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My Review of the Jaymag Weighted Blanket

My review of the the Jaymag weighted blanket

My review of the the Jaymag weighted blanket

Background and Important Information

I purchased this weighted blanket for £54.99 from Amazon (the original price was £69.99 but I took advantage of a £15 off coupon). I was not sent this product in return for a review. This review is unbiased and features my honest opinions and experiences with this product.

I have always had sleep problems, including chronic nightmares, but my biggest problem is staying in deep sleep. I use a smartwatch to track my sleep and sleep cycles and was able to identify the biggest issues surrounding my sleep health. I am able to fall asleep quite quickly and do not remember waking up more than perhaps once per night. However, I do wake up still feeling tired, I take regular naps (by accident) when I get home from work. My smartwatch was able to help me identify that I was getting too much light sleep and not enough deep sleep, e.g. I would enter a stage of deep sleep but only stay in it a few minutes before returning to light sleep, meaning that my body was not getting enough of the kind of sleep that helps the body recover, heal and mentally process events.

I bought the weighted blanket with the hope that it would help me stay in deep sleep for longer and help me feel more rested during the day.

How I Used the Weighted Blanket

I use the weighted blanket on my double bed, which I sleep in the middle of. I sleep with the blanket covering from my armpits down, with it covering all the way down past the bottom of my feet. I keep my arms out of the blanket over the top. I have a 13.5 tog duvet on top of that, I pull that right up to my neck, covering the entirety of my body. I try to sleep in the middle of the blanket, with the same amount of excess on either side of me.

I also keep a line of pillows to the right of me while I sleep to have either up against my back if I sleep facing the left, or for something to cuddle into if I sleep facing the right. My bed has a memory foam mattress topper on it, and between the mattress topper and my sheets I have an electric under blanket.

This is how the weighted blanket arrived at my house.

This is how the weighted blanket arrived at my house.


It was really unusual to get used to for the first 3 nights. It feels very heavy when you try to tug it about or move it, but once you are laying under it, you don't feel the weight and it just feels comfortable. The first couple of nights, trying to move in my sleep woke me up because I was trying to drag the heavy blanket. But after those first few nights, it stopped being an issue. I think I move a lot less because I haven't been waking up, and I tend to wake up the same way I fell asleep.

According to my sleep app, tracked by my smartwatch, my deep sleep continuity has gone up from 59/100 to 76/100 which is a massive jump! I don't think it's ever been that high since I started measuring it in July, so feels like an improvement. I also haven't wanted to take a nap when I get home from work for the past 6 weeks, apart from on one occasion. This is a big change as I was so tired that I was usually having a nap almost every day when I got home. That was a very noticeable difference. I chose to have that one nap I mentioned in my bed with my weighted blanket instead of on the sofa like usual, and I felt much more rested when I woke up.

I have a shoulder/neck injury that sometimes tightens up if I do not sleep well which leads to a very bad migraine. Before getting my weighted blanket I was used to getting a midweek migraine lasting 2 to 3 days. Since I started sleeping with my weighted blanket, my number of migraines has reduced dramatically and I have had a grand total of one migraine in the past 6 weeks, and it only lasted 1 day. I feel as though the weighted blanket is making me relax more or move less which is putting less strain on my shoulder injury.

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I absolutely love my weighted blanket, and I am sure that my family is sick of me talking about it! I rely on it so heavily now that I do not know how I would cope with sleeping in a place where I could not take my blanket with me.

Weighted blankets that I see advertised tend to be very expensive, and I could not justify paying £120+ for one, as I am on low income. That's why this blanket is so ideal, as it does everything I want, within my price range. So if you can afford this, then I would definitely recommend it, and if you don't like it for sleeping, you have a nice, calming blanket that helps keep you warm on the sofa.

I recommend buying this blanket and can confirm that it has improved my sleeping experience immeasurably.

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Iris on April 16, 2020:

It's great to read a review from someone unbiased! I've read about these before and have been interested for some time, but the websites that sell them seem to only show sponsored reviews, of which I'm always a little weary. Thank you for your detailed experience, backed up with numbers!

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