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Top 10 Narcissistic Bullying Tactics to Recognize

Narcissism: Echo Apologetics, previously Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook Resource Page and Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics

What part of NO don't you understand? It is a red flag if someone does not respect your boudaries.

What part of NO don't you understand? It is a red flag if someone does not respect your boudaries.


This article discusses the top ten manipulative maneuvers narcissistic, bullying abusers use for the adult children of abuse, mobbing and stalking victims, and others to recognize. Adult sons and daughters of abuse, mobbing and stalking victims, and the average unsuspecting person, begin to recognize, identify, and articulate these tactics when you see them in action all up and down the scale of personal relationships, with coworkers, Don or Jane Juan perpetrators, school or workplace mobbers, and multiple perpetrator stalkers.

After these tactics are discussed, being targeted in a workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking campaign is touched on in this article, but discussed in further detail in future articles. Then, of course, cyberstalking has very much been a part of the stalking campaign, too.


While trying to report multiple stalkers harassing and hunting you, your children, and even granchildren like human prey, police consistently claim not to know what gaslighting is. This is true even while they are actively gaslighting you.

While trying to report multiple stalkers harassing and hunting you, your children, and even granchildren like human prey, police consistently claim not to know what gaslighting is. This is true even while they are actively gaslighting you.

Gaslighting: Invalidation and Rewriting History

Gaslighting is an insidious form of abuse taken from the 1938 United Kingdom stage play Angel Street, and the 1944 United States movie, Gaslight. This is a must see. Do not let the old black and white style of the movie put you off. Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar playing gaslighting victim, Paula. As you watch the movie, try to identify as much of the abusive, manipulative behavior as possible. Be sure to note that he never lays a hand on her in this abusive relationship, the kind of abuse that may go unrecognized.

Gaslight Movie Review From the Vault

The Don Juan perpetrator sweeps Paula off of her feet as her confidence is undermined and she leaves her singing aspirations behind. The two marry and he talks her into moving back into her childhood home, where everything is just as they left it years earlier when her aunt, a famous singer who was raising Paula, died.

He begins undermining her perceptions, moving things, then when she cannot find them, commenting how forgetful she is. Just like any abuser, he isolates Paula. When she tries to break out of the isolation, he causes a scene at the party.

What Paula does not know is that he is searching in the attic for jewels he did not get years earlier when he killed her aunt. He thinks they are hidden in the attic where he repeatedly goes while telling Paula he is leaving.

Pretense of love quote by the late Dr. M. Scott Peck

Pretense of love quote by the late Dr. M. Scott Peck

While in the attic looking for the jewels he uses the gas lighting to see, and when he does it causes the other lights in the house to dim. When Paula notices it he undermines her perceptions and tells her she is imagining things. As the relationship enters the discard phase, he begins suggesting committing her as the maid (Angela Lansbury's debut) joins in on the gaslighting, causing Paula to have no one to validate her perceptions - which are 100% accurate by the way.

In the movie law enforcement actually does their job, which does not appear to be happening in real life in any effective manner. Actually police consistently claim not to even know what gaslighting is. This is the case in our recent experience even while a uniformed officer is actively gaslighting a stalking victim trying to report criminal activity, with the well-recognized narcissistic smirk perpetrators are often barely able to contain, appearing to be so very proud of themselves.

Reporting Multiple Perpetrator Stalkers

When trying to report multiple perpetrator stalking, police play one game after another, effectively displaying blatant disregard for the victims, their children, grandchildren, other loved ones and friends, identities, credentials, safety, health, finances, careers, income, property, reputation, pain and suffering, and very life. In addition to these games and enduring blatant disregard, police consistently further the stalkers' agenda.

Gaslighting Invalidation: Determined Diagnosis

Dr. Robin Stern articulated three phases of gaslighting in her book, The Gaslighting Effect: Disbelief, Defense, and Depression. Late in the summer of 2019 we published Gaslighting Invalidation: Determined Diagnoses proposing a fourth phase of gaslighting only a couple of days prior to being arrested by Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas police, who both lied and gaslighted, forcing an involuntary commitment of this author at Shawnee Mission Medical Center, in Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas, followed by an involuntary injection, followed by literally being held hostage at Behavioral Freedom in Topeka, Kansas for approximately three weeks, including on my 55th birthday, with two blatantly ridiculous misdiagnoses issued by an aggressive, gaslighting "treatment team," when I am 100% mentally healthy, but a stalking victim of many years.

These police departments, as well as any gaslighting or perpetrating officer in a personal capacity, if possible, and these two institutions, as well as the medical personnel involved, need to be held accountable to the full extent of the law. This is at least the third police department, including Kansas City Missouri Police Department and Gladstone Police Department, both in the State of Missouri, to engage in such fourth stage gaslighting, take down behavior in the last two years.

Gaslighting Definition

Gaslight, the Movie

Gladstone Perkins Police Mobbing of Stalking Victim

While homeless due to the enduring incompetence and corruption of law enforcement in the first place, Gladstone, Missouri Perkins invited me to plan on getting in out of the winter elements the winter of 2017/8 every Monday night at their restaurant. The following night Kansas City Missouri Police, four under 40 white males in two cruisers, stalked me to the Gladstone, Missouri, Perkins in the dead of winter at approximately 2:00 a.m., engaged in directed conversation as I entered the restaurant, (regarding a rape while drugged in my Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas bed, and harvesting of an embryo (as well as eight eggs) during the 2005 workplace mobbing (KCMO) and multiple perpetrator stalking (KCMO, Liberty, MO, Wyandotte, Douglas, and Johnson Counties in Kansas) in which, according to the commentary, police did not want the rapist and stalker, criminally producing children for profit, self-proclaimed Missouri legal counsel of one local police department (KCKPD), as well as self-proclaimed (2005 firm bio) member of the Missouri Board of Bar Examiners, to be embarrassed by his psycho criminal behavior. In 2005 this continued up to Gladstone, MO, over the holidays, at my niece's apartment, with a pregnant woman, presumed surrogate, acting like she was "crazy.") This is the way of the parasitic, off-the-charts psycho criminal cult-like members hunting and stalking innocent men, women, and children around Kansas City, with much assistance from law enforcement.

As I entered the restaurant at approximately 2:00 a.m., one of the four uniformed Kansas City Missouri Police officers engaged in directed conversation, "You f*cked him!" followed by a public disparaging display. Note these four police officers waiting until the minute I stepped foot on the restaurant driveway, to zoom in front of me into the parking lot. In any case, after this confrontation someone, I guess the KCMOPD, called Gladstone Police with two under 40 white males and an under 40 blonde, white female officer responding. They handcuffed me outside the Gladstone Perkins in another public disparaging display, went through my belongs, yelling in my face, manhandling me while in handcuffs with serious spinal injuries, did not place me under arrest, but forced me into a police cruise.

The female officer forced me to St. Luke's Northland Hospital, where I immediately refused medical treatment. It appears this same female was shortly thereafter taking a trip, flying out of KCI, walking right by me at the airport as she did. The electronic commentary was that she jumped at the chance to go on a trip with one main stalker and lawyer. This was a reference to a stalker on a motorcycle previously driving by me on the highway with a "Tommy Bahamas" t-shirt on, then staying just in front and beside me on the road, which is one more example of their way of doing things. These people spent years, six or seven years, after the 2005 workplace mobbing, that repeatedly nearly took my life, during which time I sent him home to his wife, trying to get me to fall for this psycho so they could play their games and prey on us.

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Surrounded by Flying Monkeys

Note that even as I type this in the public library, (due to stalker induced loss of three computers among much other personal property) stalkers are playing head games regarding my grandchild crying about reading this. So, if my children, which includes grandchildren, are reading this, I am not planning to die anytime soon. These stalkers tried to kill me in 2005 and again in 2014, still with no known charges, of course. As I responded to their commentary in 2005, "Die! Die! DIE!" I will die when God says I die, not when these murderous cult-like members say I die. God will also keep you in the palm of His Hand. The police certainly are not doing one damn effective thing about any of it. Quite the contrary.

Flying Monkeys Video