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My Review On Reiki


My Impressions And Review On Reiki

Reiki ... a very brief introduction consisting of just one phrase, something like "Harness The Powers Of Nature To Heal The Sick," appeared in the local newspapers one day. This was indeed an attractive caption.

The advertisement which appeared many years ago in the classifieds section went on to state something like everyone of us having the potential to channel healing powers direct from nature for the benefit of all.

I do not remember the exact phrases and the exact wordings that appeared in the advertisement, but I believe I am conveying the right idea.

It was a two-day course and I was hearing of Reiki for the very first time in my life! When I telephoned for further information, the instructress herself answered.

She said it was about healing without any form of medicines or needles. No hypnosis or auto suggestion either. "Then what is it actually?" ... I asked her.

She said that Reiki was a form of healing which incorporates the forces of nature to expedite or generate healing in the ailing.

She went on to say that Reiki has to be administered to the patient by the Reiki master. This course was all about how to administer Reiki. In short the idea conveyed by her was that participating in the course was your gateway to get about healing the sick!

She stressed that these powers are latent within every human being and can be brought out under certain conditions, and that she, being a master on a high level, was capable of creating those favorable conditions.

"Bull!" I said to myself, not aloud though, as she was still on line, and had not hung up! She would not! She wanted a confirmation of my interest, an interest strong enough to induce participation in the course!

Checking It Out!

Witchcraft, I thought! ... That's it, I'm not gonna go! Just to confirm my fears I asked her what exactly one needs to bring along. I held my breath and waited!

I expected her to rattle off the list of things I needed to bring along. I was sure the list would start off with one dead black cat, a pair of bats' wings, the left eyeball of a squint eyed crow ... and so on.

But, to my relief she said that one does not need to bring along anything. She said that this ability to heal is accessible to anyone and involves some form of energy, which is transferable by touch.

She also spoke about certain points in the human body called "Chakras," which she said are associated with this "touch-and-heal" system known as Reiki. Any human being can be initiated in Reiki and can practice this healing system immediately afterwards.

So, that's it. You need to belong to the human race. I qualify. "Let's go big fellow," I said to myself!

Japanese Monk Mikao Usui - The Founder Of Reiki - The One Who Introduced Reiki Healing To The World

Japanese Monk Mikao Usui - The Founder Of Reiki - The One Who Introduced Reiki Healing To The World

Reiki - Body Rescue Zone

Hey! It's Chi Once Again!

I had never heard of Reiki before, and thus did not know what to expect.

Something new had to be explored.

So I went over to the hotel where the instructress was accommodated, and duly paid up my course fee and enrolled for the lessons.

It was just my curiosity that drove me to this workshop.

It was a two day session. A commercial enterprise of course!

The participants were from all age groups. There were around fifteen of them.

At first photographs of a Japanese monk was passed around.

He was the one who had discovered the forces of Reiki and was the first to harness it.

His name was Mikao Usui. His discovery was the end result of three weeks of fasting and meditation on the top of Mount Kurama.

The way I interpreted it, Usui discovered how to absorb cosmic energy and transform it to an appropriate form to be utilized for the purpose of healing.

The transformed energy is known as ... yes you guessed it, Chi!

The same Chi* we encounter in martial arts and Feng Shui. Now Chi has a different role to play. The role of healer. Cool!

The healing energy is transmitted by the hands of the practitioner into the system of the ailing.

The energy has an intelligence of it's own, and so it does the diagnosing and the healing automatically.

The practitioner has to be initiated into this by one on a higher level.

I understood that there are certain levels to attain as a practitioner.

Reiki Self Treatement

Energy That Heals

Since the energy has either a consciousness of it's own or is being directed by a higher authority, no participation on the patient's part is required.

Emotional issues are also treatable by Reiki.

In the beginning, a practitioner focuses his mind on the energy forces around, mentally appealing to them to activate this extraordinary talent which is said to be latent, and hey presto the activation process takes place.

However a re-confirmation is required in the form of an initiation ceremony, normally unceremoniously executed due to the large number of students usually present for this sort of thing. Curiosity draws all kinds of cats to such gatherings!

Prior to all this, knowing what it is all about is a must. Otherwise you would not know what the hell to request from the forces around you!

After a brief history of Reiki, and it's application, the instructress went on to explain the methods. Reiki is administered by touch.

The person who needs to be treated usually lies in a horizontal position, comfortably of course, while the treatment commences.

The reiki master touches the "patient" with his or her palms in certain areas. These areas are the head, front and back of the patient's torso, the knees and feet. Usually both palms are used. The touch is retained for a length of time which varies from three to five minutes.

Energy With A Consciousness

The patient is supposed to feel a tingling sensation when the energy transfer occurs.

It is even possible to apply Reiki without touching the patient, but instead to keep the palms just a centimeter or two away from the body.

At times one palm is outstretched while the other is in contact with the body of the recipient of this healing process.

The outstretched palm is supposed to draw energy from the cosmos. The process of transforming this energy into the healing kind takes place within the practitioner's mental system.

It is then transferred to the recipient via the other palm of the practitioner.

According to the instructress, there are many variations in the combinations of the methods, and these depend on the practitioners experience and intuition.

Some say that the practitioner's intention to effect a cure is most important, whereas others say that the patient's ailment draws the energy all by itself using the practitioner as a mere medium.

There is also the common touch method which is not meant for any particular ailment, but is administered for general well being, and as a conditioner before the main treatment commences.

Reiki also involves distant healing. In this case the practitioner is far away from the patient. He transmits the healing energy by means of certain symbols which he draws in the air using the fingers of his hands.

The fingers of each hand is brought together, converging at one point as if to form a "brush."

Both hands, independent of each other commence drawing the symbols in the air.

This action is simultaneous and symmetrical such that the symbol drawn by each hand is the exact mirror image of the other.

Whilst drawing these symbols the practitioner utters certain phrases. The more common of these phrases are "cha-ku-rai" and "sei-hei-ki."

Mikao Usui had selected a set of rules to be followed by the practitioner. Following them faithfully will facilitate increase in the potential to enable a smoother manipulation of healing energy whenever required.

These rules were not unique, but were a part of some other existing Japanese system.

Those rules when applied were found to draw good fortune, and were also recommended as a panacea for all maladies.

  • Only for today repel all forms of anger
  • Only for today reject worry
  • Only for today be grateful for all your blessings
  • Only for today work with integrity
  • Only for today show kindness to others

In all probability, Reiki appears to be a mind controlled system, because the mind has total involvement in the intention of the practitioner, which is required in all instances where healing is needed.

The morning session of the first day of the course was devoted to defining Reiki and discussing it's functions.

Demonstration of the methods along with discussing the various forms of it's application followed.

Day two started off with a recap of day one followed by the initiation. There were small meditation sessions in between for the purpose of calming the mind in order to make it conducive to Reiki.

Fifteen students were initiated. Afterwards we were called upon to do the practicals. The actual healing! Conveniently some of the students had various kinds of aches and pains in most parts of their anatomy!

Amazingly all these aches and pains vanished without a trace after a couple of doses of Reiki energy administered by the newly initiated!

Right throughout this workshop, I did follow instructions faithfully. However, I never felt any "tingling sensations" or vibrations in my body like most of the others "did!" This did not bother me in any way as I did not have any expectations at all!

I attended this seminar out of sheer curiosity. Prior to viewing the newspaper advertisement I had never ever heard of Reiki. I never thought that such a thing could even exist.

The simplicity of the system, as the brief introduction by the instructress on the phone in response to my enquiry conveyed to me, only kindled a high degree of curiosity in me.

Although I was totally skeptical at first, I wanted to check out what this was all about and how it is set into motion. Otherwise I would have had to live in doubt until the next opportunity to "check it out" came along!

I wanted to get to know enough in order to come to a conclusion and then decide whether I need to incorporate this new-found "tool" or "panacea-for-all maladies" into my lifestyle or not.

Further investigation was imperative, and I found myself amongst this group of anxious participants who seemed to be awestruck and full of expectations!

After the end of the first day's session my interest started dwindling as I had foreseen! Expecting miracles in this age I suppose!

Towards the latter part of it all I started focusing only on what conclusions the other participants were arriving at, after this two-day session. The various reasons that they were attributing to the conclusions that they had arrived at seemed too far fetched to me.

Thinking about the whole thing later on, I only felt that most of them were hell bent on pleasing the instructress rather than gaining some "skill!"

I certainly did not expect to get back home as a fully fledged mystic with the ability to heal the sick, and to bring sanity to all the schizophrenics within a radius of a hundred kilometers!!!

Reiki - Healing Music

Reiki Hand Positions

Note on Chi

The word CHI is written as KI by the Japanese and as QI by the Chinese when they use English script for that purpose. Whatever way it is written, the pronunciation is always "CHI"as in the English word Cheese.

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Whether Reiki works or not, my interest in Reiki lasted only for the duration of that course which I followed. Two days to be precise.

My participation was only in the capacity of a curious observer. I never had the intention of being a healer or a recipient of this mysterious healing force.

Whatever the case may be, I have close friends who claim that Reiki does work. I never bothered to ask for proof since my interest did not reach that level. I can neither speak for it nor would I speak against it.

Previously, I had dismissed Feng Shui as total nonsense after being actively involved in it for over fifteen months.

However in the case of my experimenting with Feng Shui, I actually needed the result promised by the Feng Shui masters. This was the only reason for my involvement in Feng Shui.

Truly I am glad to have gotten so heavily involved since this enabled a first hand experience and I know now for sure Feng Shui does not work, and so will not waste any more time on it.

As for Reiki, I personally believe that if Reiki does exist with the qualities attributed to it, then it will certainly not manifest after just two days of exposure. You will need months and months of involvement, probably years, all depending on the level of evolvement of your mind.

I do believe in positivity, having experienced it's benefits. With this in mind, I can safely say that the mind's role in causing the manifestation of Reiki powers if ever such a thing existed, would have to be in excess of ninety nine percent.

If, and only if, I had felt those tingling sensations and strange vibrations, after just two days of exposure, followed by a discovery that I actually possess the power to heal, then I would certainly not refer it to as Reiki or by any other single name. I would attribute it to be a blessing from GOD!

Yes indeed, a Blessing From God, and not Reiki!

... concluded

Can I Have Your Opinion Please?

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Debbie on February 16, 2017:

In Japan Rei = God and Ki = energy (chi - Chinese for energy)

quicksand (author) on November 09, 2012:

Hi Duffsmom, although I did participate in many Reiki sessions I never felt any tingling sensation or anything unusual. So I discontinued and put my interest on hold.

Thank you very much for reading and commenting. Cheers!

P. Thorpe Christiansen from Pacific Northwest, USA on November 06, 2012:

I have to place a disclaimer here - first of all I am not a la la type person.I don't believe in ghosts or paranormal type things. Reiki to me was just some weird flaky thing and it may still be.

But I worked for a therapist who was also a Reiki master but we did not discuss it much as she knew my feelings about it. One day I mentioned my back and neck were stiff. Later in the day between clients, she came up behind me--I did not know she was there so had no anticipation of anything. She placed her palms on my back at the shoulders and it was the strangest thing.

I could feel a tingling from her hands into my shoulders. I had never felt anything like that and was stunned. Now, is Reiki a legitimate thing? I really don't know...but this experience was very real and I still have no idea what it was.

quicksand (author) on October 29, 2011:

Hi Theresa, I am sure glad I "tried it out!" Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Cheers to you!

Theresa Kennedy from Minnesota on October 26, 2011:

Hi Quicksand! Enjoyed reading your experience, even if it wasn't ideal. Definitely food-for-thought as I ponder my next Reiki follow-up hub.

quicksand (author) on October 18, 2010:

Hi InfinityVal, sure it's the results that matter! Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers!

InfinityVal from NNY on October 18, 2010:

I enjoyed your reflections and humor. I didn't feel anything for quite a while as I learned energy healing except when I wasn't really trying. I've seen it work miraculously and sometimes I wonder if anything is happening at all. And whether I feel anything or not seems irrelevant to the results.

quicksand (author) on August 22, 2009:

Either way, it could be the same. Thanks for your visit, Bbudoyono! :)

Bbudoyono on August 22, 2009:

Is that the energy from invisible being or from nature ?

quicksand (author) on October 13, 2008:

Hi BeatsMe, thanks for your comments. It beats me as to why people continue to believe in Feng Shui although it does not work at all. Lots of people continue to believe in it although there are no verified testimonials to support it's crediblity!!! :)

Hi Cgull8m, perhaps your brother's mind is more evolved than that of others. An evolved mind is more conducive to enabling these applications to produce the desired result than an ordinary one ... so I believe. Thanks a lot for your comments. :)

cgull8m from North Carolina on October 13, 2008:

Quicksand, my brother practises it regularly, he says it works wonders for him. Hope to follow it soon.

BeatsMe on October 13, 2008:

Hi quicksand, I really enjoyed this hub. I never heard of Reiki before. And Feng Shui I also don't believe in it. But a lot of people would swear it gives them luck. Go figure. :)

quicksand (author) on October 10, 2008:

Thanks Mohitmisra, thanks for your complementary remarks. :):):)

mohitmisra from India on October 10, 2008:

You have explained with such simplicity it was enjoyable to readm



quicksand (author) on September 27, 2008:

Tatjana, Greetings and thanks for your very informative and valuable remarks on my review of Reiki. In the course I participated in, we were also introduced to issues concerning the Aura, balancing of Chakras, energising water, and distant healing. All these within a period of just two days.

However, I did not mention everything in my essay since I wanted to give only a brief descreption of my very brief involvement.

Thanks once again for your comment, and have a great day!

Tatjana-Mihaela from Zadar, CROATIA on September 26, 2008:

Dear Quicksand, I really like your hub. It is so honest and detailed.

I am not surprised you did not feel any sensation after 2 days of course and one of practise. For many students this is too short period to feel anything. First level of Reiki which I give (as well as my Master-Teacher) is 4 days long, the groups are not too big. (I often work with one person only as well) There is 1 attunenment every day, and practise every day, (so 4 attunements into the first degree for 4 days of course) and I check improvement of the every student- every day, and we discuss all sensations possible. Every attunenment I give is with full concentration on the needs of every individual, sometimes it takes 10 min to give one, sometimes more then one half of hour, depending of needs of each individual, which I sense while doing attunenment. Everyone who passes my course, feels strong sensations afterwards.

There is enough of practise (20 positions) every day special treatment for chakra balancing,we also learn how to heal with our feet, as well as with hands and hearth, there is additional practice of aura-healing which is great for improving sensibility, some meditations for opening the hearth chakra, and clearing the other chakras, and also in meditations, as well and in treatmants, I can help people to open healing channels and gain higher level of sensitivity, because I feel them. And I also teach them how can Reiki be used in practical life: for energizing food/water, for protection of any negative influence, healing some problematic issues, relationships (we do that through simple and very effective short meditations, as well as we send Love&Light to the whole world. It is a little bit different then your first level? But believe me, all that is very simple and effective, so everybody is content, because if someone has some special need, I am adjusting my program to this person as well, because the point is that Reiki is USEFUL and that every student knows how to use it on the way he/she feels is the best for that person. 

I was inspired with my great and dedicated Reiki Teacher Zarko Kohucz, wich was the best one, so we learned a lot with him.

Thanks for your Hub....

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