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My Updated Total Health Regimen

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.

-- Deepak Chopra

A Strange "Mental Athlete"

Those few of my readers who may have read in my previous posts about my peripatetic, or unpredictable mentality -- wouldn't be much surprised by certain big changes in my daily regimen if they could remember what the last one was all about.

Now, like a few times in the past, again I decided to implement some new daily practices -- but with that same old motivation to experience a different model of my psycho-physical functioning.

For those who are not familiar with this old passion of mine, I got this chronic creative curiosity to find out what else I could possibly be. A little later along this text some additional prompts will be mentioned, but for the time being, let me list down a few.

-- how else I can upregulate some beneficial genes in my genome

-- how else I can reprogram my mind and evolve my consciousness

-- how else I can make longer my telomeres and reverse my biological age

-- how else I can use more of my available, but unused potential

Probably out of some self-flattering endearment, I sometimes see myself as a "mental athlete". That is, all until that satirist in me would jump in by calling me "just a weird oddball, an old fart trying to create for himself an online image of a retired smart ass with too much free time on his hands".

Not particularly popular for this perverse intellectualism, while evidently unable to join the existing popular group in this website with their own happy mix of niches.

Thus, here I go with another post being out of that popular box of established normalcy, talking about these esoteric strategies of maintaining an optimal health.

So far it worked well for me, since I am not seeing any doctors for over 15 years, or taking any prescription or over the counter meds. Actually, in quite a few aspects of health, I could brag about feeling better than decades ago -- well, maybe also because then I was a chain smoker, drank beer regularly, and was a coffee monster.

Not to forget mentioning my much beloved sweets and flour products -- which I have quit together with smokes, beer and coffee.

Looking at some of my friends of the same age of 77 and around, I must have been doing something extraordinarily good, because they are all quite heavy customers of the medico-pharmaceutical business.

The last time I saw my doctor for some minor thing -- but just to make sure it was nothing bigger than that -- he told me: "Val, if all my patients were like you, I would have nothing to do".

So, let's see about some of these routines that I am practicing daily.


My Close-to-Carnivore Diet

If I wanted to single out one particular novelty in my daily regimen that is quite promising on many levels, it would be about my implementing a close-to-carnivore-mostly-fish diet.

So I am having animal products with those low-carb veggies, and hardly any fruits. I used to love potatoes, rice, beans, and corn, but honestly about it, there was absolutely nothing like a pressing need for me to leave them out of my menu.

Even more so, since my eating habits were always merely my "supportive", not a primary method of maintaining my health and good vitality. Namely, I am a strict believer -- with a ton of personal proofs -- that health is mostly a state of mind.

With my modest studious efforts I became quite familiarized with the main tenets of sciences like epigenetics, psycho-neuro-immunology, quantum (energy) medicine, neuroplasticity, neuro-endocrinology and the placebo effect.

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When you look at those extremely trained and mentally disciplined shaolin monks performing some outlandish feats that require enormous strength and body's flexibility -- to say the least-- they are actually eating quite little and not really what westerners would call a "balanced diet". It's mostly in their minds -- that superior production and application of the "chi" energy.

Mind is governing with all bodily functions and is tragically underrated by the conventional medicine which insists on use of pharmaceuticals and scalpel. With the entire medico-pharmaceutical establishment being in the first place a gigantic business, that is the way for them to keep getting a steady flow of customers.

Did you know that, for any pharmaceutical to be effective, there has to be a natural receptor in the body -- meaning that the body can produce its own and superior version of that drug, and without any side effects either. By a simple biological logic, there wouldn't be a receptor without body being able to use it for its own chemical.

On the other hand I am not really a "health nut", following the suggestions of another huge industry -- the one of dietary supplements.

As for the vitamins story, almost whenever I am writing about health, I like to repeat my haff-joking metaphor, which goes like this:

There is a genius-chemist in our mind-body which is constantly observing our predominant beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and especially emotions -- and then, according to its observation, it can convert a vitamin into a crap, and a crap into a vitamin.

Those folks of the Blue Zones in the world -- ones that live to be over hundred years old, don't use any supplements, and actually have quite a monotonous and simple diet. Again, their secret has a lot to do with their communal and personal values and a simple but seemingly highly effective stress management.

To round this theme up, I undertook this close-to-carnivore diet with mostly fish simply convinced by the literature in anthropology that we are genetically much more carnivores than plant eaters. Those hunters-gatherers of hundreds of thousands of years preceding the invent of agriculture (that's only about ten thousand years old) -- pretty much set up our genetic predisposition.

Biologists are telling us that it would take over hundred thousand years for our genome to requalify itself for a different diet -- meaning plant eaters, and in our popular case users of a "processed foods".

Also, since their whimsical hunters' luck meant that they didn't have a ready food each day, their bodies made genetic adjustments of fasting. In a mini-sense, it's like hibernating animals are genetically programmed for not eating during some months -- humans of that distant past didn't need food every day to function normally.

So that their bodies got organized in such a way to use that fasting time for healing, detoxing and recuperating -- in addition to sleeping that produces its own recuperative and healing functions.

That's something that our modern man is hardly practicing, as we know, with heavy indulging with foods.

So, for quite some time, should I say some years, I have been on my 18 -19 hour daily intermittent fasting. For an extra bonus of that practice, the body goes into autophagy mode -- recycling all cellular junk into useful amino acids and fats, even dissolving and excreting unfriendly microbes.

Those high carb foods are basically making the blood sugar quite unstable, thus in many people producing swinging moods, depression, anxieties, with high insulin and stress hormone cortisol causing obesity. I regulate my moods with my mind -- remember, I called nutrition a "supportive" method, but anything additional helps.

In my "mental athlete's manifesto", it's not enough for me to feel and be "well" -- there is always something like "even better than that".


The scientific knowledge derived from genetics, epigenetics and neuroscience, should be used to enhance the power of meditation, and to eliminate the suffering of humanity.

-- Amit Ray

Choose Your Own Genes

Somewhere at the beginning of this post I announced some additional prompts in my life long quest to seek ways of bettering my model of spiritual, emotional, and physical functioning.

O.K., I must have made it pretty obvious in some of my earlier articles -- but here I go again mentioning how I firmly believe that we, as a species, were genetically engineered by space visitors.

And they even didn't have to be from the outer space, but may coexist around here just in a different dimension of quantum reality.

So, as the theory goes, they crossed their genes with ones of an ape, producing homo sapiens -- or our own brand.

The monkey genes prevailed in most of the populace -- except of some geniuses throughout the history. The proof of our monkey genetic heritage is more than clear, with all animalistic tendencies so obvious in all wars, greed, territoriality, jealousy, arrogance and disrespect for others' life.

Businesses like Monsanto, sugar, and pharmaceuticals, are adding to it with their greedy disrespect for human well being, while politicians are converting that primitive need for power of an alpha in the pack into a hypocritical role of fake benefactors of the masses.

People's high suggestibility has created this trust for authorities, but there is a whole new paradigm of new thought followed by many liberated individuals who refuse to be brainwashed. Those are the ones with some of their E.T. genes activated.

Health is not what the authorities have been telling us, but rather a result of our own proactive efforts in the direction of inner harmony on many levels -- emotional (energetic), and non-religiously spiritual.

It's an inner drive to keep cultivating and refining our "beingness", after having snapped out of the hypnotic influence from the authorities of the historically long traditions which have insisted on our being scared and ignorant about our true potential.

One of the tenets of these beliefs is about not "hating" the authorities, because hate is merely weakening us -- but to establish inner peace, happiness, love, and harmonious inner strength.

So, that's what health is all about -- not visiting doctors, pecking on a dozen pills, and believing in our fragile constitution which makes the medical and pharmaceutical supervision and intervention necessary.

So, for the recap of this theme -- I firmly believe that there are genes in all of us, including myself, which are more life-promoting, more liberating, more advancing us than what we are daily upregulating with our mindstyles and our dominant crappy emotional repertoire.

The following are some of my practices in that direction of a healthy self-liberation.


No way is impossible in life, failing to find the way is possible.

-- Sachin Ramdas Bharatiya

It's a Way of Life

My mental practices are not just that -- "practices", but much more like a way of life. So, when I call myself a "mental athlete", it's not like those body-builders spending some hours watching TV after coming home from the gym.

For an example, during my morning session of practices, I am also doing my "blissfulness-at-will"-- as the word says, my feeling something that I like calling "orgasmic spirituality".

Then, even after that short practice is done, I still maintain a happy mood for the rest of the day -- albeit in a much lower intensity -- regardless of how much the situations may justify such feelings. Namely, I don't believe in an occasional feeling great which is only possible when circumstances are allowing it.

As for my morning routine, it all lasts about an hour. I first spend 15 minutes, in a combined, self-designed practice with listening to my own made soundtrack with a sound frequency called "cure-all" per Royal Rife, mixed with an ancient Aztec chant.

While listening to it, I am doing some isometric exercises in sitting position -- simple stuff like Brain Wave Vibration gentle motions of the head facing left-right-and-back, sideways left-right, with each ear gently leaning toward its shoulder, and front-back, as if doing exaggerated nodding. I do that for the first five minutes or so, among other benefits to loosen the neck muscles and allow blood vessels to deliver blood to brain.

Then, for the remainder of the time I twist my body, still while sitting, and at the same time I am producing silent belly laughter motions with belly. That gives a gentle massage to the solar plexus's nervous network sometimes called the "second brain".

I finish my morning routine with 45 minutes of my kundalini breathing -- which does some wonders for consciousness expansion -- not recommendable for any people not experienced in meditation and consciousness shifting experience which secures enough energy-flexibility to withstand the enormous flow of energy in head.

Then I walk around my living room, look through my balcony window and just feel divinely blissful for a while.

I am fully aware how weird all this may sound to some of the regular Hub Pages writers/readers, who are so used to their life themes of a more "normal" content. I am sharing stuff like this having in mind those few who might even get inspired -- to a degree.

Nevertheless, to hardly any of them it could become what it is to me -- a way of life.

This last section of my post I'd like to use for this very question of what's to be seen as the "normal way of life" in each of us hubbers.

We are all so tremendously different individuals -- no matter how apparently successful we may appear at bridging those differences.

While talking about our little writers' community -- with a good dose of honesty -- we should say that we have created an artificial bridge that each can use -- while that doesn't mean that we are really communicating with the "real" person there.

People are selectively disclosing about themselves what somehow fits into the community of others. Privately, a most friendly person on Hub Pages Feed could be a first class jerk, getting on the nerves of the whole family. Or. for the same matter, a version of a neurotic compensating their insecurities by creating an online image of a likable personality, because that feeds some emotional hungers in them.

But none of the above has to be so.

It's only that there is no way for us to really know others without facing each other in- person and experiencing more of each others' truth with our "vibe-antennas".

Albeit, that satirist in me oftentimes interprets that "Feed" page in the above terms -- as "feeding" each others' unfulfilled emotional needs.

So, I don't really "know" any of my readers, while merely interacting with their public images. Some even symbolically hide their eyes behind sunglasses, others don't provide their picture at all, but something-whatever instead.

At this point try to remember those many celebrated artists, writers, poets, musicians, actors...whose "unsightly" personal truth became public after a while. Some had messed up personalities, way of life, or both.

So, our true "way of life" is nowhere in those fragmental self-disclosures, possibly as fictional as their creative pieces.

Then also -- and this I say even without employing the satiric in me -- how can any of you trust that my -- just described in this post -- "way of life" isn't just a made up crap, with me being a lonely, pissed, neurotic dude, pulling your leg with all these stories of a "personal advancement".

Really, how do you know?

Of course, you can just describe me that way without knowing a shit about me -- just to make yourself feel better or something, but then it says nothing about me and a lot about you.

Let me round up this theme of our "way of life", by simply stating how we are all in this "business" of make-believe, and those most intimate things that would say the most about us, we never disclose.

And it's just okay that way. So we can, in all honesty say, that a part of "our way of life" is to make up our own public image. Then it sounds just great.

I hope you liked this article, and found something strangely-attractive in my daily total health regimen. It's been a long one, and if you've come this far -- thank you for reading.

Now I am ready for writing some of those rhymed pieces that resemble poetry,

This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2022 Val Karas

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