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My World Dairy of Face Coverings

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Had no idea our town motor vehicles were STILL enforcing masks. The lady that in charge was haughty, filled with anger because I happen to have sinus/anxiety issues refusing to suffocate/belittle myself. She informed me not wearing one doesn't help anyone.. she wasn't hearing me apparently...to which I replied, "It certainly is helping someone, ME, I'm helping myself!"

Apparently, all people fit into the same size box. They can all cover their air passages without passing out or having issues. When people suffer from anxiety they automatically get claustrophobic, are they concerned?

You get to a point in your life where self-abuse is no longer an option to appease even the law. Cannot slap a mandate on an entire population expecting everyone to hop around shouting "I'm singing in the rain, oh happy day!" while intimidating them to self-sufferage in the name of false compassion, the "forget yourself, save others" mentality.

This is called ABUSE. Demanding people cover their nose and mouth happens to slow the oxygen intake and is not only narcissistic, it's attempt to control their lives, and is downright diabolic.

She says, "So this entire time you went without a mask?" I replied, "YES of course!" still she refused compassion, lacked understanding, and posed to have it for everyone else. Blatant hypocrisy.

Tried to give her pen back and she shooed me and said, "keep it." as if I had cooties.

PS: one guy proposed I wear a big plastic shield over my face!! Come on! I might as well wear a Buffoon custom! This is called SHAMING. What if I sneezed and it came out the bottom?

Is it about stopping oxygen or just simply making a mockery out of us? Or is it testing our levels of compliance?

We never had to do this for Sars or Aids or TB so why for this? Why now?


Definition of Tyranny

"Government by a ruler or small group of people who have unlimited power over the people in their country or state and use it unfairly and cruelly."

We are not clones or numbers (see my article The Prisioner) we are actual human beings that are trying to survive like everyone else. Why is it the people conforming lack empathy? Though they claim they are helping others they are practicing non-compassion and cruelty.

A friend from Netherlands said to me: this tactic is used on many different fronts. In the Netherlands you are guilted into allowing them to kill you via assisted suicide so as not to utilize resources that others may need. Tell me what kind of people believe this is compassion?

What it comes down to isn't people not following directions or being courteous towards others. It's a head-on threat to our own personal rights. Force is being enacted in that there is no longer a choice, is there? What if we don't want to or can't for some reason? They don't care? Violation of people as a people. That is where the line needs to be drawn.

When you are flying they distinctly tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST then help others. That is correct action. Now the public is telling us make sure you serve others and forget about yourself. A twisting of the screw.

Many can see through manipulation most cannot. Too many are taking haughty impulsive action throwing themselves headfirst at a regime that enforces cruel inhuman mandates, which will be to their own demise in the end.

Betrayal of Self

All the intimidation in the world shouldn't be able to override our own personal power. If people choose to give their inner power away they are welcome to do so. Many do not. It has nothing to do with being anti-something, that is a guilt trip. It has everything to do with safe-guarding our own inner essence, holding on to whom we are without giving that up to a regime. When we feel violated there is a reason for that feeling. We must not betray ourselves or we turn weak and lose our power; when you look at it from a surface level this will not be apparent for certain types of people to see.

1918 Masks or Threats to Go to Jail


Respect Has Been Forgotten

When someone sees a mask as more important than a person's feelings or condition it has gone way too far. When you see people maliciously cutting up others for trying to take care of themselves it's at the danger level. When you witness ridicule, shaming, guilt-tripping and misunderstanding you know that those people are in bad shape and need inner intervention. Respect for others has gone out with the mask society. The tables are turned with manipulation. If you cannot respect others wishes or feelings or situations because they simply deserve respect you have lost your sense of self.

Freedom is Being Forgotten

Have we forgotten what freedom is or do we start enjoying bondage? Do we even realize when it's slowly being taken away?


"Shifting blame and responsibility onto their chosen target..."

It's all about perception manipulation and control

It's more important to feel good and breathe yourself. YOU come first before all others and this is self-love not selfish. If something comes against your own inner authority you shouldn't betray yourself. People that do not see this simply haven't gone deep enough inside or into the situation far enough to see it in its true perspective.

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