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My Life on Covid

Never thought it would catch me 41 yr. old grandma with a 7 year old boy, 19 and 22 year old girls. − 38 yr. old husband − Never thought


me and my family a few years ago for my mom's bday I am the one in the back there

me and my family a few years ago for my mom's bday I am the one in the back there


my niece lina

my niece lina

Lina and Mario were major people in my story because for some reason I kept thinking of them or dreamning of them

I thought the lady next to me in the hospital was their great aunt for some reason

nephew Mario

nephew Mario

Have you had COVID at least once

Christmas of 2019

But It Did!

As the ambulance took me away, I remember going in and out of it like it was weird because like I was alive and I knew it was the Corona Virus but it was like nothing I thought I had to fight the way I did.

When I got picked up at my house from the ambulance it’s like they asked me questions and evaluated me but my husband said they did not take me. I think the same or next day is when the ambulance came back and actually took me to the hospital. I felt like I couldn't breath and I remember them putting the oxygen mask on me and the ambulance workers deciding on what hospital they should take me too because they were all packed! Now this was kind of scary hearing them talk about what hospital they should take me too!

In The Hospital

As I am at the hospital I remember pulling out the little oxygen line so they had to put a big oxygen tube down my throat and I kept trying to pull it out so they had to tie my hands up. At the hospital it was my dream or my imagination but the person who I let save my life the nurse that I let put the tube in my throat was my oldest daughter but she was a futuristic nurse with this nurse suit that had shoes inside the pants and her suite was rayon black and green, she had her hair tied back in a pony tail! The things she would say would calm me down, she’d say it’s okay honey you’re going to be okay. Don’t worry your going to be okay! Its crazy because I would get mad at the doctors and nurses like if they did something wrong to me but all they were doing was saving my life. I remember this one doctor asking me if I knew what or who he was and I said, ugh a doctor and he would answer me with an attitude but was it a good attitude or a bad attitude? He would put his leg on the chair and his fist to his chin and ask do you know who I am and Id say I don’t know, he’s reply would be well I'm doctor feel good and I'm here to save your life and I would reply with oh hi Dr. feel good and roll my eyes. I liked all the other doctors but him! The LVN’s were Robocop’s to me! its like they had no heart it felt like they all had a problem with me so I would call them Robocops!

Caregiver Status Report

My husband was given a note to give to his job on January 4, 2021 through January 13, 2021 so he can stay home and take care of me after they released me from the hospital on January 3rd, 2021. I know I went into the hospital on the 17th or 18th of December because the 18th is my husband’s birthday, and my last few texts were to my friend/neighbor was to please get my husband a cake for me and they released me from the hospital on January 3rd, 2021. Therefore, I was in the hospital for 16 days and most of those days I was in an induced coma because I kept fighting the nurses and doctors and the breathing tube in my mouth! Reality to me it was all just a dream. I didn’t mean to fight the doctors or nurses but it hurt. I was in a lot of pain.

Lina and Mario's Aunt From Their Moms Side

I could not upload my drawing but I will one day because it was crazy. they look like pipes made out of glass but had to be attached to her lungs! They look mufflers you’d attach to a car but these were made out of glass and had to be welded to her lungs in order for her to breath. Lina and Mario are my brother Marcos’s kids my niece and nephew and for some reason everyone in my family through the generations had a part of getting those glass pipes for their aunt! It was so important because she was in a lot of pain! She was my neighbor in the hospital and the way I would try to help her was by getting her on the Hawaii 5 the Chattanooga, in my dream it seemed like it was the line to get on in order to be high on a good high!

Lina and Mario’s aunt and the glass pipes in my dream



so here it goes, here’s my story at the hospital. As I kept going in and out I guess I would experience having different nurses doctors and LVN and to me the the LVN were kids of doctors that were going to some type of medical school and they would use me to practice on me like taking my blood out my vitals or what not every time I would get mad at the LVN for hurting my arm or hurting and making my neighbor cry I would get so mad and tell them what the fuck Robocop leave her a lone do your job right and I don’t know what happen to me while at the hospital but maybe the LVN’s jumped me or I fell off my bed but my face was all black and blue and my eye my arms my body I don’t know they say when you get COVID sometimes your blood thickens and every little thing can leave you bruised up. Well in my dream there was this coolest guy that was brown skinned, blue curly hair was one of the nurses he would always have to come and fight me. It s so funny thinking about it but it seemed like I was always naked but I think I was just always in the hospital gown showing butt because I was always cold. I remember trying to get up and escape and that guy got me and wrestled me to the ground he’d always win and got me and tied me up then he would act all cool and then he be like the fucken hero of the day, So I would talk shit and call him Mr. fucken incredible of the day! It would frustrate me because no one could ever understand me or hear me but now I realize it was because of the tube in my throat. some times I thought I had the nurses wrapped around my fingers but it wasn’t true some were just sweet and awesome nurses and one of them I am going to pay back her genuiness one day she was awesome she let me use the I pad I thought was hers but it belong to the hospital I later found out. She called my family and I got to talk to them for the first time after thinking my husband left me. Oh my gosh it was so wonderful talking and looking at my family it seemed like years but it was barely 16 days. I was so amazed at just looking at my family. I was trying to explain to my husband about everything but he couldn’t understand me.

from time to time I would just cry because I didn’t know why I was where I was at I had thought my husband dropped me off in Whittier at the bail bonds and left me there! I thought I did something wrong and my husband left me at the bail bonds and every time I’d get up to leave here comes Mr. Fucken Incredible to wrestle me back down to bed, it’s like no one would be around but as soon as I got up here he comes to save the day! Its like every time i would standup to go any where here comes this guy with brown skin and the most coolest blue curly hair to come and fight me. This nurse I think She called my family and I got to talk to them for the first time after thinking my husband left me. I had a MRI because I had fell and it was in Whittier and I remember the guy pushing me to do this was like the mayor of Whittier and he was all excited to get me an MRI. whatever they just wanted to act like it was my fault. I thought I knew about Covid years before because I would go on the Hawaii 5 line to um go travel like in the future or back in the future and that line was the way to do it. so I thought I had found this traveling line. then there was this African American guy that was like a ballerina and I totally messed up his existence to be better. It was his fault but he tried to blame me and I think that was one of the cleaning people in the hospital. And I totally like changed history because I put my daughter on the blue wolf line and my son too so that they would always be wealthy in some way I guess. And the way I did that was by the Hawaii blue line. There was only 2 families that could be on that line and I would mess around with it to change history and the future. Later on I finally figured that if I'm nice and say please and thank you I can get a little of what I wanted from nurses or LVN. Its like they had a power trip so I just had to work them like there was these super warm blanket’s that they would hook you up with if you asked nicely so I would say Robocop can I please have a blanket and they would say sure. The main robocop was my sister in law!

Or when I started to get an appetite I would ask for food and they would bring but I was always asking for hot tea and choking but now I know why, because of the tube I once had! There was this other character that was my daughter Marilyn and I always had to beg her for shit and then she would be a bitch and tell me no and for some reason she always wanted to put a pamper on me but I’d let her in exchange for some warm blankets. when I would go on the Hawaii 5 I would see family members still alive now but that I never see Because they live far. Everyone was trying to help out Lina and Marios aunt that was my neighbor and I guess cause she had fell she was in a lot pain crying crying for me saying ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh Delilah help in order to get her on that line we had to get her some pipes that were made out of glass but attached to her lungs in way. I'm thinking that she probably had Covid really bad and that’s why I kept hearing cry and cry so I would do this thing to make her get on that line so should she could stop crying. And then for every generation there was my family members ten of them that worshiped god and every time I tried to get her on the line they would get mad at me because they thought I was evil and into drugs but it wasn’t about that it was just on the line and then finally when she died I got on my knees but it was kind of hard because my arms wrist were always tied up but I still did it and I prayed for her soul like I never prayed before. I was like oh god please take care of Lina and Mario's aunt don’t let her die with all this pain she has inside of her take it away take it away give her peace in your name heavenly father. so when she actually finally passed I feel like she was in peace.

Prayer is The Ultimate Healer

Now I realize what the Hawaii 5 was, it was the prayer chain it wasn’t the get on a good high chain! I don’t know if anyone who is reading this has ever done PCP but when I was in the hospital and in my dream or imagination this is how it felt! I know that I have almost died a few times before but this was crazy I know I keep saying this but it is like if feel like I did when I was in the hospital like I feel like I'm still in my story. Even now when I do things I cant believe that I'm actually still here like when ask my kids my husband or my mom for things or I hear my kids talking to their teachers its so fucken unbelievable it feels so un real it feels like the response that I'm getting is a dream like its not even happening. Like nothing is taken for granted at all every little out come of my day is just a blessing like I cant even believe it. Like my family and friends that message me or call me it feels like it’s a dream I appreciate everything now. Like my husband takes me on the little walks he takes me on are just unbelievable I think all this he has come to appreciate life a lot more now. He cares a lot and he drives me crazy but its okay I don’t mind at the end of the day I would do anything for him. His voice and my sons voice are the 2 voices that I couldn’t stop hearing the whole time I was in the hospital whenever I felt like hearing them I just had to close my eyes and I would hear them talking to each other but they didn’t know I could hear the

This is the best way I can describe it, how my brain works these days. I change the remote by accident thinking its not going back to where I had it and when I do change it back it goes exactly back to where it was at and I'm like in awe that’s cool.

The one thing that I can think of that actually all this was about the Hawaii 5 the Chatoonoga High was not being high it was the prayer chain! It was the power of that prayer everyone talks about! Not only have I actually witnessed it and been in it I was it! Like oh my god thank you lord thank you for those who got on their knees and prayed for my healing for me and my family!

Now I realize that it was nothing to do with getting high it was about Jesus and the power of prayer and everything else that has to do with being faithful and having hope. Knowing that Jesus died for our sins and will continue to heal us when we need it.

Prayer start at 33:00 minutes my nephew Albert serves at golden springs Calvary chapel and he asked for the pastor Raul Reis to pray for me

I Felt the Love

I just wanted to let people know that the Doctors told my husband that they could not believe I was alive because 1/29 females half my age died from COVID and one of my neighbors who were next to me had died from the virus who was only 20 years old! The only thing that makes sense to me was all those prayers I received from all over the place! While I was in the coma I seen it and felt it! In my dream or coma all these people weren’t praying for me but they really were. I have always been some one who knows and has faith in the Holy Spirit but like some I would get distracted and drift away but no matter what I know of the lord and I felt all the love and prayers and I believe this is why I came out of it and I was able to heal despite all my odd! I especially want to tell my nephew Albert that while I was in the hospital he kept coming to my mind but not saying or doing anything I just knew he was a part of all the prayer I felt, I did I felt it so much! I also kept thinking of my family like a lot of my cousins were in my dream. my cousin Carmen, Kirstie my sister-in-law my cousins from my dad‘s side, my god daughter my cousin Janelle my aunt Daisy. My sister and brother too but they weren’t my nurses they were just in my dreams talking to me! I knew my mom was at my home helping my husband with my younger children! As for my oldest daughter and her son, my grandson I missed them so much but I knew they were okay because they had to be waiting for me when I got home!

This is me right after the hospital


Me today on 2/7/2021


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