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Natural Pain Relief. Pain, and Inflammation Treatment, Breaking the Common Thread of Inflammatory Conditions.

I hold my degree in pharmacy, as well as a background, and training in the use of supplements.


Dr. Richard Becker

Natural Treatments for Arthritis, Gout, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, and Other Inflammatory Conditions.

Inflammation is caused from dysbiosis, or leaky gut syndrome. (see my article on Irritable bowel syndrome). Arthritis is characterized by inflammation, swelling, and pain, of one, or more joints. It has been linked to over one hundred rheumatic diseases, including osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, lupus, and Lyme disease, among many others.

It can be caused by many different factors. Some can be caused by an infection, such as strep, or staph. It can also be fungal, or viral in nature. The infection actually attacks, and manifests itself in the joints, resulting in deformities. As is the case in Lyme disease. Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis, closely related to kidney stones. Whereby, uric acid collects, and either manifests itself in the joints, or is formed into stones. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder, whereby the immune system mistakenly attacks itself, mainly in the joints. Fibromyalgia, and Lupus are also considered autoimmune, attacking different parts of the body. Fibromyalgia manifests itself in the muscles. Lupus, attacks other body areas, but still considered rheumatic in nature. Osteoarthritis, is a degenerative joint disease, either because of injury, or an inherited defect. The common thread being pain, and inflammation.

The following supplements are recommended to ease pain, and inflammation. Cycle though each one until you find relief. They will relieve pain, and stiffness no matter what the cause. Always check for interactions between prescribed medication, and any supplement that you take. A very useful website is You can check for interactions, side effects, and recalls. Make your pharmacist aware of all medications, over the counter vitamins, and supplements, that you take, as there is always the possibility of interaction. To report side effects, or adverse reactions with medications, to the FDA, go to medwatch,

For Pain, And Inflammation:

1. Bromelain, as directed on the label, up to 3 times a day. Bromelain is found in pineapple, and has been proven to reduce inflammation. You may also eat pineapple, in its pure form. QBC, Quercitin bromelain complex, by Douglas Labs, contains the necessary co-factors, magnesium and vitamin C, to make this supplement effective. Bromelain has been found to be most effective for tendinitis. Papain, derived from papayas, has been found to be mostly for sprains, and strains. Both are considered to be digestive enzymes, to help digest protein. Do not combine bromelain with other prescriptions, or over the counter medications. It has been found, that it increases the active ingredient, and could pose a problem with overdose. Consult a physician, or pharmacist, before use.

2. Essential Fatty Acids, as directed on the label, 2 times a day. Essential Fatty Acids are the Omega 3 group of good fats. They increase the production, and activity of anti-inflammatory postglandins. Found in fish oil, flax seed, nuts, seeds, avocado, and coconut oil. It is available in capsule, liquid, or gummy forms.

3. Ginger, may be made into a tea. 1 tsp. in a cup of hot water. Found in any grocery store, in the spice isle. May also be eaten in crystallized form, found at any health food store. To relieve pain.

4. Red Tart Cherries, have a natural compound, that relieves pain. They may be eaten in their pure form, or purchased as a dried fruit. Usually, with other dried fruits, such as raisins. In the produce section of any grocery store. Eat as often as needed, to relieve pain. Cherry Extract is also available in liquid, or capsule form. Available from the vitamin Shoppe I found this to be the most effective, thus far.

5. Turmeric, has anti-inflammatory properties, the recommended dosage is 600 mg daily. Available through the Vitamin Shoppe, or Turmeric contains curcumin, which is its active (cox-2 enzyme) ingredient. It reduces inflammation by lowering histamine levels, which might make it valuable for allergies. It also increases the production of natural cortisone. People with a history of gallstones, should consult a physician before use.

6. Noni, known as the scared plant, has been used for over 2000 years. For the relief of pain, and arthritis. 1-3 ounces a day. Available from, Dr. Becker, This supplement has cox-2 inhibitors also.

7. DGL, deglycyrrhizinated licorice, for pain. Do not take untreated licorice, as it has been found to raise blood pressure. Recommended dosage is 380mg 1-4 caps, up to 3 times a day.

*********New information: Pyconogenol. Derived from pine. As I was researching another subject I ran across this supplement and its uses. Usually recommended by holistic doctors as an antioxidant, has been found to reduce inflammation as well. The only draw backs are it increases immunity activity. If you have an autoimmune disease it could cause a problem, and stimulate an overactive immune system even further. As well as interfering with immune suppressive drugs. Such as steroids. Best to speak to a health care professional, if you have that illness, or take said drug. Supposed to work better than glucosamine, and has been found to be effective.*******

Other Recommendations

Avoid all white flour, potatoes, rice and sugar. They are a contributing factor in all inflammatory conditions. Also, avoid the nightshade family of vegetables. Including peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and white potatoes. All known to increase pain in arthritic, and inflammatory conditions. I have taken many of the above supplements, and have found relief, with no side effects. The red tart cherries, were the most effective for pain, and magnesium for healing, as I have tendinitis.

For Osteoarthritis:

Recommended supplements include the following:

  • Glucosamine sulfate-500mg-1500mg
  • Chrondroitin sulfate-400-1200mg
  • methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)-1-3 grams per day.
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Many supplements are sold in combination. Glucosamine repairs tendons, joints, and connective tissue. Chrondroitin sulfate is an element that repairs cartilage. Msm, is a sulfur containing substance, proven to help with inflammation, and the healing of injury.

Shark Cartilage, may also be used. Much in the same way as glucosamine. 1 gram, per 15 pounds of body weight, divided into 3 doses, then reduce as relief is achieved. Aides in repairing joints, and bones. Available at the Vitamin Shoppe.

Do not combine with warfarin, coumadin, or any blood thinner. As both supplements do thin the blood, and may pose a problem. Include sulfur rich foods, such as eggs, onion, and garlic. They help bones, joints and cartilage to heal.

***Pycnogenol- is a very effective supplement, in the treatment of inflammation.

For Infective Arthritis: including Lupus, Fibromyalgia, RA, and Lyme Disease:

The following natural supplements are for infection. They kill off bacteria, viruses, fungus, and yeast, no matter where they manifest themselves. They do not become resistant to bacteria, the way antibiotics have over the years. Most antibiotics are third generation, meaning they have to change the structure, to remain effective. Dosages are for adults. Cycle through each one, may take up to 3 months before relief is perceived.

1. Oil of oregano, 150mg-300mg, 1 drop under the tongue, 3 times a day. This route of administration is directly into the blood stream. For a child under the age of 12, apply to the fronts of their shins, also directly into blood stream. I use 150mg caps, as the others have been too strong. The strongest of all the natural supplements. Never apply to sensitive areas. Mainly used for bacterial infections.

2. Olive Leaf Extract, 1 Drop under the tongue, 3 times a day. Also available in capsule form, 500mg, up to 3 times a day. If diarrhea develops, cut the dose in half. Wonderful for a yeast infection, as it is so gentle, it may be used on sensitive areas. Very effective for viral infections, such as a cold, and any skin condition. I have used this particular supplement often. When I was taking it, orally, for a sinus infection, I had warts. Within 3 days they where gone. Warts are a viral infection, manifesting itself in the skin. Probably, would be effective against any wart, where ever it may be. May be applied topically, with the extract, very gentle. Also, has been found to be very effective against staph infection, taken orally, at the recommended dosage, and applied to the skin infection.

3. Grapefruit Seed Extract, 1 drop in 8 ounces of water, up to three times a day. This supplement, must always be diluted, never use full strength. Antiviral, and antibiotic supplement. A wonderful sinus spray, and cleanser. See my article on colds, and flu. Very effective for a fungal infection. Do not combine oral grapefruit seed extract with prescription drugs, or over the counter medications. It has been found to increase the active ingredients, in most medications, and could cause overdose. Consult a physician, or pharmacist, before use.

4. Magnesium has been found to lessen muscle pain, in people with fibromyalgia, and other syndromes, involving pain, when combined with malic acid. The amounts used where 300-600mg of elemental magnesium, and 1200-2400mg of malic acid per day.

5. Pregnenolone is a natural steroid, used in the treatment of pain. Dosages range from 10-50mg a day, taken in the morning. Reported benefits of using pregnenolone include lowering cholesterol levels, and alleviating the symptoms of Lupus, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as the synthetic steroids do. The only side effect has been, over stimulation at higher doses. Also, because it raises estrogen levels, it can cause hot flashes. Extensive research has not been done on this particular supplement, so proceed with caution, and consult a physician before use.

Other considerations, tryptophan for depression, melatonin for insomnia, and natural hormone therapy. It is very depressing to hurt all the time, see my article on menopause. As many of the supplements may be used for your particular situation, and for your symptoms. It is normal to feel depression, or anxiety with these conditions. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, of rheumatic origin, it is currently in remission.

I have used all of the above supplements, with no side effects, and for numerous applications. Ranging from bronchitis, yeast, sinus infection, and strep throat, just to name a few. All have been effective.

For Gout, and Kidney Stones:

Eliminate all rich food, and alcohol. Both of these conditions, are an accumulative effect of uric acid. That manifests itself, and then attacks either the joints, or crystallizes into stones. The following supplements are recommended for these conditions.

For Gout:

1. Omega 3 fatty acids, as directed on the label. To restore proper fatty acid balance.

2. B-12, as directed on the label. Excellent for joint problems. Injections of B12, have been shown to relieve the symptoms of gout, and decrease the amount of calcification. Sublingual, under the tongue, is also an option.

3. Kelp, or Alfalfa. 1000-1500mg a day. They reduce serum uric acid levels, a contributing factor of gout. Kelp contains alginic acid, which can also, help protect the body. Alfalfa, is a natural diuretic, and contains chlorophyll, which is renowned for its cleansing properties.

4. Celery seed is highly recommended by many, as a treatment for gout. Follow package instructions for dosage amount. May also eat in its natural state, as a preventative measure. Has also been found to lower uric acid levels.

When an attack of gout strikes, eat blueberries, cherries, and strawberries. They aide in neutralizing uric acid. Cherry Extract may be taken in capsule, or liquid form. Celery seed has also been found to be effective, for acute pain.

For Kidney Stones:

1. Inositol, as directed on the label. Has been found to treat, and prevent kidney stones. This supplement is a B vitamin, and water soluble, therefore you cannot overdose. The excess is excreted through the urine.

2. Magnesium, 500mg daily. It reduces calcium absorption, and can lower uric acid levels. Also promotes PH balance. Probably, the number one missing nutrient in our American diet.

3. Zinc, 50-80mg a day. Do not exceed 100mg daily. Although zinc at lower doses, actually increases immunity, a dose higher than 100mg, will decrease immunity. Zinc is an important inhibitor of crystallization, which can lead to stone formation.

Drink plenty of quality water. The general rule is one ounce, per pound of body weight, to stay hydrated. With this condition, it is very important to flush the system, you should probably drink even more.

For an acute attack : Drink the juice of half a lemon, in 8 ounces of water, every half hour, until relief is found. Research has found, that people who drink lemonade on a daily basis, cut their risk of kidney stones by 50 percent.

"Within us all, lies the power, the ability, and the knowledge to make things better. Lindsay Newman."

All of the proceeding information was found in the following books:

Foundations for Healing, Dr. Richard Becker. His T.V. program " Your Health" on the Harvest Network. He over came Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Phyllis A. Balch, CNC.

Dr. Patrick Quinillin, Beating Cancer with Nutrition. Director of nutrition, at The Cancer Treatments of America.

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, From Fatigued to Fantastic. He over came fibromyalgia, with conventional, and holistic medicine.

Doug Kaufmann, Know the Cause, and his book "The Fungus Link".

Extensive research, by wonderful holistic doctors, and practitioners, who have devoted their practice to healing from within.

Other information found at, and The Vitamin health guides

My training in pharmacy

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

The single most nutrient missing from the american diet, the basis for all healing applications.

SymptomsWhere the nutrient is found

memory impairment


nervous exhaustion

green leafy vegetables




whole grains





muscle aches


ph balance being off-either too acidic


acidic or to alkaline


Symptoms of Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

Very effective in every application of sickness, and disease. The basis for all energy.

SymptomsWhere the nutrient is Found

dry skin and hair

fish oil

high blood pressure

nuts and seeds

benign cyst disease

borage oil

frequent urination

sesame seed oil



lowered immunity


learning problems


frequent infection


weakness and fatigue


Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency

Information from Depression Free Naturally, Joan Mathews Larson, Phd. Single most important nutrient, in all cases of lowered immunity. Do not exceed 100mg a day.

SymptomsWhere Nutrient is Found

cold extremities


loss of taste and smell


poor wound healing

ginger root







Dr Teitelbaum- From Fatigued to fantastic

Dr. Teitelbaums New Supplement for Pain

Research on Cherry for Pain

  • Cherry juice targets antioxidant potential and pain relief
    Strenuous physical activity increases the risk of musculoskeletal injury and can induce muscle damage resulting in acute inflammation and decreased performance. The human body's natural response to injury results in inflammation-induced pain, swellin

A basic understanding of Vital Nutrients in the Treatment of Arthritic Conditions

My Lupus Regimen


My Lupus Story

I have utilized many of the supplements, and Protocol mentioned above, in the treatment of Lupus. An auto immune disease, that affects many systems, including joints. I contracted the condition 20 years ago, after an allergic reaction to Augmentin. Prescribed for a severe sore throat, three antibiotics in one pill.

Among the most effective for me was magnesium, D3, and flax seed oil. D3 acts as a hormone in the body, and regulates immune function. Magnesium to ease pain, and muscle spasms. D3 to calm the immune system. Flaxseed oil, to help regulate hormones, and clear brain fog. Olive leaf, and grapefruit seed extract, as an anti infective. Cycling through each, one month at a time. Do not take both, as it is too strong. Choose 1 for each month. Taken for as long as infection is present. I ran a low grade fever for two years. A sign of infection.

Juicing was also beneficial, with fresh fruits, and vegetables. Adding more protein with yogurt, nuts, and seeds.

There is no cure for Lupus, mine is currently in remission. I have experienced flares, when I don't take care of myself, but never as bad as the initial phase. I still maintain a basic supplement plan. A multi vitamin, no iron, D3, B12, and curcumin, as needed for pain. Sage tea if I have had a stressful day, very calming, helps with insomnia.


In Conclusion

Since contracting Lupus, I have utilized many of the supplements, and protocols mentioned in my articles. Start with a good foundation. A good multi vitamin, no iron, D3, B12, and an Omega 3 fatty acid. Choose either a gummy, capsule, liquid, or quick dissolve formula. Hard pressed pills, aren't utilized as effectively. Improve diet, exercise, drinking plenty of filtered water, and fresh air are a solid foundation to maintain, or improve health.

Music, Creativity, Art, and Aroma are also very healing. Creativity includes cooking. Trying new recipes, new Flavors, reading, aroma, rewarding the senses, and mind.

15 minutes a day of music, improves moods, and restores mental health. Most effective was Upbeat, and positive, as well as Jazz. Proven by science.

Add one supplement for a specific disease, or condition. If there is a reaction, discontinue use. The last supplement that was added, will be the culprit of the reaction. Always check for interactions, and side affects before starting any supplement, or therapy.

Music Research

**** I am not a physician, this is only recommendations from holistic doctors. All have been used with good results. It is best to consult a pharmacist, or physician concerning your health.***

Always Check for Interactions, and Side Effects before Starting any Supplements, or therapy

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Sherrie Gill (author) from Hobart, In on March 02, 2015:

You are welcome. Ginger does help, not only with the pain, but also for stomach upset. Good luck

Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS from Memphis on March 02, 2015:

Thanks so much for a very informative and useful hub. I can certain use the info. Ginger is also great for my GERD which I think is probably closely related to my ailment. I am also going to use Olive Oil!

Again, thanks!

Sherrie Gill (author) from Hobart, In on April 25, 2013:

I hope this information helps any one suffering from the pain of these common ailments.

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