. Betaglucan binds cholesterol, and removes it from the body. See my article on heart health.

Holistic Medicine is about balance. Nutrition, Exercise, filtered water, fresh air, and the right supplements will contribute to your return to health and wellness. Simply substituting whole grain pasta, eating less refined foods, will help. See my recipes for healthier choices.

The proceeding information was found in the following books:

Prescription for Nutritional Healing

Dr Beckers TV Program, and

From Fatigued to Fantastic, Dr Teitalbaum

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Vitamin health guides

My training as a pharmacy tech, and my own personal experience with the health issues of Lupus.

**** I am not a physician these are only suggestions, based on recent research. Consult a physician before starting any new health regimen***

Dr Oz Explains Pre-Diabetic

New Study Reveals The benefits of Curcumin for the Prediabetic

Published in Medline plus

National Institute of Health

Friday, July 27, 2012

By Amy Norton

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Supplements containing a compound in curry spice may help prevent diabetes in people at high risk, a small clinical trial suggests.

Researchers found that over nine months, a daily dose of curcumin seemed to prevent new cases of diabetes among people with so-called prediabetes - abnormally high blood sugar levels that may progress to full-blown type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity.

Curcumin is a compound in turmeric spice, and lab research has suggested it can fight inflammation and so-called oxidative damage to body cells. Those two processes are thought to feed a range of diseases, including type 2 diabetes.

The study, published in the journal Diabetes Care, included 240 Thai adults with prediabetes who were randomly assigned to take either curcumin capsules or a placebo (identical-looking capsules with no active ingredient).

After nine months, 19 of the 116 placebo patients had developed type 2 diabetes. That compared with none of the 119 patients taking curcumin.

New information in the Treatment of Diabetes

A new study that was just published and posted in August of 2012. States that activated vitamin D3, taken orally, significantly reduced blood glucose levels. You can safely take up to 5000IU daily. If you notice easy bruising, cut it down to say 3000 IU. This is a sign that the blood is too thin. Do not combine with coumadin(warfarin) as this may thin the blood too much.

ntroduction: Many studies support the role of vitamin D in the pathogenesis of both types of diabetes. Pancreatic tissues express the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and vitamin D-binding protein

Results: There was highly significant improvement in the concentrations of fetal bovine serum (FBS), serum insulin, HbA1c%, 25(OH) vitamin D, and HOMA-β-cell function in HCV seropositive and HCV seronegative groups after oral 1-alphacalcidiol therapy (p < 0.001). Positive correlation exists between the percentage increase in serum insulin and that in HOMA-β-cell function versus 25(OH) vitamin D (p < 0.021 and p < 0.027, respectively) in HCV negative group. Conclusion: 1-α-Hydroxy vitamin D oral therapy may improve glycemic control in HCV seropositive and HCV seronegative HD patients.

The study link Published August 2012 medline plus

My Regimen for Cancer, and Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. All that remains is a scar, that I proudly wear


My Lupus Story

I have utilized many of the supplements, and Protocol mentioned above, in the treatment of Lupus. An auto immune disease, that affects many systems, including joints, and blood sugar. I had low blood sugar, I used much of the protocol listed, including improving my diet. I contracted the condition 20 years ago, after an allergic reaction to Augmentin. Prescribed for a severe sore throat, three antibiotics in one pill.

Among the most effective for me was magnesium, D3, and flax seed oil. D3 acts as a hormone in the body, and regulates immune function. Magnesium to ease pain, and muscle spasms. D3 to calm the immune system. Flaxseed oil, to help regulate hormones, and clear brain fog. Olive leaf, and grapefruit seed extract, as an anti infective. Cycling through each, one month at a time. Do not take both, as it is too strong. Choose 1 for each month. Taken for as long as infection is present. I ran a low grade fever for two years. A sign of infection.

Juicing was also beneficial, with fresh fruits, and vegetables. Adding more protein with yogurt, nuts, and seeds. I have hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, eating more frequent meals, high in protein, helped to quell the lows.

There is no cure for Lupus, mine is currently in remission. I have experienced flares, when I don't take care of myself, but never as bad as the initial phase. I still maintain a basic supplement plan. A multi vitamin, no iron, D3, B12, and curcumin, as needed for pain. Sage tea if I have had a stressful day, very calming, helps with insomnia.

Gardening is an excellent source of Exercise. My morning glories, no they are not photo shopped

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My Daily Regimen, Since my Lupus is in remmission


My Daily Regimen, since my Lupus is in remission

Since contracting Lupus, I have utilized many of the supplements, and protocols mentioned in my articles. Start with a good foundation. A good multi vitamin, no iron, D3, B12, and an Omega 3 fatty acid. Choose either a gummy, capsule, liquid, or quick dissolve formula. Hard pressed pills, aren't utilized as effectively. Improve diet, exercise, drinking plenty of filtered water, and fresh air are a solid foundation to maintain, or improve health.

Music, Creativity, Art, and Aroma are also very healing. Creativity includes cooking. Trying new recipes, new Flavors, reading, aroma, rewarding the senses, and mind.

15 minutes a day of music, improves moods, and restores mental health. Most effective was Upbeat, and positive, as well as Jazz. Proven by science.

Add one supplement for a specific disease, or condition. If there is a reaction, discontinue use. The last supplement that was added, will be the culprit of the reaction. Always check for interactions, and side affects before starting any supplement, or therapy.

**** I am not a physician, this is only recommendations from holistic doctors. All have been used with good results. It is best to consult a pharmacist, or physician concerning your health.***

Always Check for interactions, and side effects before starting any supplement, or therapy

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2012 Sherrie Gill


Sherrie Gill (author) from Hobart, In on December 01, 2012:

thank you,I also blog about health issues, and share new information on holistic treatments, and supplements. They are just now realizing that holistic measures are very helpful in the treatment of disease. The information is just now surfacing, and been available to the general public within the last 10 years. I hope that I can help someone who is suffering.

carol stanley from Arizona on December 01, 2012:

Great hub as all of yours are. Lots of good information on so many topics.

Sherrie Gill (author) from Hobart, In on June 26, 2012:

Thank you!! I love Dr. Oz too!

Deborah from Las Vegas on June 26, 2012:

Great Hub, artist 101, excellent information and I love Dr. Oz. I am following you.

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