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My Three Favorite Fitness Heroes Kiana Tom Jack LaLanne and Dr Oz

My three favorite fitness heroes provide both knowledge and motivation. All three are dedicated professionals who care not just how you look but how you feel inside and how healthy you are.

So why the sexy swimming photo complete with bikini and heels because I needed your attention. Fitness is hard work and we need photos and people for motivation. These three individuals have had wonderful careers but most importantly they have brought to us much needed knowledge teamed with motivational pointers.

Health and fitness is a team effort. Journey with me as I share with you my three favorite team members Jack LaLanne, Kiana Tom and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne at age 40 - tons of muscles in white swim suit

Jack LaLanne at age 40 - tons of muscles in white swim suit

Jack LaLanne July 1954 Stength & Health Magazine

Strength and Health a vintage Fitness Magazine Cover with muscle man pose by Lack LaLanne

Strength and Health a vintage Fitness Magazine Cover with muscle man pose by Lack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne - Muscle Beach

For More Information About Jack LaLanne

See his website:

Jack LaLanne Quotes





Jack LaLanne

"Inactivity will kill you."

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne's Workout

1 1/2 hours of lifting weights

30 minutes of swimming or walking

Workout 20-25  3-4 times a week, vigorously.

Change it up every 30 days.

Jack LaLanne Facts

  • Godfather of Fitness
  • Pride of his life - his wife.
  • The jumping jack was named after Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne was born September 26, 1914 and has also been known as the Godfather of Fitness.

LaLanne started his career as a bodybuilder. LaLanne is not just a man of great strength, he is also an accomplished fitness expert and avid nutritionist. If you ever happened to watch his show which aired between 1951 and 1985 then you know he was also keen upon nutrition and motivation.

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If you don't remember him, check out the video - his words from long ago are still pertinent even today!

By exercise. I'll tell you one thing, you don't always have to be on the go. I sit around a lot, I read a lot, and I do watch television. But I also work out for two hours every day of my life, even when I'm on the road. Jack LaLanne

Do you know how many calories are in butter and cheese and ice cream? Would you get your dog up in the morning for a cup of coffee and a donut? Jack LaLanne

Focus on your problem zones, your strength, your energy, your flexibility and all the rest. Maybe your chest is flabby or your hips or waist need toning. Also, you should change your program every thirty days. That's the key. Jack LaLanne

I do it as a therapy. I do it as something to keep me alive. We all need a little discipline. Exercise is my discipline. Jack LaLanne

I have spoken to a whole group of millionaires, head executives at Microsoft. Boy did I chew those guys out. Jack LaLanne

I only eat fish - no chicken, no turkey, just fish. I get all my protein from fish and egg whites.
Jack LaLanne

I'd rather see you drink a glass of wine than a glass of milk. So many people drink Coca-Cola and all these soft drinks with sugar. Some of these drinks have 8 or 9 teaspoons of sugar in them What's the good of living if you can't have the things that give a little enjoyment? Jack LaLanne

If you've got a big gut and you start doing sit-ups, you are going to get bigger because you build up the muscle. You've got to get rid of that fat! How do you get rid of fat? By changing your diet. Jack LaLanne

Look at the average American diet: ice cream, butter, cheese, whole milk, all this fat. People don't realize how much of this stuff you get by the end of the day. High blood pressure is from all this high-fat eating. Jack LaLanne

Remember this: your body is your slave; it works for you. Jack LaLanne

So many older people, they just sit around all day long and they don't get any exercise. Their muscles atrophy, and they lose their strength, their energy and vitality by inactivity. Jack LaLanne

The only way you get that fat off is to eat less and exercise more. Jack LaLanne

They thought that athletes that worked out with my system wouldn't be able to throw a ball because they'd be too muscle bound. Those are the misconceptions I had to go through for about 40 years. Jack LaLanne

We don't know all the answers. If we knew all the answers we'd be bored, wouldn't we? We keep looking, searching, trying to get more knowledge.
Jack LaLanne

What you need to do is get that tape measure out, and start measuring that gut. Then you start working out and you start eating properly till that gut gets down close to it was when you were in your 20's. Then you'll find out what your weight should be.
Jack LaLanne

Yes, exercise is the catalyst. That's what makes everything happen: your digestion, your elimination, your sex life, your skin, hair, everything about you depends on circulation. And how do you increase circulation?
Jack LaLanne

You can't get rid of it with exercise alone. You can do the most vigorous exercise and only burn up 300 calories in an hour. If you've got fat on your body, the exercise firms and tones the muscles. But when you use that tape measure, what makes it bigger? It's the fat! Jack LaLanne

You don't have to call it God or Jesus. That's religious humbug to a lot of people, but you've gotta believe that nature and spiritual things surround us. That is what put us here! I thank the universe for that every day of my life. Jack LaLanne


For More Information About Kiana Tom

See her website at

Kiana Tom - Fitness Expert

Kiana Tom is a motivational fitness expert who was the star of the very popular fitness series, Kiana's Flex Appeal on ESPN (1995). She is also the author of Kiana's Body Sculpting book (St. Martin's Press, NY).

Her television series included innovative programs from home gym, pro gym, target training and aqua flex training. ESPN also developed subsequent shows including Kiana's Too Fit 2 Quit, Summer Sizzle with Kiana & Hot Summer Nights with Kiana.

She has hosted several music and sporting events. Kiana was on the cover of the Playboy Magazine in May 2002. She was married in 2002 and has two children with her husband Dennis.

She is known for her strength training with power sets. As you can see by her videos, she is very informative and motivational.

Kianna's Total Ab Workout

Kianna's Biceps & Triceps

Dr. Mahmet Oz smiling in casual dress suede jacket green and blue shirts

Dr. Mahmet Oz smiling in casual dress suede jacket green and blue shirts

Dr. Oz

Dr Mehmet Oz in an active pose

Dr Mehmet Oz in an active pose

Dr. Oz Talks About Supplements

Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz

Dr. Oz was born June 11, 1960, he is renown as an author and heading up Oprah's health segments for many years.

He is a cardiothoracic surgeon which combines both cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery (lungs, etc...).

He has made many appearance for Harpo Productions (Oprah spelled backwards) and on Larry King on CNN.

He obtain a joint MD MBA degree from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and The Wharton School (1986) and undergraduate degree from Harvard (1982).

His television show is a must see if you care about your family's health. His show includes segments with complete explanations and diagrams bridging medicine with practical knowledge. He always ends his show like a professional speaker with 3 take a ways. He truly wants you to learn and take the information back to your family and change your lives and your health.

He invented the "Real Age" where how you live and eat determines not your chronological age but your age your body believe you are.

As the video details, Dr. Oz believes strongly in nutrition and taking daily supplements.  One of the vitamins we tend to be deficient in is vitamin D.  Additionally, his guidance is to look for complete coverage of vitamins A, B, C, and D in addition to omega 3 supplements.

His television show is the first combination of fitness, health, nutrition and medical science put in a concise package for practical every day use.

For More Information About Dr. Oz

See his website at:

Buy Dr. Oz DVD Online

Buy Dr. Oz Online

Final Thoughts on My Three Fitness Heroes | Jack LaLanne | Kiana Tom | Dr. Oz

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my three fitness heroes. I challenge you to find experts you can look up to so that you can learn more about the most complicated and beautiful machine, the only machine in the world that can heal itself - the human body.


Royal Jelly on November 11, 2010:

Very Nice hub great job

Kelly Kline Burnett from Madison, Wisconsin on May 11, 2010:


Jack was a great innovator - you are absolutely correct. Amazing inventor for the time - he truly changed the world.

Angela Joseph from Florida on May 10, 2010:

Great hub. I never knew Jack LaLane, but I agree with his fitnes ideas 100 percent.

KellyEngaldo on January 02, 2010:

Dear Caleb,

I appreciate your honesty. You have some great articles on fitness. I must read more. Very glad to have met you!

Caleb Andrew on January 01, 2010:

Hey Kelly -

I have to agree with your first two heros. Jack Lalane is and will always be the man... No doubt about it!

I'm just not all crazy about Dr. Oz. The dude comes across the wrong way to me. Just my .02...

KellyEngaldo on December 28, 2009:

H P,

Thank you for stopping by. I have never heard the term "bikini dress" - very interesting. Someday I will have the courage to write about swim suits. The bikini or bikini dress is beautiful but not practical for swim fitness but for instructional videos, Kiana Tom does make fitness motivational! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

H P Roychoudhury from Guwahati, India on December 24, 2009:

Every stages of life have beauty to see, enjoy, and above all the beauty to display to learn otherwise there would not be any difference between lower animals and higher animals. A Bikini dress is not only for the display of beauty but for the art of beauty and for health protection in necessity. A Bikini dress may be for romance in secrecy but in public increases the art of displaying the beauty of entertainment for mental relaxation. Thank you for the great hub to share.

sabrebIade from Pennsylvania on December 23, 2009:

Kiana Tom is just devastatingly beautiful!

I remember her from ESPN very well.

Karen Russell on December 23, 2009:


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