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The biggest challenge to live my life was to come out of it( 16 years old indian boy )


Hi I'm Er. Sachin. I'm FBA for Amazon. But I'm a programmer I'm doing more works online.

My life issue

My own experience of coming out of blood cancer :- When I was 16 years old, I came to know that there is a disease going on inside my body which is not possible to cure.

I found many changes inside my body. Spots first appeared in my body that were equal in size, And my body started changing a little bit. Sudden body pain begins, The limit was there when I was going home by bus for 1 day I got blood-vomited in the bus and then fainted. I was worried why this is happening to me. And I did not think it right to tell at home because the financial condition of my house was not good.

I met the doctor and I told him everything about myself, so he advised me to get a test. But due to no money, I could not get the test done. Then I worked in the private sector as a computer operator. In between jobs I get my tests done Then I came to know that I was suffering a very big disease.

Whose name was blood cancer. The doctor told me to take a healthy diet and exercise After that, my friend told me about some nutrition. By then my 2 years had passed And I felt myself the same as 2 years ago

At first I did not believe his words Then I thought try it once. I bought some nutrition from his company.

Which were very expensive And the name of that world best company is forever which is also known as Aloe Vera Company. I started doing more workouts along with nutrition. I used to spend about 6 hours in the gym.

Because i'm a martial arts trainer right now. Slowly i got relief. By the month of October of the last 2019, almost all my cancer was over.

Healthy and very happy at this time. Thanks

I'm fine and managed to take care of you too☺️☺️

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